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  • PC Synthesis S - Exalted Orb

    PC Synthesis S - Exalted Orb

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  • PC Synthesis S - Chaos Orb*10

    PC Synthesis S - Chaos Orb*10

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  • PS4 Synthesis S - Exalted Orb

    PS4 Synthesis S - Exalted Orb

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  • PS4 Synthesis S - Chaos Orb

    PS4 Synthesis S - Chaos Orb

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  • PC Standard - Exalted Orb

    PC Standard - Exalted Orb

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  • MMOAH new version page is coming soon

    MMOAH new version page is coming soon

    MMOAH will usher in new upgrades in the next few days, new LOGO design, brand new website layout, and new user experience.We focused on optimizing the speed of the website and the features of the shopping cart. As well as the classification and arrangement of products, it is easier for customers to preview the product list and reduce the order process to a certain extent. The new page is currently being tested and is expected to be officially launched next week.When you open If you find that the layout and logo of the website have changed, don't be surprised, don't worry, you didn't visit the wrong website, which means that the new MMOAH page is online.At the same time, we also welcome you to give more suggestions to MMOAH, we will continue to optimize other modules of the website, our team will try our best to do our best, thank you for your support.MMOAH Team


  • Albion Online farewell to the era of payment

    Albion Online farewell to the era of payment

    Albion Online, an unconventional Sandbox MMO, was announced last month by developer Sandbox Interactive that it will switch to a free model.From April 10, 2019, Albion Online will be officially released free of charge, free and open for players to use at will.Now that anyone can download games and create a free account to play with, Albion Online no longer has to be ordered as usual through an optional Premium.While the premium subscription is preserved, the official FAQ explains that "the free account is not restricted to any game and can be directly involved in all aspects of the game.Since the business model has not changed, all account types of Premium funds or game COINS can still be purchased.Many of the players who have already bought the game have expressed skepticism about Albion Online's shift to a free-to-play model.Completely don't have to worry about, in fact this Sandbox for those already by buying raised Packs or Starter Packs support Albion Online players (this is the only can enter the game prior to the start of F2P mode method) for the generous gift, such as, sole ghost Wolf mounts will become "arch", this one in the future any other players can do it, apply for three days, a senior, and access to 1000 gold COINS and special avatar ring.Many players will also be curious as to why the Sandbox announced it was free.From the official FAQ, it is clear that the delegates gave clear and reasonable answers.According to the developers, the goal is to help them realize the long-term vision of the game as soon as possible, such as being completely driven by gamers.Only by making it directly accessible to as many players as possible can the dream of Albion Online be realized faster.After careful consideration and implementation of the free-to-play model by the developers, Albion Online players will definitely see more players walking back and forth playing the game, which will be the only real change they can experience.Hopefully, the FAQ linked here details that many other gameplay and economic changes are also in the works, as well as free games.Whether you're new to the adventure of Albion Online, a new user who's just starting out, or one of the many Albion Online players who's always been Online, we want to know what you're really experiencing.Is Albion Online worth the free player?Will moving to a free model improve the experience offered by Albion Online?Feel free to share your thoughts and Suggestions in the comments section below!Buy Cheapest Albion Online Silver at


  • Fortnite Reboot Vans Explained: How To Get Reboot Cards, Reboot Van Locations, Revive Teammates & More

    Fortnite Reboot Vans Explained: How To Get Reboot Cards, Reboot Van Locations, Revive Teammates & More

