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Essential Details About The Blood Moon PVP Event In WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 2

Essential Details About The Blood Moon PVP Event In WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 2

A new PvP event has surfaced in Stranglethorn Vale in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2 - the Blood Moon. In this guide, I'll furnish you with all the details regarding this event, including its rewards, along with valuable tips on easily obtaining your epic items.

Essential Details About The Blood Moon PVP Event In WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 2

About The Event

This Blood Moon event starts every 3 hours in the Stranglethorn Zone, with the first one at midnight and subsequent ones at 3:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m., and so on. After starting, every player in the zone will be hostile towards each other, except for players in a group. This also means your own faction will play against you. It is basically a free-for-all fight for 30 minutes. For every player kill, you will receive a buff called 'Blood for the Blood Loa', with 6 stacks. Every time you die, you lose one stack. This buff can stack up to 255 times. So, what you basically just need to do is to kill as many players as possible.

When you do this, you’ll receive some blood, and this blood you need to hand in at an Altar. During the event, you could just open up your map. You don’t need to do anything beside just getting close to it, and then you will receive some copper blood coins. This is a currency you’ll need in order to get your new rare or epic items.

How To Do This Event?

You can turn in your buff at 1 of the 5 Altars on the map. They will spawn during the event and are marked by red flags on your map. Simply walk over them with your buff to receive the same amount of copper blood coins in your bag. Make sure to have bag space for it. You can right-click 100 copper coins to turn it into 1 silver blood coin. 100 silver can be turned in for 1 WoW SOD Gold. When you have a decent amount of these, you can also use it to purchase one of the new Level 40 items. The Altars are also choke points for fighting, so be prepared if you go there. If you die, you receive a debuff called 'Bloodless'.

The same goes for other players. As long as you have this debuff, you don’t give a blood stack to another player if you die. The same goes for other players, so don’t hesitate to kill someone with the debuff. It has a duration of 30 seconds. Be careful around the arena. There spawns an elite mob called Kha'damu, which basically kills everyone going near. If you don’t want to participate in the event, you can go to 2 NPCs called Selarin and Emissary. If you talk to them, you can get protection from the Blood Moon and won’t fight against your own faction during the event.

After the event ends, you can turn your coins in at a Troll NPC, Myin, which can be found inside the Gurubashi Arena. Your class-specific epic 2-handed weapon - Sanguine Crusher and Bloodlight Avenger's Edge costs 15 silver blood coins. Epic rings Emberblood Seal cost 5 silver blood coins. Epic bows and one-handed weapons like Bloodharvest Blade, Bloodlash Bow and Exsanguinar cost 10 silver blood coins. Off-hand weapons, such as Swift Sanguine Strikers and Bloodstorm Barrier, cost 5 silver blood coins. You can also get a class-specific epic trinket called Tigerblood Tailsman for 5 silver blood coins.

WoW Classic SOD Exsanguinar

You can also get 2 mounts, Sabercat and Raptor, for 1 blood gold coin each. For 50 copper blood coins, you can get 250 honor with the Bloodstained Commendation. And for 2 silver each, you can get a different rare cloak with spell power or crit.

Quick Tips

Talking about grouping or being a party, the best possible thing to do is to be a party of 5 players. When you have 5 players, you could even be farming creatures in the open world. Every single kill gives you 1 copper blood coin. Better to just PvP and kill other players, as you will get a lot more blood coin this way. You could also try to do this solo, but the thing is that when you kill another player and you get blood, then the amount of blood you receive will be the exact same even if you were in a group.

During the event, there will also be a new world boss and you should not try to engage it, one-shots every single player, but there’s a benefit of being close to the NPC. This will provide you with a new buff that increases the amount of blood coin you receive, but you have to stay close in order to get this buff. If you end up dying, there will also be chain spirits you can speak to to release instantly so you don’t have to move all the way to your corpse. When you release at these locations, you will also get a buff that prevents you from rewarding any blood to other players for 1 minute, so maybe this could prevent you from also being killed for 1 minute.

