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  • PC Metamorph SC - Exalted Orb

    PC Metamorph SC - Exalted Orb

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  • PC Metamorph SC - Chaos Orb

    PC Metamorph SC - Chaos Orb

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  • PC Metamorph SC - Orb of Fusing

    PC Metamorph SC - Orb of Fusing

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  • PC Metamorph SC - Chromatic Orb

    PC Metamorph SC - Chromatic Orb

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  • PC Metamorph SC - Orb of Alchemy

    PC Metamorph SC - Orb of Alchemy

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  • SWTOR Update 6.1 PTS Featured Alderaan Stronghold Begins

    SWTOR Update 6.1 PTS Featured Alderaan Stronghold Begins

    By 2020, the community of Star Wars: The Old Republic has shared a series of plans for future updates to the game, and the latest one is Update 6.1, which is expected to be released in February.In order to speed up the experience of Update 6.1, its Public Test Server has been opened on January 16, featured the Alderaan Stronghold, as well as a tiny bit of a story for the character.Update 6.1, which is also known as Pinnacles of Power of SWTOR, allowing to customize the royal retreat hidden away in the mountain ranges of Alderaan, Noble Estate coming with a wide-open field, a snowy overlook, and a regal mansion with a balcony overlooking cascading waterfalls.In order to start the Update 6.1 PTS, you'd better do so.Log into or create a new account of swtor.comClick on your account in the top right-hand corner of the siteClick the link entitled "PTS Character Copy" in the left columnSelect your own character and the character you wish to copy fromClick the "Copy Character" buttonThe site will display the current status of the character at the top of the page, and you can click the "View your character transfer history" to check if the copy has completed.If PTS is offline, you won't see the PTS Character Copy link.Hopefully, all of you enjoy the PTS, beyond that, there is a lot of content to mention with Update 6.1.Beyond that, BioWare also added new classes in Update 6.1, including Inquisitor's Corruption Sorcerer, Powertech's Advanced Protetype, Operative's Concealment and Lethality, each one has its functions, and the specific effects can be checked with the release of Update 6.1, so stay tuned.MMOAH is a store that makes shopping SWTOR Credits easier, which can provide enough currency for SWTOR Update 6.1 as support. This is necessary while playing, especially for gaming lovers. After knowing the players' demand for credits, MMOAH maintains sufficient inventory while selling, and it will never be more expensive than other stores, due to its popularity, it has been raised by many players, the words said by the customers is more convincing than the seller said, so you are welcome to come to the store at any time, and enjoy it.


  • Maplestory Lunar New Year Events Introduces The Legendary Hero Shade

    Maplestory Lunar New Year Events Introduces The Legendary Hero Shade

    In a few days, Chinese Lunar New Year is coming. In order to celebrate the festival, Nexon has added a bevy of Lunar New Year-themed events to Maplestory M, along with related items as rewards, mainly the legendary Hero Shade. There are two types of level-up events.Lunar New Year 7 Day Attendance Event: Starting from January 20, there are several days for players to log-in Maplestory until February 3, and those participating players could gain attendance rewards for items and earn characters experience points.Lunar New Year Achievement Event: At the same time, the players could gather up unique coins, one type of in-game currency of Maplestory M, which could assist with Starforce Reinforcement, Character Decorate item, as well as EXP Boost item.Therefore, from January 20 to February 3, don't forget to log in it and unlock the unique rewards, which will help you level up quickly during Lunar New Year.With those events, they introduce the legendary hero Shade, who is one of six heroes ending the sinister reign of Maplestory's biggest antagonist, the Black Mage. Shade is classified as a Pirate with a powerful force, good at using primary and secondary weapons of Knuckles and Fox Marbles to conquer enemies, making it become popular and high value.In order to make players more familiar with the hero, Maplestory M also provides a series of limited-time events to level up.Shade Growth Support Event: Starting from now, the players who reach a certain level could gain additional in-game items useful for a specific character's level up until February 24.Shade Burning Event: Until February, any Shade character can level up for three levels for every level up within level 3 to 100.Shade Celebratory log-in Reward Event: before January 22, everyone who logs in Maplestory M could get a special gift to level up the character once per account.Heroes M Events: Until February 11, there are four different types of events to hold in honor of the six legendary heroes. Any character or player with those six heroes can get rewards to get boost for the characters.Maplestory M is a free mobile game for iOS and Android, developing one of the most popular MMOs on Mobile. Beyond the coins, there is a fixed currency in the game, Maplestory M Mesos, which is rarer than coins. Farming is hard to meet the daily requirements of Maplestory M Mesos, so MMOAH can provide Mesos to buy character appearance and enhance them anytime, anywhere. This is an excellent store, which will not sell expensive goods to anyone, only costing a little money, you could get a lot of Mesos as investment.


