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    PC Heist SC - Exalted Orb

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    PC Heist SC - Orb of Fusing

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  • WOW Shadowlands: All About Revendreth - One Of The Best Zones  

    WOW Shadowlands: All About Revendreth - One Of The Best Zones  

    As we all know, many unique locations are the great features of World Of Warcraft. There are many places that always make fans nostalgic, such as Stranglethorn Vale, Nagrand and Grizzly Hills. These are locations with many fond memories of fans.With the release of WOW: Shadowlandsde, a popular zone has also appeared, and that is - Revendreth.Every zone in Shadowlands is a unique version of the afterlife. Revendreth is the final choice of The Maw. For impure souls, this is the last chance to find salvation. The souls sent to Revendreth all have Sinstones, which lists the sins in their lives and what punishment they should get. So from another perspective, Revendreth also represents the hope of these souls, but they must experience fear and torture. So it definitely belongs to the most exciting part of WOW.What does Revendreth look like?When you arrive at Revendreth, you will first notice the massive castles and ruins. Because most zones in WOW are open outdoor spaces, in Revendreth, these buildings are particularly eye-catching.The Gothic architecture blends with the entire atmosphere, making it extremely harmonious. Although you may have seen this dark architectural style in other zones, in Revendreth, the pure size of structures will still make you feel fresh.NPCsIn Revendreth, in addition to feeling the strong visual effects, you will also encounter some interesting NPCs. Because this is the last zone, so some players may be tired of upgrading, so in order to make you as much as possible stay focused and you can interact with these characters. You can work for Sire Denathrius, which will help you understand the story behind him. After you have sufficient information, you will have a higher chance of winning in the final battle with him.Of course, there are other secondary characters, but they will still refresh you. The most typical is the Mad Duke Theotar. The mixture of tragedy and comedy creates a very vivid character.QuestsNeedless to say, some simple killing and collecting tasks will definitely exist. But in Revendreth, you will encounter some unique missions that will help you truly understand the horror of the afterlife. One of them is The Penitent Hunt. These missions not only allow you to grind the level, but also increase the depth of the area itself.Only at the end of WOW: Shadowlands can you explore Revendreth is a good arrangement. Because it is different from other expansions, its storyline has been carefully prepared for Castle Nathria.That's all about Revendreth, I bet it will not let you down, all you need to do is enjoy the game!If you need WOW Gold, it is the best way to buy it on MMOAH, because grinding Gold in the game is a very time-wasting thing, and it is not necessary, if you are worried that buying WOW Gold will cost you a big fortune, then we guarantee that the price of WOW Gold on MMOAH is definitely within a reasonable range and is relatively cheap. And we will also provide considerate service. If you have any questions, you can contact our staff at any time and they will reply to you in a short time.


  • FFXIV: New Nomura Boss, Dungeon Screenshot Mode, And Playable Violin Will Appear In 5.4 Update

    FFXIV: New Nomura Boss, Dungeon Screenshot Mode, And Playable Violin Will Appear In 5.4 Update

    Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best MMO games. Last year's Shadowbringers won the PCG Best Expansion Award of the year, which is enough to show how popular it is!On December 8th, FFXIV 5.4 update will be released, which is called Futures Rewritten. It is a continuation of the main campaign end, bringing new scenario missions for Scions and a raid dungeon named Eden's Promise.Eden's PromiseEden's Promise is divided into normal difficulty and savage difficulty. Following the story of Ryne and Gaia, you will find a new boss. In another quest chain, you need to find another series of mainstay - Emerald Weapon.Screenshot modeOther new dungeons and advanced bosses will also appear, but the most attractive one is the addition of "explorer mode", which is a screenshot mode specifically for dungeons, which means you can wander around in the absence of enemies, you can also summon mounts and minions to pose for you to take a screenshot.Violin is playableThe violin will also become one of the instruments that can be played. If you like the violin, don't miss it!Balance adjustmentsIn addition, the developer has also made a series of balance adjustments, and the upper limit of the Blue Mages has also received some adjustments. The Triple Triad of card game (the ability to create custom tournaments for 8 players), and the Doman Mahjong fast matches! This should satisfy the wishes of many fans.It's only about ten days since the release of Futures Rewritten. It's time to prepare for its arrival. Now is a good time to accumulate FFXIV Gil. As a universal currency in the game, you will definitely need its help. If necessary, Buying FFXIV Gil is the fastest and most time-saving way. MMOAH will be the most suitable place for you to buy FFXIV Gil, because as a professional supplier, we have a huge customer base and we provide considerate service. Our staff is online 24/7, if you have any questions, they will reply to you in a short time!