A Quick Guide To The Gnomeregan Dungeon Raid In WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 2

A Quick Guide To The Gnomeregan Dungeon Raid In WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 2

Here's a concise guide for the Gnomeregan raid in WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2. The Gnomeregan is significantly more challenging than the BFD raid, so understanding the mechanics for most players is crucial for a smoother clear. Now, let's dive right in.

Make sure to have sufficient SOD Gold to assist you when you get into trouble through this dungeon.

A Quick Guide To The Gnomeregan Dungeon Raid In WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 2


The boss at the beginning is called Grubbis. During the boss fight, Grubbis will spawn green gas that gravitates towards the closest player. Then the ads will spawn. Drag the ads into the gas, and the gas will disappear. Moreover, the ads will die. Don’t let the boss get hit by the gas, or he will get a buff. The off-tank should tank the Basilisk as he occasionally drops threat.

This boss is a bit of a DPS race because he starts to spawn a lot more gas clouds, and they pulse AOE damage the longer the fight goes on. I recommend Nature Protection Potions before the pull and maybe reapply one at 30%. Grubbis enrages at 20% health, and he hits really hard, so use a cooldown. You’ll still need to kill his Basilisk when the fight ends.

Vicious Fallout

Clear ads and find a suitable spot where you can tank the boss away from the Desiccated Fallout bindings on the ground. The boss will spawn 3 eradicated Goo that move towards the bindings. The Goo can be CCed, so use slows and stuns. Kill the Goo before they reach the bindings, or they will spawn a Desiccated Fallout. These mobs respawn with 6K health and cast spells at the raid. The boss will also continue to spawn gas clouds underneath him, so make sure you move him out of the gas or your melee will die.

Crowd Pummeler

Throughout this boss fight, Cogwheels will spawn and roam around the map. Don’t get hit by them. He also casts Gnomeregan Smash, which is a frontal that will knock players off the map and one-shot you. Look at what way his feet are pointing, not his hands, and never stand in front of him. At 25%, he will start charging a random player, and this ability will deal lots of damage, so make sure to heal them.

WoW Classic SOD Gnomeregan Raid


Clear out the ads and have the tank pull them against the wall. If you get the Negative Charge, run away from the group. If the tank gets the Negative Charge, just stay against the wall. The boss will cast Chain Lightning on the farthest player away from him, and the 2 closest players will get a debuff. If you get this debuff twice, you will die.

You’ll need to have 2 groups of 3 take turns being the farthest away from the boss. Once you get hit by the debuff, your group should move closer to the boss and have the second group move further away. If a person in the further away group is supposed to be soaking and they get a Negative Charge, send someone else to soak the Chain Lightning in their place.


You need to kill all these mobs or they will respawn and keep respawning with 6K health. The Sheep boss cast an AOE Stun, so move away from it and have range DPS this one down. Have the off-tank grab the Dragon boss. The Dragon will occasionally cast a Flame Breath frontal, so don’t get hit by it.

The main tank will tank the Chicken boss and the Squirrel boss. The Squirrel will throw out random group damage, and the Chicken will spawn an egg that your group should DPS down. If your casters are going oom, they can click the red buttons on the pillars and trade health for Mana once every 30 seconds. Remember to kill them all at the same time.

Mekgineer Thermaplugg

Now, let's discuss the final boss - Mekgineer Thermaplugg. This boss has 4 phases:

Fire Phase: Tank him in the open area and run him away when he channels the Flamethrower. If you get hit by the flame, it will stack ramping fire debuffs on you, and you’ll eventually die. These fire stacks do fall off after 15 seconds, so you can have a Hunter pet taunt or the off-tank taunt until the main tank loses his stacks.

WOW Classic SOD Mekgineer Thermaplugg

When the bombs spawn on you, you need to quickly press the red button underneath the pillar that they’re spawning from. Range DPS with movement are the best for this, but your healers may also want to click because it gives them Mana back. Make sure to kill the bombs before they hit someone so they don’t explode.

