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  • PC Delirium SC - Exalted Orb

    PC Delirium SC - Exalted Orb

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  • PC Delirium SC - Chaos Orb

    PC Delirium SC - Chaos Orb

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  • PC Delirium SC - Orb of Fusing

    PC Delirium SC - Orb of Fusing

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  • PC Delirium SC - Chromatic Orb

    PC Delirium SC - Chromatic Orb

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  • PC Delirium SC - Orb of Alchemy

    PC Delirium SC - Orb of Alchemy

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  • Path Of Exile 3.11 Expansion Details: Announcing & Release Date, Size & Color

    Path Of Exile 3.11 Expansion Details: Announcing & Release Date, Size & Color

    The three-month Delirium league is coming to an end, which means that Grinding Gear Games will develop a new expansion for Path of Exile in the near future, also known as POE 3.11 expansion.According to tradition, every expansion of POE would be announced two weeks before it is released, and in the latest news, GGG also mentioned that the announcing date of 3.11 expansion would land at 2 pm on June 2, when the development team will show the public game content related to the 3.11 expansion to the public, such as rebalanced gameplay, new POE Items, gems, etc.Also, there is a tentative launch date for the 3.11 expansion on June 19 for PC, and June 24 for console, but it is unclear whether this can meet its deadline due to the coronavirus pandemic, the development team needs more time to create a high-quality expansion.As of now, except for the size of the 3.11 expansion of its logo color, we know almost nothing. In terms of the size of the expansion, it is set the same as most of POE expansions like Delve, Incursion, Blight, but smaller than POE 3.0 expansion Conquerors of the Atlas. Path of Exile 3.11 expansion might be around the corner, it is revealed that the color of the expansion logo is bright blue, along with many other colors throughout the game. Because of a potential delay, and an unknown league mechanism, fans may have to wait longer for the next expansion, it is the last few weeks for you to complete the existing league challenges before Delirium league supporter pack is removed from the store.As the new expansion release, it also comes a series of POE Currency at the same time, and you'll have more opportunities to obtain them in the early stages of the update. Or, if you don't want to do heavy work, you are recommended to come to MMOAH, this is a special store to provide you with MMORPG virtual currency and peripheral services, it will treat you well.Shopping here, you can always get cheap POE Currency to play better, and now you can enjoy special offers to save you more.


  • You Can Still Download Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Starter Edition For Free Through May 26

    You Can Still Download Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Starter Edition For Free Through May 26

    From the developer Square Enix of Final Fantasy XIV, it allowed players to download the PS4 Starter Edition from the PlayStation for free through May 26, and you can keep it forever.The Starter Edition PS4 of Final Fantasy XIV includes content from level 1 to 50, not including those three big expansions, Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers, that is, you'll have to pay for these additional content along with more in-game jobs, races, new areas and a higher level cap when beyond level 50.This free edition is only available on PlayStation 4, and you can play Final Fantasy XIV on PC, but it will cost a little.This is definitely good news that you can play Final Fantasy XIV for free in a limited time, otherwise, you could only get a 90-day standard subscription for $13.99.While playing, for more weapons, armor and other types of equipment, some of them are difficult to get from the game. Here is Final Fantasy XIV Items page that can help you, and you can take a quick gander at all of news and guide about Final Fantasy XIV from the site.The latest and popular expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, Shadowbringers, allowed its player base to peak in a short period, taking players to a new dimension, along with a series of new features including a new level cap of 80, new dungeons, raids, zones as well as two jobs, Gunbreaker and Dancer. Anyway, this is an attractive expansion that allows players to fall into it soon, if you happen to be playing this game, it is absolutely convincing.Here is a store MMOAH where you could get safe and reliable Final Fantasy XIV Gil, so that you can play better in this game. It is a professional secondary market operator, selling various types of MMORPG virtual currency and equipment, and you can check its reputation and ranking on Trustpilot and Google to confirm that this is a trusted place to buy. In short, it will treat every consumer well, whether you buy here or not. It is better that you come to the store and have a look in person, you'll not regret your choice.