  • NBA 2K21: What Does MyTeam Season 3 Bring To Us?

    NBA 2K21: What Does MyTeam Season 3 Bring To Us?

    The good news is that NBA 2K21 has been released on PS5 and XBOX Series X/S. Most fans should have enjoyed the new feelings the game brings to you. MyTeam Season 3 has also arrived in NBA 2K21, and many new contents have appeared! Here are the specific contents you can expect:Shaq ChallengeShaquille O'Neal, if you are not a basketball fan, you may also have heard of the name! He has always been a fixed member of the NBA and is also an important figure in 2K21. Now the Season 3 of NBA 2K21 MyTeam finally ushered in the Shaq Challenge.To face the challenge, you need to reproduce the alley-oop he got from Kobe in the 2000 Western Conference Finals. If you can win this challenge, you will get a Hall of Fame Badge and a Diamond Shoe.Galaxy Opal cardsThe latest Galaxy Opal cards will appear as rewards in Season 3, because Dwyane Wade Galaxy Opal already exists, so the second GO card is Baron Davis.In addition to this, Wilt Chamberlain and the others that have not yet been named will be the full rewards of the season.12 Days of Giving & MyTeam FestivalTo celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving Day, both of these will provide a large number of free gifts and rewards.12 Days of Giving will be the countdown to the NBA 2020-21 season on December 22. At that time, you will have a chance to get rare players and get Ornament Balls. The Ornament Balls will be released exclusively for MyTeam Season 3.MyTeam Festival will arrive on November 29th. At that time, you will get Token Blitz on the weekend, which means that every time you win a game in MyTeam, Tokens will be increased.So you need to pay close attention to the game this weekend, because there will be many good things coming out. MMOAH will update relevant news in time, in case you miss it.If you need NBA 2K21 MT or NBA 2K21 VC, you can buy them on MMOAH. After you place an order, our staff will immediately verify your information and deliver them within 15 minutes, which means you don't have to wait too long, if you buy during the game, this will not affect your gaming experience!


  • ACNH: How To Expand Your Home Storage Space?

    ACNH: How To Expand Your Home Storage Space?

    With the continuous update of the game, as a loyal fan of Animal Crossing New Horizons, you may have experienced many updates and collected more and more items or other goods, but are these gradually filling up your storage capacity? If you want to expand the storage of your home to reserve more items you like, you need to go to Resident Services to find Tom Nook and speak with him.When you update to patch 1.6.0 or higher, after starting ACNH, you can check your email. You will receive a notification from Tom Nook, which tells you about additional storage in your home.If you encountered a lot of random items on the floor of your home or around the island, but your home has no more space to place them, then you can go to Resident Services to find Tom Nook and discuss with him about the house upgrade.Upgrade Steps:When you go to Resident Services, Tom Nook will come out to greet you. You can go to his desk, press the Joy-Con controller on your right then sit on the stool.Select "About My Home", then click on "Expand My Storage", first you need to upgrade your home to the highest level. You can only upgrade after you have fully expanded your home and paid all the loans. After the upgrade, your storage space will be expanded from 1,600 to 2,400.Nook will tell you in advance that you need to pay this fee in advance and he will not provide you with any loan. At this time, if you have 500,000 Bells, you can choose "Yes, Let's Do It".The next day, your storage will be expanded, and you can put more items in your storage.Of course, if you want to upgrade the rest of your house, you also need enough Animal Crossing Bells. Although it is not a small expense, with additional storage space, it is easier to store every outfit you encounter, DIY recipes, and decorations.You don't need to be entangled in multiple items as before, which ones to discard, you can store them all. If you need ACNH Bells, you can come to MMOAH to buy the quantity you need. And you can buy ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets in a pack. This will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and money, how sweet it is!