Frost Phase: The boss will cast AOE stacks of Frost damage in this phase. The more stacks that you have, the more damage the tank takes from the AOE, and the slower you move. If the bombs explode, they also leave Frost patches on the ground, which gives stacks if you step on it. The frost stacks can be dispelled by a Priest, but you can also pop Free Action Potions on this phase to avoid extra damage.

Poison Phase: Tank him in the middle of the platform underneath the vent. He will channel an AOE damage ability that does not have a castbar, but you do need to kick it or the group will wipe. If the bombs explode, they’ll leave poison on the ground, so make sure to avoid it.

Ultimate Phase: In this phase, he does all the mechanics from the previous 3 phases at the same time. This time he won’t die at 50%, so you need to take him to zero, and then the Goblin will jump out of the mech, and you’ll need to kill him as well.

3 Most Recommended Builds For Advanced Players In Path Of Exile 3.23

3 Most Recommended Builds For Advanced Players In Path Of Exile 3.23

In Path of Exile 3.23, builds can make or break your gaming experience. It’s crucial to explore options that suit your playstyle and goals. Today, we delve into 3 most popular builds that promise unique adventures and challenges.

3 Most Recommended Builds For Advanced Players In Path Of Exile 3.23

1. Fulcrum Self-Ignite Magic Finder


The first build I’d like to bring to your attention is the Fulcrum Self-Ignite Magic Finder, which is a complex build.The Fulcrum Self-Ignite Magic Finder becomes accessible to you as a build, not as a league starter. It means that by the time when the meta game has settled in the league and by the middle or end of the league, a lot of necessary Uniques and resources are more available to players, even to relative beginners and casuals.

You would have a bit more POE Currency, and you should be able to go to the Marketplace and buy something such as the Fulcrum Ezomyte Staff that we’ll be talking about in a second. So that is why it’s not a league starter. At the start of the league, you simply will not have access to these things.

Path Of Exile 3.23 Fulcrum Ezomyte Staff


This works by relying on inflicting Elemental ailments such as ignite on the enemies, then reflecting these ailments onto yourself and basically becoming this. However, because it’s a Chieftain Ascendancy that we’re looking. The Chieftain Ascendancy gives you a notable, basically a key point that you can spend there in the ascendancy which gives you an effect of being unaffected by Ignites. So Ignites get inflicted onto enemies.

However, all the benefits of creating this massive damage, radiating this ignition damage onto the enemies. That’s in a nutshell what this build is about. The good thing about it is that it looks like indeed a very fun, really amazing map farmer. So, 1 white mobs are going to just explode all around you, and you’ll be able to run through high-level maps in Path of Exile.

It is definitely not a single-target type of damage build. It relies on the baseline 5% chance to explode of the enemies, dealing 50% of enemy life as fire damage, and the Primalist Ascendancy, the specifics of the Affliction League, also gives you a specific way to increase the explosion chance by another 3%. So you’re increasing the explosion chances. That’s how this build works.

2. Cast On Crit Vortex Assassin


On to the second one. This one is apparently a rework or a very classic, even nostalgic build, which is Cast on Crit Vortex Assassin. This build will give you a feeling of being very smooth and fun to play, and really fun POE playstyle. There are lots of different playstyles in Path of Exile 3.23, but this apparently offers you that relatively unique perspective.


This build is powered essentially by Cast on Crit Cyclone synergy, triggering powerful spells, essentially. There is a Cyclone build, a skill that is not doing the damage itself, but it is linked to the awakened Cast on Crit, awakened in this case simply because it gives extra increased crit chance and cooldown recovery rate, which is great. And then that awakened Cast on Crit is powering the Ice Nova or Frostbolts, which is a transfigured gem in this particular case.

So, the build relies on a particular unique, which again makes it not a league starter. It makes it a league finisher or mid-league, meta-settled kind of situation. It is powered by Charms. Charms are part of that Affliction League, which we can speculate is not going to be available to us in the next league.

