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  • PC Ritual SC - Exalted Orb

    PC Ritual SC - Exalted Orb

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  • PC Ritual SC - Chaos Orb

    PC Ritual SC - Chaos Orb

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  • PC Ritual SC - Orb of Fusing

    PC Ritual SC - Orb of Fusing

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  • PC Ritual SC - Chromatic Orb

    PC Ritual SC - Chromatic Orb

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  • PC Ritual SC - Orb of Alchemy

    PC Ritual SC - Orb of Alchemy

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  • Fallout 76 Public Test Server Returns This Month

    Fallout 76 Public Test Server Returns This Month

    Bethesda shared some details about Fallout 76 in March. This includes reopening the game's public test server, so you will have the opportunity to test new features, and there will also be community activities coming soon.Fans have been waiting for the return of the Public Test Server (PTS) to get some game testing Fallout 76's next update in person. Bethesda plans to reopen PTS in mid-March, when you will be able to try out upcoming features such as S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts, C.A.M.P. slots, new daily Ops expansion, and more.However, before that, it was a Caps-A-Plenty weekend, which currently runs on March 8th until 9 AM PT/12 PM ET/5 PM GMT. This time allows you to fill your coffers by visiting vendors throughout Appalachia and selling unwanted gear up to 2800 caps per day.There are also many community activities in March. This month, Bethesda emphasized community member JessicaStar through interviews with podcast hosts, mods, CAMP builder and live streamer on On March 15th, you can submit photos for consideration for the next round of Around Appalachia. The theme of this season is "Winter Silhouettes", challenging anyone who considers himself as a photo mode expert.Just like in Appalachia, C.A.M.P.Creations is another community event, and you will have the opportunity to see your creations on the official Fallout website. The theme of this month is "Settlers", which requires you to build a new and creative C.A.M.P.s.Bethesda will continue to run Fallout 76 every Wednesday at 10 AM ET/1 PM ET/6 PM GMT, where you can chat with members of the gaming community team.If you need some Fallout 76 Bottle Caps to optimize your gear or weapons, you can buy them from MMOAH. We can guarantee fast delivery. You will receive your Fallout 76 Caps within 10-30 minutes after placing your order. And if you come to MMOAH to buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps with code "F76" now, you will be able to get 6 % off.Who can refuse such cheap Fallout 76 Caps?


  • ACNH: Great For Players With Leap Year Birthday, They Can Trigger Unique Dialogue

    ACNH: Great For Players With Leap Year Birthday, They Can Trigger Unique Dialogue

    In ACNH, a player discovered that the animals had a new dialogue when celebrating a leap year birthday. The residents of this game have a long list of unique voice routes that they can speak on special occasions and festivals. The content of the dialogue is also related to their personality type, so various dialogues will appear on special days. The celebrations in the game will allow the villagers to dance freely and talk about celebrating the festival. You can also celebrate with them with your own emotes and dances.The most unique celebration in the game is the player's birthday. At that time, the residents of the island will gather together to hold a surprise party for the players, with unique music, cakes and dances. Every resident will say a few words to you when entering the party, and these lines are also different. But the general meaning is the same - to celebrate your birthday. They will also give you items as gifts.When celebrating their birthday, an ACNH player's birthday was on February 29th. This day only exists in leap years. He accidentally discovered a unique dialogue. Because 2021 is not a leap year, the villagers will celebrate the player's birthday one day in advance, which is on February 28.Although very few players will notice the villager dialogue, it also reflects that ACNH's designers' carefulness. This game makes each player feel so unique and a person deserves to be celebrated. Of course, the premise is that you have a group of lovely villagers on your island.Although this is a small detail, players can be happy for a while. This is not only a game for players, but also a world where they can get comfort, where there are a group of cute animals are supporting them.And as time goes by, ACNH will add more items to keep you fresh in this game. Now Mario-themed items have also appeared. I believe many players are already immersed in the game, so once you need ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets, you can buy them on MMOAH. Because now MMOAH is holding a discount event, buy Animal Crossing Bells now, you will be able to enjoy 60% off. Who would reject the cheap ACNH Bells?


