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    PC Ritual SC - Orb of Fusing

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  • A Player Of Fallout 76 Recreate Bioshock's Rapture In CAMP Shelter

    A Player Of Fallout 76 Recreate Bioshock's Rapture In CAMP Shelter

    A player of Fallout 76 successfully reproduced the BioShock's Rapture setting in the CAMP shelter. Bethesda brought players to the CAMP shelter in the Steel Dawn update. This allows you to build and decorate your underground vault. At the same time, the baked-in mechanisms and options are also very great. If you have some creative ideas, you can even design spaceships, pirate ships and other scenarios.Since Fallout 76 was released for the first time in 2018 and received a lot of criticism, Bethesda regularly update the patches to make Fallout 76 better and better. Indeed, they did it and received a lot of praise. The reason is that Fallout 76 has introduced many new coveted features, like NPCs, PVP and a survival mode.For Fallout 76 players, they have a high degree of freedom, so they are always known for creating their own fun. So it's not surprising that some players brought BioShock to Wasteland. The recent move of a Fallout player is impressive. He used the tools in the CAMP shelter in Fallout 76 to reproduce BioShock's Rapture. The narrow corridors and dark spaces are decorated in the style of the 1950s. It just reflects the design of Rapture, which looks cool.Inspiring players' various ideas may also be an advantage of Fallout 76. From the current point of view, Fallout 76 seems to be going in the right direction and is also attracting more new players to join the game. We don't know what kind of surprises the next update will bring to the players. Players can wait and see.If you are a loyal player of Fallout 76, you can also refer to the creative ideas of other players and arrange your CAMP shelter, which is also a pleasure. If you need Fallout 76 Bottle Caps in the process, don't forget to buy them on MMOAH.If you are still looking for a website that sells cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, then this is MMOAH, and discount events are now being staged. If you buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps with code "F76" now, you will enjoy 6% off.Don't miss it.


  • ACNH: You Can Get Ready For Spring!

    ACNH: You Can Get Ready For Spring!

    For ACNH fans, the holidays are over, so it's time to pack up the decorations of the Toy Day event, and then prepare for the arrival of spring. Although it may still snow on your island, the warm days are not far away from us. It is not a bad thing to prepare for their arrival. You can make a note of upcoming spring events in advance, so you won't miss the opportunity to participate in community fun with the villagers on your island.For the loyal ACNH fans, you may have participated in the spring events of the past year, so you may already have a variety of colorful decorations, then you can take them out of storage and start decorating your island. You might consider designing a new park or setting up a flower bed for your island to bring life to your island when spring arrives. During the 2021 event, there will also be new spring decorations, so you'd better leave enough space so that you can place them.Catch cherry blossom petalsIn the northern hemisphere, from April 1st to 10th, unfruitful leafy trees will turn pink as the cherry blossoms, and you can enjoy the vibrant pink petals around the town with plenty of trees. So you can now consider planting many hardwood trees on your island.In April, you can also use a net to catch cherry blossom petals and use them to craft DIY recipes that only appear once a year. To capture cherry blossom petals, you need to craft a sturdy net. When the petals start to fall, you can start your thing.Bunny Day, Natural DayThere are not only cherry blossoms in spring, but you can also participate in various events in March, April, and May.Bunny Day will be from April 1 to EasterNatural Day will be from the end of April to the beginning of MayBecause ACNH was released in March last year, you can pay more attention to the February events, and there may be surprise.There are rumors that in the next few weeks, players can enjoy Festivale with peacock Pavé, which is just to pave the way for the warm months that come.Speaking of welcoming spring, the most important thing is changing clothes. It is time to consider putting on new clothes. You can go to Able Sister to see what new clothes are available. In ACNH, spring is a colorful and exciting time. As the first anniversary of the game's release approaches, there may be more additional content worth looking forward to.If you need more ACNH Bells in subsequent games, you can give priority to buy from MMOAH. After all, cheap prices and a safe shopping environment are the first things you should consider, and MMOAH can meet these two requirements. In addition, many discounts and coupons will be released on MMOAH from time to time, you can buy some ACNH Bells or Nook Miles Tickets during the period of discounts, because these are essential items in the game.


