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Hey guys, today we are going to keep focusing on the new character Cyno in Genshin Impact, and give you some suggestions on team building.

Now for the team comps and builds I tested, I wanted to first make sure both Gilded Dreams and Thundering Fury were included because these were the most interesting to me. However, keep in mind he could also use something like Gladiator's Set or Thundersoother.

So the first team I tested was just a carbon copy of Keqing Aggravate, which was Dendro Traveler, Fischl and Kazuha. As long as the enemies were slow, big and not overly aggressive, it felt great to use White Tassel with Gilded Dreams, even if the VV Shred wore off mid-way during Cyno's burst but on the bright side, if the enemies get damaged by Traveler's burst, you can upkeep the Quicken aura on enemies during the whole Cyno's burst duration.

Still, I quickly ran into some problems with this team. Firstly even if Cyno's burst description states he gains resistance to interruption, it's still probably one of the worst ones I've seen. He easily gets knocked around, so it's not like he gains the same interruption resistance like Raiden, and maybe it's more like Ayato's probably even worse.

So after this, I asked Daddy Zhongli to protect my dear Cyno from world's harm. Zhongli's shield lasts for almost the whole Cyno's burst duration, so I could focus on just unleashing his combos.

Now another problem with doing this is that I had to make a tough decision, do I still want Anemo VV Shred or do I get another Electro to help out with Cyno's energy?

I chose to go with Sucrose this time but the rotations kind of got weird at some point, and I even was starting to question myself, is Anemo really worth it for Cyno? even if it massively improves his damage? Because I was constantly running into energy issues with Cyno, so I had to do weird things like use his normal skill just to gain those three particles, maybe feed some Favonius particles from Sucrose or Traveler, it wasn't a good sight.

So just keep in mind with this setup, if not going up against multiple enemies, all the damage will be coming only from Cyno.

Finally, I also wanted to give a try to good old Electro-charged team comp and overall, but Electro-charged wasn't that amazing with him. However, I did had the bright idea of turning Electro-charged into Hyperbloom / Aggravate comp, it's actually pretty awesome. Beidou unlike with Raiden, her burst actually works along with Cyno's, and since her burst lightning that jumps around does not trigger the Dendro Seeds, Cyno will most likely have at least 300 to 500 EM on him, so he will trigger Hyperblooms for pretty sizeable damage.

Overall, what do I think about this Anubis cosplayer? I like him a lot, he has a great fun factor built into him but I also cannot ignore some of the problems I ran into. I think my biggest gripe would be the absolutely pitiful resistance interruption he gains. Nobody enjoys getting knocked around when you just wanna unleash some cool combos with your shiny new 5-star. I really think he should of gained a better so called Super Armor, similar to Raiden's or Itto's when he is using charged attacks, because now I kind of just want to use Zhongli with him.

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Hey guys, today let's talk about the new character Cyno in Genshin Impact, I'll be showcasing Cyno's personal damage and I'll also tell you what's great and not so great about him.

First of all, let's take a look at his personal damage, I'll be using a 3-star weapon White Tassel, it's probably one of his best F2P options, since it offers Critical Rate from substat and increases his burst damage from the passive, while the Artifact set is going to be Gilded Dreams but keep in mind the artifacts stats are pretty average. So the main way how you deal damage with Cyno is with his burst mode, he will do a cool transition, put on a mask and gain new Normal Attacks.

Now as you can see, just by himself alone, each hit is nothing too amazing, and if I do string of combos with his 5th Normal Attack and using his special skill, the total damage is about 300,000 over 18 seconds, which obviously it's not bad. Now going in with a team of supports, Kazuha's Elemental damage boost will be applied, while Dendro Traveler up keeps the Quicken aura. And with this, I was able to achieve around 600,000 damage, but I did miss one of the skill timings. Overall, I would say this number could be a little higher with more optimized attack combos.

However here's where the first big problem comes up. First of all, there is no Xingqiu of Dendro in the game just yet, so if the enemy steps away from Traveler's burst, even with the generous refresh mechanic of Quicken aura, it will also disappear during Cyno's burst.

The other big thing to understand here is that VV Shred does not get applied when Anemo unit is off-field, which means it will just last for 10 seconds or basically it will remain half of Cyno's burst duration, assuming it's 18 seconds.

On the bright side, Cyno here has 126% ER, and when he was by himself, he could regain about half of his burst all thanks to the fact he gains particles from his skill, which only generates 1 particle but it can be done up to 5 times in his burst mode, although because I am testing this on the new world boss, it's possible I was gaining its particles as well.
Also, when using Fischl to see his Aggravate damage numbers, Oz wasn't actually deployed, so it was only Electro Resonance doing the work and Cyno was almost able to refill his whole burst with just 126% ER, I suspect the new boss was feeding him the particles but this feels kinda nice regardless.

