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  • FIFA 21 Prediction: 5 Players Should Get Included In The First-Ever Rulebreakers Team

    FIFA 21 Prediction: 5 Players Should Get Included In The First-Ever Rulebreakers Team

    With the promotion of the second FIFA Ultimate Team, some predictions of FIFA 21 Rulebreakers also followed.EA will publish a promotion in FUT every once in a while, this is to keep the game fresh, introduce new players, let them join the packs, Squad Building challenges and objectives. This time, EA stated that Rulebreakers seems to have replaced Ultimate Scream promotion. It abandons the previous game style and transforms into a different type of stars by updating the stats.Here are five players who should join the first-ever Rulebreakers team.Harry KaneA British striker from Tottenham Hotspur was teased in the latest promotional photos, which made many gamers believe that he is one of the Rulebreakers. In fact, he should indeed join the Rulebreakers team, because his 91 pace makes him the first choice for the Premier League teams.Dries MertensHis pace and shooting ability make him destined to be a powerful attacking midfielder, whether it is in the center or out wide. He was also teased in the promotional photos. It is worth mentioning that his teammate Lorenzo Insigne was selected for FIFA 20's Ultimate Scream team and was a high-end card.Philippe CoutinhoAfter Coutinho returned to Barcelona from Bayern Munich, his rating and pace in FIFA 21 were greatly reduced. La Liga lacks fast midfielders that can provide attacking threats.Roberto FirminoFirmono was the last midfielder of the Ultimate Scream team. He has a good ball-handling ability, but the downside is that his pace is too slow, which prevents him from becoming a top threat. Rather than increase his speed, level his pace and increase his defensive stats. He will become a powerful player with the correct stats.Kyle WalkerWalker has always been considered one of the fastest right-backs in England. Give the defender some crazy shooting stats to make him a threat. Walker is the main candidate for that.Of course, this is only our predictions. If EA makes an official announcement, MMOAH will also update related articles in time. It would be better if our prediction came true.For more news and guides related to FIFA 21, please pay attention to MMOAH - the greatest place to buy FUT 21 Coins. We not only provide cheap FIFA 21 Coins but also considerate services. No matter what questions you have, you can contact our staff at any time, they will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.


  • Final Fantasy XIV: For Obtaining Young Water Lily, Here Are What You Need To Do!

    Final Fantasy XIV: For Obtaining Young Water Lily, Here Are What You Need To Do!

    Although in Final Fantasy XIV, the Shadowbringers story is about to over, there are still many other contents to experience. You can invest in your crafters and gatherers and complete these contents. We will show you how to obtain and use young water lily in FFXIV.What's the use for Young Water LilyYoung Water Lily is a crafting material and a reagent item, but it differs from other crafting materials. You can't easily collect it through your gatherers, on the contrary, you're going to take advantage of your retainers. You need to let them adventure.How to obtain Young Water LilyFirst of all, you have to make sure that you have a Fisher class retainer, and they need to reach level 50. The more adventure they go through, the higher their level will be. Once they reach level 50, you can send them to Waterside Exploration XIV and XV ventures. After that, you have a chance to get a Young Water Lily. However, this is totally RNG, you need to try a few more times to get the Lilies you need.It should be noted that the prerequisite for letting them go through adventures is that you have to buy venture tokens from your Grand Company, and then access your retainers from the summoning bell, so that they can be sent for adventures.If you get the Young Water Lily, you can craft the following recipes:                Shishi-odoshi (Carpenter)                Water Lilies (Alchemist)These two items are outdoor furniture, you can use them to decorate your Free Company house or your own house!So the fun of FFXIV is not only to complete some quests and get rewards, there are also some other items that are worthy to experience for you. Decorating your house is one of them.If you lack the FFXIV Gil for the purchase of those items you need, you can go to MMOAH to buy cheap FFXIV Gil.As a professional game service provider, MMOAH has extremely high ratings to win the trust of customers. Low prices and high-quality services are advantages praised by old customers. If you come to MMOAH for the first time, you can use very little Money makes the first try! MMOAH will never let you down.


