ACNH still maintains regular updates, which keeps players interested in it. The one that has been hotly discussed is turnips. To let you know more about this mechanism, MMOAH gives a corresponding introduction.

Recently, users are also wondering if Turnips can be planted in ACNH, and how to find Turnips plantations in ACNH. This is because developers add such functionality to the game, which is part of what keeps players interested.

And the reality is, you can't plant Turnips in ACNH, you can only buy them by spending ACNH Bells, generally priced at 90-110 Bells, you can buy these in stacks of 10. The Animal Crossing series originally allowed players to plant these seeds to grow turnips, but this option is no longer available in ACNH.

In ACNH, you can only find Daisy Mae to buy Turnips and start participating in the Turnips Market mechanism. If you are visionary enough, you can make a fortune through it and become a millionaire in a short period. But if you're a novice, it's advisable to proceed with caution, as long as you don't lose money.

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If you want to bring new villagers to your island, then you need to expel some villagers first, MMOAH will tell you how to remove them.

How to remove villagers?

In ACNH, there are several different ways of expelling villagers, we will list them all.

An old-fashioned way to remove villagers

A thought bubble will appear over the head of the villager who wants to move out and you will notice this. If there is enough time, the villagers will move out on their own. But time travel is a better option, it will speed up the process, which will only take you 15 days.

At the start of Day 15, the game will initiate Isabelle's 5 am broadcast, and the villagers to move are randomly selected. If the correct villager has the bubble on their head, you can let them leave your island. But if there are no bubbles, you can always dial back a few minutes before Isabelle broadcasts and check again.

Remove villagers with a Camper

You can build your camp, possibly using the villager you want as an amiibo. If you have the latter, it can invite the villager to the campsite via the Nook Terminal in Resident Services.

Once a villager appears in the camp, you need to talk to the Camper for 3 days and possibly win a game to convince them to move to your island. The Camper will randomly choose an existing villager to replace, and they will tell you. If they choose the wrong villager, you can reset the game and restart the conversation until they choose the right villager.

Now you can remove villagers according to the above ways. If you have a favorite villager, you can come to MMOAH to buy ACNH Items, which will make your favorite villagers appear on your island faster.

ACNH Happy Home Paradise DLC has been released for a while, and it is very popular among players, and players are always exploring new features. The new content provides players with many new ways to play, including Happy Home Paradise’s new gameplay scenes. With new items and customization options, New Horizons has vitality again.

One of the best new additions is the ability to reset the default interior of the starter villager’s house. When you start ACNH, you need to build 3 plots on your island and bring in villagers to live. The 3 villagers and the 2 villagers you arrived on the island are the starter villagers. All 5 starter villagers have starter houses, which are common on all islands.

These starter houses may be empty, so if you want to get the original houses of the villagers, the only way is to remove them from the island and invite them again. Fortunately, DLC introduced a feature that allows you to solve this problem with a simple click. MMOAH will introduce this feature in detail.

How to reset start villager houses?

In DLC, if you want to redecorate the villagers' houses on your island, you need to build your reputation as a designer by playing the DLC. To change the interior of the starter villager, you need to talk with Isabelle to complain about the villager in question, and then select the "the way their home looks" option. The house will be reset from the initial version to the default house interior.

In addition, as long as you decorate 30 houses in this archipelago resort and Apparel Shop to unlock these reset starter homes.

So, in simple terms, you need to complete the DLC before you can decorate the villagers’ houses on your island. This feature can only be used in Happy Home Paradise.

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Nintendo briefly introduced ACNH's new content at the Nintendo Direct presentation. This is arguably one of the most anticipated updates of New Horizons, because there will be a key character appearing, and fans have been looking forward to Brewster and his cafe, The Roost returning to the game.

Nintendo said Brewster and The Roost will be available in November, and new details will be scheduled in October. Only a short video has been released, involving a sign in the museum showing that Brewster's cafe is coming.

ACNH’s new content may be the first substantial update of the game since its initial release when Nintendo added a Custom Design Pro Editor plus feature, a series of new Sanrio-themed characters and items, and farts. Since then, Nintendo has relied mainly on seasonal events and limited-time seasonal items to please ACNH players, which seems to be unproductive.

As early as July of this year, Nintendo admitted that ACNH's content was insufficient and promised to launch more free content in the future. However, the promise has not been fulfilled so far. Although there are some seasonal items or events, they are not enough to surprise players.

Now the number of ACNH players has dropped significantly, which is expected. So now developers want to restore some fans by adding new content. As for more news, you can check them out on MMOAH.