  • RuneScape Crossed 1.1 Million Paid Subscribed Accounts In 2019

    RuneScape Crossed 1.1 Million Paid Subscribed Accounts In 2019

    RuneScape has achieved considerable success in 2019, and Jagex announced that this MMORPG has over 1.1 million paid subscribed accounts in 2019, creating the peak of RS and Old School RS.From a video posted by RuneScape on YouTube, it confirms that the free version of RS has reached millions of players, and more than 1.1 million ones are willing to pay for the "old" game in the past year.2019 is a great year for RuneScape, it created two versions of Old School RuneScape based on different platforms, PC and Mobile to attract more players. Strictly speaking, quite a few new-added players are affected by Old School RuneScape, which also brought more paid users to RuneScape series than in previous years.The success of Old School RuneScape is irreproducible, after releasing for a few months, it reached a new record for downloading on Mobile, and it is still maintaining a strong development in 2019. By 2020, RuneScape has launched plans to release RS Mobile, and it will be available on iOS and Android in the coming months.Jagex mentioned in the video that 2019 was a record-breaking year for the whole RuneScape communities. "We hit exciting milestones, welcomed more members and players to the games than any point in their 19-year history, achieved significant success on mobile."As for the next milestone, the early access of RuneScape Mobile has launched recently, and its full content will be released soon.RuneScape was first released in 2001, and now this is its 19th year, accompanying many players to enjoy a good time playing and growing up. During this period, although people kept leaving, more and more accounts were created to make it more and more successful. Therefore, the community of RuneScape is still full of confidence in development of the new year.In 2019, the sale of RS Gold on MMOAH also increased with the rise of RS players, everyone knows that this is a safe place to buy RS Gold, so they are willing to visit.The inventory of RS Gold on MMOAH is always satisfactory, including Old School RuneScape Mobile Gold, safe but cheap, and it is really worth a try.


  • FIFA 20 Guide- Gain More Shooting Score With Headliners

    FIFA 20 Guide- Gain More Shooting Score With Headliners

    EA Sports announced that it will release FIFA 20 Headliners cards in the Ultimate Team around February, which are some more special players cards in the game, and prepared for those who are on an exceptional run of form during the season so far, about 20 players. Since each of the Headliners could remain one overall point higher than their latest in-form card, making them very popular and rare among the players.There is no doubt that some of these cards will get boost for the team, but it still needs some strategies to maximize their roles, which is reflected in the shooting score, the most important aspect of attacking throughout FIFA 20. What's more, it could allow you to get more scores to know how to strike the ball effectively, on the contrary, you'll miss a lot.In order to improve the shooting scores, you'd better do so.Choose best shooting typesThere are many shooting types to choose from in FIFA 20, each one can play a role in a specific situation, and your task is to figure out which type is more suitable for each player in the team.Finesse ShotThis requires the players to use power flexibly, a finesse shot could let the ball fly into the top corner of the net through tapping it. And the best method to score goal is near the 18-yard-box, which could increase the finesse shot, so an excellent player should attempt to score with a finesse shot inside, or on the edge of the box.Chip ShotThis is the easiest type of shooting, but it is hard to find the good time to shoot. You all know, every team on the court has a goalkeeper, this will give the opponent a good opportunity to chip shot when the keeper is off of his line, but this is very rare occurring in any professional game of FIFA 20.Low Driven ShotThis is an effective method to gain shooting score from inside the box. After executing a driven shot, one player could strike it into a specific corner of the goalpost, which could increase the odds of your shot going into the back of the net.Flair ShotSurely, due to the complexity of this method, not all players can learn it. Compared with scores, its performance and aesthetic aspects seem to be more important, therefore, this type is only applicable for the players who have the "flair trait".Shoot outside the boxLong-range shooting doesn't sound simple, but not all players can't do it, especially the Headliners. In order to gain the scores, the player must have a high long shot stat to shoot, ideally 85 +, with a clear path to the opponent's goalpost.The shooting score is uncertain in every game of FIFA 20, which tests the players' agility, function, skills and even luck. So, the players with higher OVR can create more opportunities, which is why they are always high priced and in great demand.There is no shortage of the Headliners to join in FIFA 20 games, and FUT 20 Coins, which can be used to add high-rated players, build the Ultimate Team and SBC for a long time.Beyond various conventional methods, you are recommended to buy at a store called MMOAH, which has worked for many years with extensive experience, so it can provide you with safe and cheap MUT 20 Coins. It is not more persuasive to introduce more than to go by yourself, and you are welcome at any time, which is indeed an enjoyable online shopping experience.