  • How Could This Be? Fallout 76 Free Stares Militia Has Been Banned From Facebook Again

    How Could This Be? Fallout 76 Free Stares Militia Has Been Banned From Facebook Again

    This is bad news for fans of Fallout 76, because the place they frequently logged on has been banned from Facebook again. The communities created around the games have places for gathering, organizing and coordination outside the game, but the Free Militia is more difficult than imagined.The Free Militia is a very popular and social group in Fallout 76. Its members participate in grand role-playing wars and social events in the game, but they have been banned twice by Facebook's platform. Since this incident has not received a response from Facebook, the Free States players speculated that it was related to the US Capitol riots on January 6.Free StatesThis is the actual faction in Fallout 76. After the nuclear war and the decline of American civilization, Free States get together to maintain an independent existence in the Appalachian region, and got rid of the tyranny of factions such as Enclave or the Brotherhood of Steel.At present, The Free States Militia has not obtained a complete explanation from FB, and they have not been able to discuss the matter with FB staff.Why it is banned?And the boss of The Free States Council provided a screenshot with some sentences on it: You can't comment until February 7, and you have posted things that don't follow our community standards more than once. This means that Facebook believes that the group has incited, discussed public harm and declared violence, or participated in violencess. But the boss said that their behavior does not have the above problems. Their stories are consistent with the Free States Militia of Fallout 76. 5% are group events and 5% are photos of the game. They write about their characters and adventures in the wasteland.In any case, this is indeed frustrating news. It is absurd if the content of the game is taken as reality. Games are games. Because of the riots in Capitol, it is understandable that many game officials now choose to act cautiously.But this will not affect your enjoyment of the game, you can still immerse yourself in the game. And Fallout 76 is really getting better and better. Because of the previous fans' demands, the official even introduced wheelchairs into the game, so the game that pays so much attention to fans is worth playing.MMOAH will continue to pay attention to the follow-up of this event, hoping for a good ending. If you are also interested, you can choose to subscribe to MMOAH. Also, if you're a big fan of Fallout 76, you definitely don't want to miss our site. You can buy cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps on MMOAH, and we also provide Fallout 76 Boosting service. If you encounter difficulties during the upgrade process, you can always seek our help.


  • ACNH Guide: Where To Get The Most Clay?

    ACNH Guide: Where To Get The Most Clay?

    With the continuous development of the Animal Crossing series, not only the gameplay has undergone some changes, but also players can try new materials when crafting items. Clay is one of the original materials in ACNH, you can use it to craft new types of furniture and fences. But the process of obtaining it may make you feel a little boring, which involves some hustling. This kind of grind is more suitable for experienced players, but for those players who want to make their unique ideas fully reflected in the game, grinding is really too boring, so here are some other ways to get clay.Where to get the most clay? The best place to get the most clay is the rocks of ACNH's Mystery Island Tours. You can only get clay materials from the rocks on your island every day, but the Mysterious Island Tour will allow you to obtain new materials every time you go, so the chance of dropping is higher. So if you want to go there to get more clay, you only need to prepare enough Nook Miles Tickets.Three types of rocks There are three different types of rocks on these islands. Compared to the two types of rocks on your island, the clay drop rate on the Mystery Island Tours is obviously higher. You can take a shovel or an axe to hit the stone, and the clay may drop next to you. A small tip: when you hit a rock, you can dig a hole behind you so that you don't fly too far and you can collect as much material as possible from the rock.After collecting, you can use them to craft items, such as a brick oven, a cherry blossom bonsai, a brick fence and an ocarina. You can find clay in Balloon Present You can also find clay in the balloon present, but its clay drop rate is very low.You can also sell clay to get ACNH Bells. The clay can stack up to 30 pieces and sell for 100 bells a pop. This is how to get as much clay as possible. If you are looking for this guide, then this article may be helpful to you. If you need Nook Miles Tickets, you can also buy them on MMOAH. After all, the prices of ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets on MMOAH can be said to be very low. Buy now from MMOAH and you can enjoy 60% off.