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ACNH players came up with an interesting way to decorate their islands, inspired by Flick's fireflies model, they will glow like real insects at night.

In ACNH, you can decorate your island without restrictions, and each season will introduce corresponding items and furniture, as well as new fish and bugs for you to collect. However, most of these contents are the recurring contents of the seasonal activities of the previous year, and did not bring freshness to the players. Although there have been rumors that ACNH will receive an update soon, there hasn't been a real update so far, so players can only give play to their creativity.

A Reddit player found the firefly models provided by Flick, which can be obtained by catching the bug with the same name, which can glow at night. This inspired the player, so he created a field full of firefly models to light up his island. The result is an awesome display of creativity as a beautiful contrasting night sky backdrop. A meteor shower appeared on the screen, a rare event that happened randomly in the game. Players also used a custom wooden path texture to make the scene more vivid.

Although ACNH does not have any new content, the high degree of freedom has always kept the community in close contact. You can share custom textures with others through the Able Sisters store, and then use the textures to highlight various landscapes.

As autumn approaches, players have begun to consider how to decorate their islands to make them look more festive. You can also give full play to your creativity and make your islands full of mystery to cater to the seasonal atmosphere.

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ACNH is undoubtedly one of the most successful games on the market, but it can still bring more content to players. Especially Brewster and his cafe are popular, but they have not returned to the game for a long time. Fortunately, in the near future, there seems to be good news.

A leaker revealed that a major update of ACNH is in preparation, which may bring Brewster back to the game. New Horizons has not received an update on the results for a long time, which makes fans more curious about the final content.

Brewster is one of the most popular additions. He is a well-dressed pigeon with The Roost cafe. This special character first appeared in ACNH on Nintendo DS in 2005. Since then, he has appeared in many Animal Crossing titles, always serves those who need a good cup of Joe. There is no doubt that Brewster's absence has attracted the attention of the entire ACNH community in the most recent. But the exciting thing is that data from a few weeks ago showed that this role and his cafe will finally appear. Now, another leak has clearly increased its credibility.

The leaker stated on Twitter that ACNH’s next major update of inside information is coming soon, and the next major content release will not be later than November this year, bringing Brewster and Roost. The aforementioned leaks related to Brewster sound possible, but Nintendo has not officially hinted at the return of Brewster in the November update, so we are still dubious about it.

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September is coming, ACNH will also introduce a lot of new content. These are all events and creatures available in the northern hemisphere, but only some events will occur in the southern hemisphere.

The September ACNH update is also part of version 1.12. But today we will focus on the new content in September. As for the new content that will appear in October and November, MMOAH will be released in the future.

Animal Crossing's fall season will start on September 1 and will end on Turkey Day on November 25. Below are the events and new items in ACNH in September.

New Events

* Grape Harvest Festival (Sept.1-Sept 30) - Grap-Harvest Basket (Backpack)

The Grape Harvest festival is ACNH's first year of celebration, inspired by European festivities in Germany, Spain, France, and Italy. You can get The Grap-Harvest Basket through the Nook Shopping service.

* Moon-Viewing Day(Sept. 12-Sept. 21) - Tsukimi Dango, Moon Cakes, and Moon Rug

Inspired by the Tsukimi Holiday in Japan, the Mid-Autumn Festival is back in the game.

* Schuseok(Sept.12-Sept.21) - Songpyeon

This is a brand new holiday, which is inspired by autumn and added this festival from Korea. Songpyeon is also a good item.

* Bug Off 2021(Sept. 25) - runs from 9 am to 6 pm local time

New DIY Recipes in Northern Hemisphere

Acorn DIY recipes are limited-time products and are available from early fall to December 10. Below are the new DIY Recipes available in the Northern Hemisphere starting September 1.

* Acorn Pochette - Six Acorns

* Leaf Campfire - Three Pine Cones, Five Clumps of Weeds, Three Tree Branches

* Pile of Leaves - Three Pine Cones, Five Clumps of Weeds

* Pine Bonsai Tree - Eight Pine Cones, Five Clay

* Traditional Balancing Toy - Four Acorns, Two Hardwoods

* Tree's Bounty Arch - Four Pine Cones, Five Acorns, Five Maple Leaves, 15 Treet Branches

* Tree's Bounty Big Tree - Four Acorn, Four Clay, Five Maple Leaves, Five Tree Branches

