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  • Adrinne

  • Aldebaran

  • Avesta

  • Azakiel

  • Azena

  • Danube

  • Elzowin

  • Galatur

  • Karta

  • Kharmine

  • Ladon

  • Regulus

  • Sasha

  • Una

  • Vykas

  • Zosma

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  • Akkan

  • Bergstrom

  • Enviska

  • Lauriel

  • Mari

  • Rohendel

  • Shandi

  • Valtan

All A C E K L M N S T W Z
  • Antares

  • Armen

  • Asta

  • Calvasus

  • Ealyn

  • Evergrace

  • Ezrebet

  • Kadan

  • Kayangel

  • Lazenith

  • Mokoko

  • Neria

  • Nia

  • Slen

  • Thirain

  • Trixion

  • Wei

  • Zinnervale

All A B E K
  • Arthetine

  • Blackfang

  • Elgacia

  • Kazeros

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About Lost Ark Gold

Is Lost Ark Free-to-play?

Lost Ark is free-to-play. It is an MMOARPG developed by Amazon Games, which combines the fast-paced gameplay of Diablo 3 and the immersion of the open world. Players can find unique islands in Lost Ark. As early as in 2018, they were fully released in South Korea, and then landed in Russia, Japan, and will land in EU and NA regions in 2022.

How to get Lost Ark Gold?

* Daily and Weekly quest rewards

* Island Events

* Leveling Achievments

* Trading with other players (given them gear for gold)

* In-store purchases

* Void Dungeons

* Raids

These are also common ways of grinding currency in MMO games, but for those players who are immersed in the game, spending extra time on farming Lost Ark Gold will be disappointing, so players who love game content usually choose to buy Lost Ark Gold. MMOAH provides the corresponding Gold, since it is not currently available in Europe and North America, MMOAH does not provide EU and NA Lost Ark Gold For Sale now, but once 2022 arrives, Lost Ark will be launched in the new regions, you can come here to find the cheap Lost Ark Gold you need.

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