  • ACNH Guide: The Way To Ask For A Sculpture or Commission From Flick

    ACNH Guide: The Way To Ask For A Sculpture or Commission From Flick

    In Animal Crossing, players can perform various activities like fishing, catching bugs and hunting fossils, and can also interact with the residents of your island. Many animals are famous for their weirdness, one of which is Flick.About FlickFlick is a red chameleon. He has three yellow horns and three stripes on his tail. He wears a black leather vest, and there are pointed metal studs on his black net, which makes him look punk.He is very fond of catching bugs and has taken the place of Nat as the host of Bug Off. He is not a resident on the island, but is a tourist on the island like K.K. Slider and Gulliver. You can ask him to help you make animal sculptures you like. You can also ask him to buy expensive bugs for you. When Flick visits your island, you can ask him to make a sculpture or accept your commission, and he will stay on your island until 5 AM.The way to ask him for a sculpture or commissionIf you want to commission him to help you make a bug sculpture you like, first, you need to catch three specific bugs, then find Flick and talk to him, select the option "tell me about your art", and then choose the art you want. It should be noted that Flick can only accept one sculpture at a time, because each sculpture will take him nearly one day to complete. When your sculpture is completed, you will receive an email.If you want to know more ACNH guides or news, you can bookmark the news page on MMOAH, so that if we update the news, you will know the first time.And as Halloween is approaching, many players are also preparing to decorate their islands. If you have not obtained some Halloween-themed items, you can go to MMOAH to buy them. As for candy, if you haven't started to accumulate them since the beginning of October, then buying is the best way, because there will be an amount of candy to spend on Halloween night. In addition to these ACNH Items, MMOAH also provides cheap ACNH Bells, everything you need can be bought at MMOAH!Buy now and enjoy a 50%-60% discount immediately, so what're you waiting for? Buy it right now.


  • FIFA 21 Guide: New Way For New Agile Dribbling

    FIFA 21 Guide: New Way For New Agile Dribbling

    Most people think that in FIFA games, the final victory depends on accurate shooting, but in fact, a series of actions of players before the shooting is also important.So if you are also a new FIFA player, it is beneficial for you to master the dribbling as soon as possible. With the continuous update of FIFA, the dribbling becomes more and more smooth, and gamers’ experience is getting better and better. So, if you can use Agile Dribbling in the game, this is not only cool, but it also helps your team become a winner. Next, we will introduce the best ball control methods and new Agile Dribbling techniques in FIFA 21.Some basic controls you may already knowA single move will only increase your chances of failure, so you have to learn various combos, so that you can not only show off your superb skills in the game but also occupy an advantageous position on the court.New Agile DribblingFor FIFA 21, Agile Dribbling is a new feature. The development team stated that the Agile Dribbling in FIFA 21 is a fusion of the world's best dribbling skills, this allows players to flexibly move the ball between their feet, so as to easily get rid of the enemy defenders.EA also gave a good suggestion for Agile Dribbling: hold R1/RB while moving the left Stick. After following this guide, you will find that the player can move the ball quickly and accurately. Of course, players with different attributes have different probabilities of completing this move. Players with higher Dribbling, Agility, Reaction and Ball Control attributes can control the ball faster and more accurately. So, if you have enough FUT 21 Coins, it is necessary to get a good player.Perfection comes from constant practice. If you are a new gamer in FIFA 21, you don't have to worry. If you practice harder, you will get your glory sooner or later. On the other hand, the players' stats are also very important. The higher the player's Agility, Ball Control and Dribbling, the better at Agile Dribbling. If you do not have a large number of FIFA 21 Coins for buying good players to configure your team, then first recruit at least two players with good DRI stats to improve your team's ball control ability.If you pursue perfection and want to make your team more perfect as soon as possible, you can come to MMOAH to buy cheap FUT 21 Coins, which can make your players stronger!