Finally, now Cyno's elemental skill outside the burst won't deal much damage, and it has a 7.5 second cooldown. Although it has no ICD, which means it can always Aggravate but it's most important function is to generate three particles. However, once you activate his burst, the elemental skill will have a much shorter three second cooldown, but it will only generate one particle, and using it will extend the burst duration by up to 8 seconds, or basically you just won't need to pay attention to this because he will always have an 18 second burst duration after using the skill two times.

Let's talk about the Eye that appears on the screen, this is his first passive called Featherfall Judgement, and while it doesn't say this in the description, the Eye seems to appear every 4 seconds after starting his burst and if you land the skill when eye is visible, he will unleash a more powerful version of it, that will also create additional bolts of damage. You really should use the skills when the Eye appears because it will deal about 2 or even 3 times more damage than the skill.

Overall his personal damage feels just about right, it's great to see White Tassel putting in the work, Gilded Dreams seems to be like a really good set on him but as you already noticed, there are some nuances that need to be addressed about his playstyle.

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The pre patch of Wrath of the Lich King Classic has been released for a while, I believe that most of you guys have already experienced your favourite classes. Today I would like to give you some suggestions on Mage for the beginners or the people who never tried before.

When we talk about the Mage in WOTLK Classic, now I think it's time to sing the song of Fire and Ice, or Fire and Arcane to be precise. Why I missed the Frost Mage? Actually, I highly do not recommend you to put too many energies on it because of its limited dps in pve.

Even Frost Mage is by far the worst dps out of 3 mage specs though, it is still regarded as a really strong pvp spec, of course it can do some damage and has interesting rotation on pve. However, Arcane Mage in the early game, especially Fire Mage in the end game will have the most outstanding dps capable by far. So my preference of warmth over coldness in comparison with other classes and specs.

Anyway, mages in WOTLK are still hanging there near the top of the damage meters just like in TBC. Meanwhile, raid ability has also been increased, like the Dalaran Brilliance and Focus Magic, which are symbiote buff mage can cast on other raid or party members, actively increasing their spell crit by three percent, and achieving same buff every time, buffed players will score a critical hit.

Leveling a mage is best to be done in Frostback Mountain, due to destroy ability and pet usage. Do I see a lot of players playing a mage in WOTLK? Actually more or less those who always play the mage will continue to play it, all the buffs and additions to mage are different from a lot of other casters, especially in play style, also with the fact that mage is a pure dps, everyone loves dps no matter what patch released.

Personally, I believe that Arcane is a good spec for the beginner since Arcane will scale better in early game, but once you reach the high enough crit chance rating, Fireball plus Pyroblast and Hot Streak will burn your name on top of the damage meters. With high mobility and excellent damage, I promise you Mage will be enjoyable in WOTLK, as it always was in TBC.

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Hey guys, today let’s talk about a popular character Diluc in Genshin Impact. I don't want to start this article speculating why a lot of people think Diluc is outdated or if he is good enough, I want to show you some cool stuff about him and just talk about my own experience, before I share my thoughts about Diluc's place in Genshin Impact.

Now the reason why I first wanna talk about my own experience with him is that, well.. the game had launched almost 2 years ago and I think we can all agree as a community we grew a lot since the old days. Like, for example, I used to think that the only way to play him was with Benny and Xingqiu so you can Vaporize his attacks and for the most part, this still remains true. However, did you know there's also Melt Diluc that actually works? And I am not talking about the old days of using Chongyun with Dilu, I am talking about a legit way you can setup some really big numbers if done correctly.

Now I am not gonna go deep into how these rotations work, I just wanna show you the satisfying results I've had with this team comp. Basically, by using specifically Sucrose and Rosaria or Kaeya, you can achieve some really cool combos and I was surprised to see they actually hit really hard if done correctly, which I mean it's no surprise here, since Melt does have a better multiplier than Vaporize. The same could also be said if you use Kazuha instead, I was amazed to see how well you can clear something like the newest Abyss 12-3 chamber on the first side and this probably my new favorite team I'll be using for at least until Sumeru comes out.

However, I will admit, managing the rotation can get a bit tricky and you also need to have at least C2 Sucrose and C2 Rosaria, which both of them will increase their burst duration, so you can score more Melts with Diluc and to be honest, even if this rotation feels satisfying to pull off, it can get a little too complex and unreliable at times and I get why people choose to go with his good old Vape team instead.

But yes, along with this team comp, I also finally spent a good amount of time using him in the Double Hydro team comp, that has been fueling Pyro characters ever since Yelan came out and it's also working really well. Although, I will admit that putting Diluc in the team with Benny, Xingqiu and Yelan feels very selfish since all 3 of them are in demand by a lot of other teams, if you run the Abyss. Overall I will say this, there's still some new and old stuff that feels very fresh when using him now, and I am actually surprised once you get the rhythm down, he feels really good.

As much as I enjoyed using Diluc, it was hard to ignore some the things that stood out about him, Like, first of all, it's pretty clear the developers had a very different understanding of how people will use him. The proof is his first passive which decreases his charged attack stamina cost and increases the duration. I mean I am not sure about you but I don't think many people use his charged attack for damage and if you do, congratulations , you're probably part of the 1% elite.

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