3. Kinetic Bolt Deadeye

Finally we are going to wrap up this guide with Kinetic Bolt Deadeye. So, one thing I need to mention is that this is a very PC-demanding build. If your computer has powerful performance to support you in running this build, then nothing could be better.

Path Of Exile 3.23 Kinetic Bolt Deadeye


It is ultimately relies on the certain broken mechanic. This build uses 2 skills. You can use Kinetic Bolt for clear, and he uses Kinetic Blast for single target. And then he says that one rather broken support gem is Sniper’s Mark. When it interacts with the target, it makes the projectile split from the target that it hits, causing a massive explosion on the screen, essentially a massive explosion of damage, some Splitting Steel builds are using the same mechanic, expecting the kind of fragments to fly in every direction from basically the target that it hits, creating this multitude of projectiles, and returning projectiles are doing even more damage.

Make Gold With These 6 Optimal Addons In WOW Season Of Discovery

Make Gold With These 6 Optimal Addons In WOW Season Of Discovery

This is a guide for all the gold makers out there or just people who want to make a bit more gold in WoW Season of Discovery. I’m going to be showing you the best addons for gold making, so these will help you out with gold making in a variety of different ways.

Make Gold With These 6 Optimal Addons In WOW Season Of Discovery

Nova Instant Tracker

This is an addons that I recommend for all the people that are going to be selling boosts or farming dungeons for gold, and that is Nova Instant Tracker. What this will do is track your lockouts, so you know how many runs you have left in the hour to do. It also tracks the amount of gold that you’ve been traded.

So when you’re doing boosting, this is a really easy way to track how much gold. And then on top of that, it also tracks how many mobs you have killed in the specific instance. Every single dungeon run, useful addons for anyone that is interested in doing boosting or farming dungeons just for WoW Classic SOD Gold.

Loot Appraiser Classic

Moving on to the next addons - Loot Appraiser Classic, is that it’s going to also track how long you’ve been farming for since you started, how much gold you have made. It’ll also give you an hourly rate that you’re going to be making per hour. It’s going to pop up in the middle of the screen the loot you get.


Moving on to the next addons. This is going to be WeakAuras. You can make your own WeakAuras, and it will show you different things, different cooldowns, different abilities. You can make it do actually a lot of different things. You can get a bunch of the WeakAuras already pre-made for you from their website.

LFG Bulletin Board

Moving on to LFG Bulletin Board. This is really good if you’re selling boosts. You can actually see your post, how long ago you posted it, if anyone else is actually wanting to buy the boost. You can find it there. But the main thing for gold making for this is that you can see the Trade chat channel much easier.

WoW Classic SOD LFG Bulletin Board

So, if someone is posting an item, you can find an item and see the item much easier, see if you want to buy it, maybe to resell it. Also, you can see a bunch more different posts. It basically will sort out all the posts that are done in all the different chat channels and put them into one addons where it’s easy to follow along and see what people are after and doing.


So, next up, this is a bag addons, which is called Bagnon. This addons is incredible. What this does is that it shows your bags like this instead of the default version. Now, this is really good. It’s a lot easier to sort your bags and to see how much room and everything that is inside bags.


Now, the best one for gold making, this is going to be Trade Skill Master, you can also called it TSM. This is by far the best addons to have for gold making. What it mainly does is it will feed you data and prices for every single item that is in the game. So, it’s very useful for that. When you’re out farming, you know how much an item is worth right away just by looking at the tooltip that TSM will give you for every single item. We’ve got a bunch of different price points and things you can go off, so you know exactly what an item is worth.

You can make groups with operations. If you’re into selling items on the auction house or if you’re into flipping, so you can make specific groups that you want to scan. You can see how much your item is going for, if it’s a good deal to buy it off the auction house and whatnot. It also makes a good mailbox system where you can get out your mail a lot quicker and easier. On top of that, you can also post items on the auction house much easier, and whatever your operations are set up to do, it will do that for you.

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