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Winning In Monopoly GO Will Be Easier With These Tips For Getting Free Dice Rolls!

Winning In Monopoly GO Will Be Easier With These Tips For Getting Free Dice Rolls!

Monopoly GO is a fun and unique game based on economics, where players need to control their characters to move on the board by rolling dice. Players can obtain certain properties on the board, or build some buildings to collect rent. Their major goal is to collect more rent and make other players bankrupt.

So dice are crucial in the game. Without them, you cannot play the game or make progress. But dice are also one of the most valuable items in the game. This guide will detail some ways to get free dice rolls, which can make it easier for you to win during the game.

Winning In Monopoly GO Will Be Easier With These Tips For Getting Free Dice Rolls!

Recommend Your Friends To Play This Game

In Monopoly GO, you can recommend the game to your friends to get a dice roll. Every player who enters the game will have a referral link. As long as your friend clicks on your link and successfully registers Monopoly GO, you will get dice rolls.

It should be noted that your friends must not have played Monopoly GO, and you can only invite up to 10 people, so you can only get up to 10 dice rolls.

Receive Daily Login Rewards

This method is known to most players. There will be a reward package every day when you log in to the game, which will include some free dice rolls and Monopoly Go Stickers.

Another suggestion you need to know is that you need to start the first game of the day as early as possible. This will not only provide you with daily rewards, but also allow you to get some extra rewards. Surprisingly, you may also get dice rolls on these extra rewards.

Actively Upgrade Your Net Worth

At the end of each milestone, you will receive a lot of rewards. Monopoly GO is very understanding of players’ minds, so it will give you free dice at some net worth milestones.

Your net worth is mostly the properties you build, so you should focus on building your new properties and upgrading them in time. Each time you do this, you will add bricks and tiles to your net worth and help you keep those free rewards within reach. The same goes for hotels.

Complete The Token, Shield, And Emoji Racks

There are many interesting collectibles in Monopoly GO, such as tokens, emojis, and shield skins. These collectibles allow players to express themselves more freely in the game. So where can you find them? Just find My Showroom tab in the menu in the upper right corner of your screen.

Besides being able to express yourself freely, these collectibles will also give you some free dice rolls as rewards after collecting them. So you can actively participate in various activities to complete daily event tasks.

Complete Sticker Sets

Another way to get free dice rolls in Monopoly GO is to complete individual Sticker Sets. All Sticker Albums have a certain number of Sticker Sets. Each set consists of 9 Monopoly Go Stickers related to the theme.

Monopoly Go Sticker Sets

After completing each Sticker Set, you will get some special prizes. In addition to the dice rolls we need, there is also cash. If you are lucky, there will be new tokens or shields.

Don’t Forget Community Treasure Chest

When you open the community treasure chest, in addition to rewarding you with a lot of cash, if you are very lucky, there is a very good chance to get free dice rolls.

So you need to keep a close eye on your board and help your friends open the treasure chest. When your friends successfully open the community treasure chest, they will reward you with 10 dice rolls. You can accumulate these for a rainy day.

Participate In More Events And Tournaments

Monopoly GO adds new events and tournaments every 1-2 days, so don’t ignore them! You’ll earn points for participating in these events, and the more you participate, the more points you’ll earn, which means you can unlock more rewards, including dice rolls.

In addition, players who place higher in tournaments will receive additional rewards in addition to the standard mileage rewards.

Monopoly Go Tournaments

Win Quickly

In Monopoly GO, there will be a “Wins” tab in the lower left corner of your screen. Completing some tasks in this tab will earn you free rewards, including free dice rolls.

It’s important to note that these tasks are timed, so you need to be quick to make sure your time isn’t wasted.

Use Stickers To Exchange For Rewards

When collecting Stickers, you will always encounter some duplicate Stickers, which will make you very uncomfortable. But don’t forget that you still have your friends. You can exchange Stickers with your friends for some free dice rolls.

At this time, the role of friends and connections is reflected. The more friends you have, the more opportunities you can exchange and get more dice rolls.

After learning about these ways to get dice rolls for free, are you more confident in beating others gamers in the game? I hope you have fun playing Monopoly GO and make a lot of money!

Main 6 Updates Details In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley - Say What?

Main 6 Updates Details In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley - Say What?

Fallout 76’s sixth year is coming to an end, and while the hit game has seen dozens of fresh additions to date, Skyline Valley, which officially released on June 12, is even more exciting!

From unprecedented map expansions to finally being able to play as a Ghoul in 2025, each update is pretty impressive. Follow this guide to learn more about these six updates for all players!

Main 6 Updates Details In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley - Say What?

