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  • PC Ultimatum HC - Orb of Fusing

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  • How To Transfer Characters To PSO2 New Genesis?

    How To Transfer Characters To PSO2 New Genesis?

    Nearly a year after PSO2 was released in the west, Sega launched PSO2 New Genesis. New Genesis is a brand new experience, taking many of its predecessors, and improving and expanding countless game features. This includes an unknown storyline, a whole new series of enemies, weapons, and armor. Although creating a new character from scratch is enjoyable for some players, some players want to keep their role in PSO2.

    Character creation is an important part of PSO2, because there are a large number of cosmetic items to choose from in the game. So you may spend a lot of time trying various colors, positions, proportions, and quantities. Although New Genesis has its processing methods for facial and body features, and it is also easy if you want to start with something familiar. The role can be easily transferred from the basic PSO2 to New Genesis. Below is the specific method to transfer the role to New Genesis.

    How to transfer characters to PSO2 New Genesis

    Because New Genesis is only for Western PC and Xbox platforms, there are two methods for you to choose from in the game.

    Use the Microsoft Store to download the game, and use the Xbox Gamertag to log in when prompted. Your previous data from base PSO2 will have their data automatically transferred to New Genesis after loading. Just pick the ship used in PSO2 and choose "character creation/selection". The characters in question will be instantly available, from highest or most recently used, downward. The same applies to Xbox. Simply start the game, enter the character selection, and select which version of PSO2 you want to enter the character in question.

    For players on Steam or PC platforms, these steps are a bit tricky. Sega provides a character creation Benchmark that allows players to upload their characters in PSO2 or create new characters after the release of New Genesis. After entering the PSO2 data files, copy the character file information to the Benchmark folder, start the game, and load them during the character creation process. So you make some cosmetic changes to your character in the salon before saving them. Once the file is copied, PSO2 New Genesis will extract the character data from the benchmark and appear in the correct ship character list. This also uses the characters created in the benchmark.

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    Jun 23, 2021

  • Pitt Creates Some Unique Gameplay Possibilities For Fallout 76's Next DLC - Expeditions

    Pitt Creates Some Unique Gameplay Possibilities For Fallout 76's Next DLC - Expeditions

    Fallout 76 takes you back to the post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh, which is also Pitt. The background of this game is set in West Virginia, which makes many fans of Fallout 3 hope to return to the locations from Fallout 3, but Pitt probably is the most unique location Bethesda can choose.

    Using its full potential, Pitt can add a whole new level of gameplay to Fallout 76. There are already some hints about unique monsters in the trailer. You can also see that the latest Fallout 76 Expedition adds some interesting new mechanics and new opportunities. If you like PvE or PvP, then you won't want to miss it.

    The Pitt

    Pitt first appeared in Fallout 3, the background of this game is 2277, and Fallout 76 happened earlier in 2102, which is a few decades after the Great War that turned the world into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. According to the trailer, there will be several key return elements. From the original Pitt, a new level of gameplay can be added.


    In Fallout 76, Trogs may add a whole new element to multiplayer gameplay. Bethesda can design some multiplayer elements that will be the game, that is, different types of Trogs have different characteristics.

    You can find yourself crawling slowly through the ruins of Pittsburgh, avoiding any dark areas where Trogs may spawn, and be careful not to make a sound.

    In Fallout 76, Pitt will finally make you feel that it is a survival horror game, which is very exciting, but this should not be the only opportunity setting an expansion in the Pitt creates for Fallout 76.

    The Hole

    In Hole, you need to fight through three rounds. First faced with 3 slaves, then 2 powerful gladiators, and finally Hole's champion - Gruber.

    Fallout 76 took place a few years before Fallout 3, raiders might have begun to establish settlements and use Hole as an arena. The Hole can be used as some of the excellent PvP stages in Fallout 76, allowing you to become a champion in battle.

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    Jun 21, 2021

  • Albion Online: Some Best Builds That You Shouldn't Miss

    Albion Online: Some Best Builds That You Shouldn't Miss

    As a fantasy MMORPG, Albion Online's gameplay is very attractive, and its visual effects are very unique and vibrant. Albion Online has a huge gear system, which is worth your time to research. MMOAH will show some good builds to ease your pain.

    Double Crossbow Combo

    Wielding Expert's Bolt-casters in the main hand combined with Tier 5 Expert's Druid robe, Expert's Royal Sandals and Experts cultist forms a combination, which will have a 100% kill rate of 1v1. If you need to confront the enemy head-on, the decision is correct. This combination of gear is favored by many players.

    Blackboa’s Gather ganking build

    This build is for solo gathering and solo PvP, equipped with gear above Tier 7. Most importantly, you can dismount from the fastest mounts.

    Sigurd the Bruiser

    Tank dual sword build has the flair and potential, which will make you better in the game, Wielding GrandMaster’s Dual swords and abilities like Iron Will will keep you from being knocked down. The armor set in the build is above Tier 6 along with the ability like Enfeeble Aura, it can create a shield to prevent all kinds of damage around you. All you need to do is killing.

    Onesimee’s Great Nature Solo Build

    It can be said to be the nightmare of gankers, they don't even want to interfere with you. This build is good for solo Dungeon Dive and 1V2 Hellgates. If you can keep healing, they can't kill you. The build combines all restoration skills, making it difficult for you to be defeated.

    Nausk’s Toothpick Shooter

    Its performance in the small-scale open-world scene is impressive. This build is super adaptable and versatile. If you like to cast spells and play long ranged games, then you need to look at this.

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    Jun 18, 2021

  • RuneScape: The Summoning Skill Is The Focus Of Ninja Strike

    RuneScape: The Summoning Skill Is The Focus Of Ninja Strike

    After the Divination rework, Jagex stated that more RuneScape skills will receive similar change moving forward. RuneScape now has an updated summoning skill to provide superior quality of life changes and usability moving forward.

    Summoning improvements

    As early as 2008, Summoning first appeared in RuneScape and has been around for a while. So it's no surprise that certain aspects of combat skills have become dated. Fortunately, this Ninja Strike fixes some of the biggest shortcomings of skills.

    Perhaps the biggest changes are the two improvements to the familiar scrolls. Scrolls activate a familiar special ability, and it will be much easier for you to auto using these scrolls now. You can now set how many auto attacks your familiar should do before using the scroll. All the scrolls have been renamed, including related familiar’s names, which will make it easier to identify which scroll you need for which familiar.

    In addition, the Summoning user interface has undergone some modernization to make it consistent with other neighboring RuneScape interface elements. The icons are now bigger and easier to see, and the new interface makes better use of space, thanks to its more ergonomic layout.

    After the update, familiars still have different time periods, but these times are now in set increments of 16 minutes. Previously, a Shadow Nihil would last 90 minutes, but after the update, it will last 96 minutes. Before the release of the mobile version of RuneScape this Thursday, these changes may make Summoning more user-friendly.

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    Jun 16, 2021