ACNH: A Player Decorate The Island With Fireflies

ACNH players came up with an interesting way to decorate their islands, inspired by Flick's fireflies model, they will glow like real insects at night.

In ACNH, you can decorate your island without restrictions, and each season will introduce corresponding items and furniture, as well as new fish and bugs for you to collect. However, most of these contents are the recurring contents of the seasonal activities of the previous year, and did not bring freshness to the players. Although there have been rumors that ACNH will receive an update soon, there hasn't been a real update so far, so players can only give play to their creativity.

A Reddit player found the firefly models provided by Flick, which can be obtained by catching the bug with the same name, which can glow at night. This inspired the player, so he created a field full of firefly models to light up his island. The result is an awesome display of creativity as a beautiful contrasting night sky backdrop. A meteor shower appeared on the screen, a rare event that happened randomly in the game. Players also used a custom wooden path texture to make the scene more vivid.

Although ACNH does not have any new content, the high degree of freedom has always kept the community in close contact. You can share custom textures with others through the Able Sisters store, and then use the textures to highlight various landscapes.

As autumn approaches, players have begun to consider how to decorate their islands to make them look more festive. You can also give full play to your creativity and make your islands full of mystery to cater to the seasonal atmosphere.

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