* Tree's Bounty Lamp - Six Acorn, Four Clay

* Tree's Bounty Little Tree - Six Pine Cones, Four Acorns, One Hardwood

* Tree's Bounty Mobile - Two Pine Cones, Three Acorns, Three Tree Branches

* Yellow-Leaf Pile - Three Acorn, Five Clumps of Weeds

New Bugs in Northern Hemisphere

* Bell Cricket

* Centipede

* Common Butterfly

* Cricket

* Monarch Butterfly

* Pill Bug

* Red Dragonfly

* Violin Beetle

* Yellow Butterfly

New Fish in Northern Hemisphere

* Blue Marlin

* Char

* Cherry Salmon

* Golden Trout

* King Salmon

* Mitten Crab

* Pike

* Salmon

* Sturgeon

Sea Creatures in Northern Hemisphere

* Oyster

* Sweet Shrimp

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ACNH's 1.11 update has finally arrived, it has introduced much new content, one of which is the Fireworks Festival. In addition, some new seasonal events will appear, and critters will also migrate. Below is the detailed information collected by MMOAH.

Fireworks Festival

The fireworks festival is a great event for you to appreciate the beautiful colors in the night sky. At the same time throughout August, the Fireworks show in the northern and southern hemispheres is held every Sunday at 7 pm. You can enjoy fireworks 5 times in August.

In addition, ACNH also introduced some new items, which allows players to regain a sense of freshness. Old players will be able to get 12 new food items, and new players will be able to get 24 items, including 12 from last year. If you plan to collect all the items, then you need to prepare 12000 ACNH Bells in advance. All new items are Cotton Candy, a popsicle and Bubble tea with different flavors.

You can get new food items from Redd during the event. In addition, Isabelle will provide you with 4 new Bopper items on the day of the event.

More seasonal events

In addition to the fireworks festival, Nintendo also introduced other seasonal events to keep the game fresh. Some of these events will take place in September.

* Cowherd and Weaver Girl: Orihime and Hikoboshi outfits will be available from August 5 to August 14

* Obon: Eggplant Cow and Cucumber Horse item available from August 10 to August 16

* Moon-Viewing Day: Dango and Moon Cake will appear from September 12 to 21

* Chuseok: Songpyeon will appear from September 12 to 21

Critters change

The ACNH world changes with the changes in the real world, so bugs, fish and sea creatures are different every month, and there will be some changes. Now players in the northern hemisphere are experiencing summer, while players in the southern hemisphere are enjoying winter. It is August now, and players in the southern hemisphere will not see any bugs and fish left, but a new creature will appear, that is Tigger Beetles.

But players in the northern hemisphere will see some creatures leave and 7 new creatures will also arrive.

If you haven't got the new ACNH Items you like, then you can check them out on MMOAH, we have already launched ACNH 1.11 Items, and summer can’t be great without Popsicle! So buy ACNH 1.11 Items will be a more time-saving way. After purchasing, you can enjoy August totally.

ACNH players know that they are indebted to Tom Nook from the moment they start playing the game. They spend a lot of time in the early game to pay off the initial mortgage and then upgrades. This feature is the main component of all games in the series, but some players are curious, what will happen if they refuse to repay the debt to Tom Nook?

At this point, ACNH follows a formula that has become the standard for the series: build a house - pay off Tom Nook - upgrade the house to a larger size. Of course, these upgrades will cost more ACNH Bells, and if you want to maximize your house, you may spend millions by the end of the game. Although the larger size and extensive customization options may be worthwhile for some players, other players are afraid of spending more time to earn enough Bells to repay Tom Nook's home loans.

But fortunately, the house upgrade in ACNH is not mandatory. If you don't want to expand your house, you can just keep it as it was. In addition to limiting the house size and the player goals in New Horizons, if not to pay back Tom Nook, will there be any consequences? This is also an aspect of the players' curiosity.

How does not paying off loans impact the game?

The New Horizons loans did not exceed any specific schedule. The deadline for any payment is not fixed, so it also means that Tom Nook seems to wait indefinitely for players to pay him back. So the players can have enough time to decide whether the loan is worthwhile, and at the same time make enough money to make it through all of the upgrades, let the players experience the game at their own pace and earn more Animal Crossing Bells.

So ACNH is not a stressful experience, it does not regard loans as an urgently needed solution experience. They will not accumulate interest over time, however, it is worth noting that if you don’t repay the loan, you will not be able to get a new loan.

But if ACNH can take advantage of this opportunity, it will also be very interesting to expand more content. It would be very attractive if more consequences were added in the case of refusing to repay. Considering that ACNH will be updated soon, we will also know soon whether the game’s approach to loans will be changing soon.

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