A Bigger Appalachia

Fallout 76 has expanded its map in previous updates, adding new locations, such as Pitt Expedition in 2022 and Atlantic City last year. But this time, Skyline Valley seamlessly connects the core area to the south and extends south to Shenandoah region.

Creative Director Jon Rush has publicly stated that Fallout 76 development team wanted to make previously unused space on the map truly relevant to the story and have a certain impact. Previous Expeditions have been very isolated experiences, lacking any genuine opportunity for exploration outside of the map or specific quest lines. Skyline Valley gives wastlanders their first chance to continue their Fallout 76 experience in a new location on the over-world map.

Players typically participate in Expeditions with specific Fallout 76 items in mind or for a very specific reason, and Skyline Valley provides players with a world to venture out and explore at will, and even create alternative stories just for them.

20 New Points Of Interest

Skyline Valley is more than just a side quest in Fallout 76. As the map expands, players can explore 20 new points of interest. Some of these points of interest are based on real-life locations in Shenandoah, such as Mary’s Rock Tunnel, Rapidan Camp, and Skyline Drive.

There are also new factions, quests, and activities in this expansion, including a new activity called Dangerous Pastimes, which requires you to play as a storm chaser and try to activate a giant lightning rod in order to start a light show.

A New Vault

Vault 63 is no stranger to Fallout 76 veterans, a mysterious bunker that has been closed since its release. For the first time in Skyline Valley, this mysterious mechanical door is open for players to explore.

A lot of the actual nature of Vault 63 remains a mystery, which is what the development team wants players to explore for themselves. But what we know so far is that Skyline Valley is exposed to the surface by an event that blows Vault 63 out of the way and blows its previously closed door to the other side of Appalachia. As for what is inside, we know very little.

Many players only know that Vault 63 was unfinished before the bomb, and all the residents are living in radiation and have become ghouls. Their leader, Hugo Stolz, appeared in Skyline Valley, and you need to talk to him and choose to help him or choose another plan.

The Lost

The Lost are the former residents of Vault 63, who now live out their lives as electrified and almost feral ghouls. They just live in their own twisted reality, with no way to communicate with the outside world, but still protect themselves from all outsiders.

As for why they are electrified, and why Hugo’s mind is not homogenized like everyone else, this is yet to be explored by the player. But you must know that once Vault 63 is exposed, The Lost regularly wanders around Skyline Valley, and they are the principal enemies you need to fight. There’s no rhyme or reason to their movements, only a focused urge to hunt you down and swing their melee weapons at you.

Unfortunately, The Lost aren’t the only new enemy type in Skyline Valley.

Storm Goliaths

So far, we’ve only seen a few brief shots of Storm Goliaths in trailers. But for what it’s worth, Storm Goliaths are a trio of giant, rampaging robots that seem to use the weather to shove their weapons into your face.

Storm Goliaths are three oversized robotic brains created by the great minds in Vault 63, and they’re going to bring a lot of bad things to Appalachia. But you’re not just dealing with technological monsters, you’re dealing with Thrashers.

Skyline Valley continues the tradition of irradiated mutations, bringing a very strange mutant turkey hybrid to the Shenandoah region. This thing is about the size of a cow and is currently wandering the hills of Shenandoah.

But in the future 2025 update, you won’t just fight radiated nightmares, you’ll even become one.

Play As A Ghoul

For the first time, Fallout 76 gives players above level 50 the ability to wear a leathery, noseless skin called a ghoul, which not only changes your appearance but also makes you radiation-proof. If you wear this suit, you no longer have to fear the effects of radiation on you, and it can even heal you. There are also dozens of ghoul-specific perk cards that can expand those benefits.

This not only has this one benefit, but it also changes the game experience for experienced players. In the conventional thinking, players often wear power armour to avoid radiation, but when you wear this suit, power armour is no longer needed.

This encourages players to create a play style that does not require power armour and frees up a lot of extra points that can be used in different ways. Playing as a ghoul broken the meta-game of Fallout 76 before, and change the way players optimize their characters, and encourage players to experiment like never before.

After reading this guide, did you learn more about the update to Skyline Valley? Looking forward to exploring the possibilities in Skyline Valley and having fun!

How To Complete The Trade Quickly In Elden Ring?

How To Complete The Trade Quickly In Elden Ring?

The Settings Before The Trade, The Multiplayer Password Will Be Given After You Make Payment.



How To Get Trade Faster and Safer?

1. How Do I Recieve My order?

Please leave your sign in an open area of the Church of Elleh, not in a haystack or corner!

If you have not got all the items in one trade. Please leave your sign again after you kicked back to your world ! We will summon you again.

2. How To Avoid Invaders?

We strongly Recommed to use Duelist's Furled Finger


How To Get Duelist's Furled Finger?