  • NBA 2K21 Guide: How To Get Hot Zones?

    NBA 2K21 Guide: How To Get Hot Zones?

    In NBA 2K21, there are many ways to get buckets for players. You can play smart, increase your attributes, unlock shooting badges, and build your hot zones.About Hot ZonesThe hot zones are specific spots on the court, which players can shoot from. When a player hits several shots in that zone, it becomes a hot zone. But if you're chucking from that place and missing, it becomes a cold zone. When you shoot from the hot zone, your shot percentage will get a boost. This percentage is determined by your release time, the amount of defense you face, the shot difficulty, your shooting attributes and your badges.The NBA 2K development team tested the hot zones in 2K21 and found that shooting in the hot zone compared to the one that's normal adds a huge boost with good shot timing. For players with a high shooting attribute close to 90, if the shooting timing is incorrect, they will even be promoted. In contrast, when you shoot in a cold zone, your shot percentage may drop.So how do you make your zones hot? Simply put, you have to hit your shots, your zones are determined by your player's last 25 games, you can check your current zone status by checking the hot zones tab on the player's card. For players with lower attributes, this will be a difficult game because they have a smaller margin for error.To increase your hot zone, you first need to be a better shooter. This means taking open shots, nailing your releases, increasing your attributes, and equipping the best shooting badges. After you upgrade your hot zones, equip the Hot Zone Hunter badge to get a bigger boost.As for the MT required in NBA 2K21, you can buy them from MMOAH. Because in the game, every gamer wants to build a strong team, these need to use NBA 2K21 MT. And now you come to MMOAH to buy NBA 2K21 MT, you can also enjoy 5% off with code "2K21". Also, MMOAH will provide fast delivery, you will be able to receive your 2K21 MT within 30 minutes to 2 hours after placing the order.


  • ACNH: New Sea Creatures That Will Appear In March

    ACNH: New Sea Creatures That Will Appear In March

    In March, ACNH will celebrate its 1st anniversary, which means that no matter which hemisphere you are in, you will be able to catch new bugs, fish and deep-sea creatures in the game. Many players may complete the Bug Gallery and Fish Gallery of the museum this month, because they have completed the work of collecting and donating specimens for Blathers. One of ACNH's gameplay is to allow you to explore your island at your own pace and capture some natural wonders.You can use crafted or purchased tools, which include fishing rods, nets, swimming and diving gear to catch different critters. You can raise the critters you catch as pets, or turn them into statues, donate them to the Museum, or sell them for extra bells. As the months and seasons change, so will the critters on and around your island. For ACNH fans, March means that the season will change, and players in the two hemispheres will see the creatures returning to the island in spring or autumn.In March, 5 deep-sea creatures will return to the northern hemisphere, and 5 will return to the southern hemisphere. By the end of March, one deep-sea creature will leave the northern hemisphere, and the other eight will leave the southern hemisphere.In the summer update last June, ACNH introduced deep-sea creatures, as well as swimming and diving mechanics in the game. The deep-sea creatures are similar to fish. When you donate them to the Museum, they will go to the Fish Gallery. To catch them, you need to put on a wetsuit and jump into the sea surrounding the island. You need to find the shadows of creatures on the ocean floor, then dive into the water to catch them, and they will swim or escape.Generally speaking, the faster a creature is, the rarer and more valuable it is. You need to slowly approach their shadows, wait until their characters are to the right on top of the shadows, and then dive down to increase the chance of catching them. In mid-March, some creatures will appear in both the northern and southern hemispheres:* Turban Shell: Small Shadow Size - Slow swimming speed - 1000 bells - Available all day* Chambered Nautilus: Medium shadow size - Slow swimming speed - 1800 bells - Available 4 PM to 9 AM* Umbrella Octopus: Small shadow size - Quick swimming speed with long lunges - 6000 bells - Available all dayNow you can prepare for the upcoming new season. If you need ACNH Bells in the process, you can come to MMOAH to buy them at any time.MMOAH not only provides cheap Animal Crossing Bells, but also provides combo packs of ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets, which will greatly save your time. Buy now and you will be able to enjoy 60% off, so it is a wise choice to buy enough ACNH Bells during the discount period.