  • You Can Play Fallout 76 Seasons For Free

    You Can Play Fallout 76 Seasons For Free

    Recently, Bethesda released the road map of Fallout 76 in 2020, pointing put the season pass-style updates, that is, there will be different updates in summer, fall and winter according to the actual time to bring huge changes, which would be the hugest feature of Fallout 76 throughout 2020.In summer, it would start Season 1 to provide players with the unique challenges and rewards including Atom Bundles, Perk Card packs and cosmetics, along with a new legendary boss event in Fallout 76. In order to call on more players joining in the Season, it has confirmed that Bethesda allows everyone to play the Summer Season for free, and it is possible to add extra Fallout 1st bonus rewards in the future, which was a membership service launched in 2019 by Fallout 76, but not well received by players.Since the release of Wastelanders DLC, Fallout 76 has made huge progress, during this time, Bethesda seized this opportunity and developed more attractive game content, but it is still uncertain whether these will change the bad reputation of Fallout 76.Taking update 19 as an example, it brought a series of changes and improvements for Fallout 76, including returning events, updates for automatic item naming, backpack skin improvements, as well as limited-time Nuclear Winter Challenges and rewards. And when it comes to Season 1 in Update 20, there will be a new menu to take players to the Season feature complete with a board game-style progression system.Anyway, this is definitely good news that you can play Fallout 76 Seasons for free, that is, you no longer need to pay any for Fallout 76 service, so that more players may start playing the game again. Of course, if you are one of the paid players, when you need in-game virtual currency Fallout 76 Bottle Caps in it, here is a store you can buy, MMOAH, and its name can be queried on major trading platforms, including Google. So it is believed to be a reliable and secure online store, there is no wiser way to use Caps to make your game better, is it?


  • Fallout 76 Update 19 Full Patch Notes On PC, PS4, Xbox

    Fallout 76 Update 19 Full Patch Notes On PC, PS4, Xbox

    Fallout 76 has launched Update 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 19, which brought the biggest-ever update following Wastelanders, featuring new and returning events, updates for automatic item naming, backpack skin improvements, new limited-time Nuclear Winter Challenges and rewards. There is an Ally Customization, allowing to customize your Allies new looks like outfits, headwear, costumes and armor through your wardrobe, but the dress any Ally gets from you will not receive any buffs or bonuses, that is, when you scrap an Ally station, they will revert their default outfit immediately.Beyond that, it also provided a series of highlights of Update 19, including Hunt for the Treasure Hunter, Fasnacht Parade and Item Naming Updates, Limited Time Challenges, all of which require players to complete specific tasks or challenges to earn treasures, items and cosmetic rewards.The developer Bethesda has been working hard to fix the bugs in the game, and in Update 19 it also added a huge number of Fallout 76 items, as well as NPCs, who can chat with players now. Moreover, it also fixed the issues in Nuclear Winter, including updated the lists of buildable and non-buildable Atomic Shop objects, removed the non-functional activator from Scrapbox, restored missing characters on the Nuclear Winter Map Voting screen, as well as removed Nuclear Winter Card Packs in Adventure Mode quests.There is a clear list of what is changing in Fallout 76 provided by Bethesda on, you can download Update 19, but you need to reserve some space, 10.7GB for Xbox, 8.6GB for PlayStation 4, 4.1 GB for PC, as well as 5.9 GB for Stream.Caps can give the characters a boost in Fallout 76, and if you always don't have too many opportunities to get them, the best solution is to buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps from the store and increase your in-game economy. With this in mind, you are advised to visit MMOAH, which is a professional MMORPG service provider to give you the greatest help within its ability. Surely, the most important is that it will entertain every customer well, whether or not you'll buy anything from the site.MMOAH can protect your trading all the way without revealing any personal information, and more importantly, its price will never be higher than the market, and it is impossible to find such a cheap store during the market. Shopping here, you will not worry about anything except for playing better to create a near-perfect experience.