Northernmost zone of Limgrave. In a burnt pillage corpse, next to the Frustrated Spirit


3. How To Pick Up Items Quickly?

By equipping a shield and defensive stance, you can pick up quickly.

4. How Can I Complete The Trade Quickly When I Buy Lots Of Runes?

Once you pick up Elden Ring Runes. Please open the Inventory, Select Lord's Rune, Use selected, Use 99/99 at one time.


Improve These 5 Things In Diablo 4 Season 5, And Players Will Be More Excited

Improve These 5 Things In Diablo 4 Season 5, And Players Will Be More Excited

Diablo 4 Season 5 is currently announced to be released on August 6, 2024, when Loot Reborn, which is praised by players as the best season so far, will end. It is said that Season 5 adds a lot of changes, which are not only crucial to the development of the game but also make the game more interesting than ever.

Improve These 5 Things In Diablo 4 Season 5, And Players Will Be More Excited

But as players, we want much less than this. If the following aspects are added to the game, it may greatly change the status quo. Season 5 can become a wonderful work for Diablo 4. So players, including me, have great expectations for it.

1) Change The Way Helltides Grant Greater Affix Gear

The first point that can be improved in Diablo 4 Season 5 is to change the way Helltides grant greater Affix gear. Although I also like the previous Helltides because it can grind content and get better equipment.

However, the point that makes players feel very uncomfortable is that it is really hard to fight the Blood Maiden alone in Helltides. I hope that in Season 5, it can be improved to allow players to team up with other players to fight Blood Maiden. In this way, during the entire Helltide event, both sides can stack a lot of equipment and crafting materials, and even drop more Diablo 4 Gold.

2) Add Hell Portals

Helltides will also be updated in Diablo 4 Season 5, but what players want to see is some variety. With a Hell Portal, players will have little mini-dungeons or cellar-type areas to explore, and even add extra quests or challenges there to achieve greater rewards.

There are many ways to improve Helltides, and this is just one. In Diablo 4 Season 4, players were simply sent to areas full of demons and given quest objectives. Many players found it fun to fight those enemies all the time, but still wanted to see some improvements made.

3) Change The Method Of Crafting Sigils

Crafting Sigils has been a recurring point for players. Players want to choose which Nightmare Dungeon they are crafting sigils for, or be able to hide some dungeons.

It’s a slight change, but it will make it clear to players what they are crafting and for which Nightmare Dungeon. This will greatly improve the player’s freedom and logic and provide a better gaming experience.

4) Group Finder/Matchmaker

This is a feature that many players have been wanting for a long time. As fewer and fewer people play Diablo 4 around, fewer and fewer people can form a group.

If a finder/matchmaking system can be created, it will be very easy to find partners in Pit of Artificers, Nightmare Dungeons and other tasks that require group work. This will also make it faster to find Uber Bosses.

5) Solo Self-Found Mode

Some players are the typical “solo players” who don’t want to form a group and don’t want to rely on trading or other members’ drops. Then, Solo Self-Found will be a good fit for you.

In this mode, most players will complete the game without help and there are no shared resources/materials. You can still interact with people in other parts of the game world and you can also defeat bosses with them to gain honors, but the difference is that you will not have equipment.

This is just some ideas of some players, and I don’t know how the developers will make it work. But the only thing that is certain is that once this mode is created, it will become extremely challenging and fun.

About Diablo 4 DLC: Vessel of Hatred

In addition to the upcoming Diablo 4 Season 5, Diablo 4 has also announced that the release date of a new DLC is set for October 8, 2024, which is called Vessel of Hatred.

This DLC will introduce a new area and a brand new class - Spiritborn. According to Game Director Brent Gibson, Spiritborn is a top predator born for the jungle, and the full reveal of this class will take place on July 18.

Diablo 4 DLC will add a brand new playable area called Nahantu, also known as Toraja, Torajan, or Torajan Jungles. This is a wild jungle in Sanctuary in Diablo lore, located in the south of Kehjistan. Therefore, Vessel of Hatred expansion is likely to extend the existing Diablo 4 map to the currently inaccessible southwest area.

Although we don’t have full details yet, we know that Vessel of Hatred will introduce some gameplay changes. You can recruit Mercenaries to fight alongside you, they have unique abilities to help you fight, and they become more powerful the longer you are together.

In addition, Diablo has launched an end-game dungeon for the first time, which has PVE cooperative gameplay. You need to team up with other players to complete the level together. Other updates will also be introduced throughout the game, including new skills for existing classes, additional Paragon Boards, Legendary Glyphs to discover, and fresh Dungeon types.

Overall, while we wait for Season 5, Diablo 4 Season 4 will continue to play, and there is a lot to look forward to. Let us look forward to the developers making better content for Diablo 4 and wish you a merry game!

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