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What’s New World?

New World is an MMORPG game. Its world is full of magic and archaic designs. You can compete with other players in battles, or fight with them against the signature foe - The Corrupted. And Amazon Games has shown its ambitions and plans to bring a lot of updates, so New World has a bright future.

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Check Out This Unmissable Boltcaster Build In New World Season 4
Check Out This Unmissable Boltcaster Build In New World Season 4

Hello, gamers! This time I am going to show you my Boltcaster build in New World Season 4. Despite some initial issues, Boltcaster appears to be functioning once more. So without wasting time, let's get straight into the guide.

It's important to have a sufficient amount of New World Coins to support your build.

Check Out This Unmissable Boltcaster Build In New World Season 4


We are going to start by looking at the gear. For our helm, we have Primeval Spinweave Helm of the Scholar. So we have a Leeching Flurry, Lightning Harnessing and full Health. For the chest piece, I’ve got Primeval Pirate Captain Coat of the Brigand, with Lightning Harnessing, Health and Thrust Conditioning with Dex and Con. Then for gloves, we will get Primeval Spinweave Gloves of the Ranger, which have an Elemental Aversion, Lightning Harnessing, Empowering Breaker, which obviously Empowering Breaker is not great. We’ll still take it, but it’s just kind of a temporary pair of gloves.

For the pants, we are rocking the Koya’s Knee Guards, and then I put health on those Knee Guards. I like having just a bit of extra resistance against those range attacks, and they did buff it from 10 to 13, which isn’t a huge buff but it is a little of something for you. And then for the boot, I have Primeval Corrupted Cloth Boots of the Assassin with Enchanted Ward, Lightning Harnessing and Lasting Rain of Arrows with the Dex and Int. I do rock Rain of Arrows. Having that slow and bleed lasts 22% longer is quite nice.

For the bow itself, we have Boltcaster, and what I did is I put Keenly Jagged on it. It’s nice just to get the extra dots, and honestly, Keenly Jagged works really well for a lot of ranged weapons.

New World Boltcaster

For the Rapier, I’m rocking a Deepriver Rapier that I crafted to have Vicious, Omnidirectional Evade and Keenly Empowered. It works really well with the Leeching Flurry as well because then you can potentially proc that Keenly Empowered, get the extra 20% damage from your Evade, and your Rapier can actually do quite a bit of damage against people.

For the jewelry, I have the amulet called Imbued Mythril Amulet of the Sentry which has Health, Divine and Thrust Protection. For the ring, we got Imbued Mythril Ring of the Scholar with Purifying Heart, Lightning Damage and Hearty with full Int, so then I can use that in a Mage build as well. And then for the earring, we are rocking Endless Thirst, which I have been running in more builds. I did end up putting Refreshing Toast on there that 25% cooldown extension from the Thirst perk, and it works pretty good for me.

As far as the Heartrune goes, you can kind of run whatever you want. I’ve got Cannon Blast, but I might put Bile Bomb Heartrune or something else on. So it’s totally up to you.

New World Cannon Blast


Taking a look over at the attributes, here we have our standard Dex layout. With my Boltcaster build, I perfectly got my Con to 52. So when I take a 48 Con Food, it puts me up to the 100 that I’m looking for. With that working out perfectly because of the way I have my Con and everything set up, and I did not do that on purpose, it just worked out that way.

It allows me to run the 150 Int and then everything else in the Dex. So that puts me on 361 Dex. So with the 48 Con Food, I would be at 100, 150, 361. That is my straightforward layout that I do for both Muskets and now Bow.


Now on to the Mastery. Let’s start with the Rapier. This is the Flurry build that I’ve been running. I like to run the Fleche with the Evade. We have the Omnidirectional Evade, and then we also have the Leeching Flurry. So running Flurry is obviously a given at that point. These are the passive perks I’m running. So we get the cooldown reduction on any hit, and then we also have it so our light attacks do a bit more damage in that chain.

So that middle swipe attack will do 8% more damage. Then we work down to Momentum, so we deal 30% increased damage to your next light or heavy after performing an ability. When we use your Evade, if we evade into a light or heavy attack, we are doing quite a bit more damage because we have the Omnidirectional Evade on the Rapier as well.

Next, let’s look at the Bow. So this build I do bounce around a bit. Currently, I’m running Rain of Arrows and Poison Shot. And then what you can do is you can either go with Penetrating Shot or sometimes I’ll go with Explosive Arrow. The third perk is definitely up to you. I really like Rain of Arrows and Poison Shot because I do a lot of OPR, and then also for mobs and stuff like that in PVE, it’s incredible to hit the entire group and do some damage to them.

New World Poison Shot

As for the passive perks, I run Bullseye, Surprise Attack, Opening Strike, Aim True, and Long Range on the Hunter tree. That just gives me a lot more damage output, increases that heavy damage output as well. So our heavies fly faster and do more damage.

Then on the Skirmisher, we have the Mark to deal 10% more damage to foes suffering from a debuff, which we are applying debuffs all the time. Then we have the Battle Precision, with debuff durations last 20% longer, so then we stack that on top of our lasting Rain of Arrows. Next we have Closing In, which hitting a foe below 50% health reduces all Bow cooldown. So we just a bit of cooldown reduction.

Next we have a Rending Headshot which inflicting rend. Since we don’t have Evade Shot, we needed 1 perk up there. And then I do go for Evasive Tactics, so we get the 15% more damage for 5 seconds after dodging.

So a lot of it’s just kind of built into more damage output, debuffs lasting longer, and then a little of cooldown. But that is my Boltcaster build. Definitely change it up, see what works best for you and your build.

Major Changes About New World Coins Delivery - You Need To Know
Major Changes About New World Coins Delivery - You Need To Know

Recently, New World official has imposed certain restrictions on the transaction method of in-game currency (Coin). MMOAH has also made changes to the delivery method of New World Coins on the website in accordance with the changes in the official policy.

Now when you place an order to buy New World Coins (any server), in the shopping cart interface, in the "DELIVERY INFORMATION" column you need to fill in, the original "Face To Face" has become the current "Auction House". You need to be aware of this change or we may not be able to successfully deliver your order.

Additional Notes:
1. Please List An Equipment (Such As Clothes, Shoes, Weapons)
2. We Do Not Cover The Listing Fee And Sales Fee

Screenshot of the existing delivery method:



The ultimate purpose of MMOAH is to help users improve their quality of life in the game and help them save money, so you can always buy the cheapest New World Coins on the market at MMOAH. For more latest news about New World, stay tuned to MMOAH news.

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