    As part of the v8.30 update, Epic Games is finally introducing the Reboot Vans that have been rumored to be coming for quite some time. These essentially enable eliminated teammates to be revived as long as you can grab their Reboot Card.We’re going to break down everything you need to know about Reboot Vans in Fortnite down below, including how to get Respawn Cards, all Respawn Van locations, how to revive teammates, and more.What Reboot Vans AreLet’s first kick things off with a brief introduction about what Reboot Vans even are in Fortnite. These are now available in the Duos and Squads game modes in Fortnite and enable you to revive an eliminated teammate.The whole process involves grabbing their Reboot Card and then escorting it to one of the Reboot Vans across the map. But we’ll dive into that a little more shortly.How to Get Reboot CardsThese are actually pretty easy to get your hands on as long as you’re quick enough and you know what you’re looking for. Upon being eliminated, your teammate will drop their Fortnite Weapons, ammo, and Fortnite Materials as usual. However, in addition to this, they’ll also drop a Reboot Card.Only fellow teammates can pick up these Reboot Cards, and it takes half a second to pick up, so don’t worry about leaving yourself vulnerable for extended periods of time picking these up. We’ve included a screenshot of what Reboot Cards look like in Fortnite just above.How to Revive TeammatesNow that you’ve got the Reboot Card, it’s simply a case of taking it to one of the Reboot Vans placed around the map. According to the patch notes, and from our scouring of the map so far, these appear to be in every major Place of Interest on Fortnite’s map. That means every named location has one either within it or just on its outskirts.What’s more, they’re pretty easy to spot, with a hologram rotating on its top. You can check out what they look like down in our screenshot below.Once you reach one of these vans, it’s simply a case of interacting with it by pressing E/ X/ Y/ Square. Doing so will revive any and all teammates who you and your remaining alive teammates have picked up the Reboot Cards for.For example, if you’re in a Squads game and you and a teammate are still alive and have one Reboot Card each, just yourself could interact with the van and have both teammates revived.The interaction time to revive teammates from Reboot Vans in Fortnite is 10 seconds, so you’ll want to build around yourself and keep a lookout for any lurking enemies, as Reboot Vans are sure to become a hotspot for campers.All Reboot Van Locations in FortniteWith the Reboot Cards in your inventory, it’s now simply a case of tracking down these various Reboot Vans scattered across the map. Fortunately, Redditors 7damage and Remizjo have been hard at work figuring out all of these locations since the feature was leaked a month ago.We’ve hopped into Fortnite to confirm that these are all, in fact, correct, and can confirm that Reboot Vans appear at all locations marked on the map below. If you’re looking for a breakdown of all these locations in written form, you can check out the list down below:Junk JunctionHaunted HillsThe BlockLazy LagoonSunny StepsLoot LakeSnobby ShoresTilted TowersDusty DivotLonely LodgeRetail RowSalty SpringsParadise PalmsFatal FieldsLucky LandingHappy HamletFrosty FlightsPolar PeaksPleasant ParkReboot Van Important Tips & InfoAs great addition as these respawn-capable vans are to Fortnite’s formula, there are some things you’ll want to be aware of that we’ve either briefly touched on already, or have yet to note when it comes to using them.The first thing to note is that after a Reboot Van has been used by anyone, it has a 120 second cooldown time. That means you won’t be able to use it for two minutes after it’s been used either by your own team or an opposing team.Second, Reboot Cards will only remain within the world for 90 seconds once your teammate has been eliminated. As such, you’ll need to decide whether to break off from a battle to secure it for yourself, or whether to try and finish off the enemy and grab the card within the rather short time limit.Furthermore, any rebooted squad members won’t just come back with their whole loadout. They’ll actually respawn into the game with the following:100 Health1 Common Pistol36 Light Ammo100 WoodIt’s pretty much as basic a loadout as you can get in Fortnite, but at least it prevents them from being somewhat OP.A couple of final points on this new feature that you should keep in mind. Once again, the interaction time for a player to respawn into the game once you begin interacting with one of these vans is 10 seconds, so be sure to build up and protect yourself from incoming enemy fire.Finally, Reboot Vans are disabled in Solos, Big Team LTMs, and any other modes with respawns enabled. As such, only Duos and Squads modes will enable you to use them.


  • 'The Elder Scrolls Blades' Is A Decent Game Destroyed By Maddening Microtransactions

    'The Elder Scrolls Blades' Is A Decent Game Destroyed By Maddening Microtransactions

    Yesterday, The Elder Scrolls Blades went live in “early access” for all players across iOS and Android, and after the disaster that was Fallout 76 last year, Bethesda badly needs a win right about now.Blades is…probably not it. It’s a somewhat competent Elder Scrolls experience on mobile, and there are a few things I really like about it. But Bethesda has not been able to resist the siren’s call of ultra-mobile-style monetization to the point where it infects every aspect of the game and makes the entire experience about 10% as fun as it could be otherwise.First, what works?I am very impressed with this game from a technical perspective. This looks great on my iPhone X and I haven’t encountered any lag or a single crash as of yet. It’s definitely at least Oblivion level graphics for the phone, and absolutely one of the better-looking games I’ve seen on my phone in quite some time that wasn’t embracing some specific animated art style.The controls are solid as well, and even though it seemed somewhat goofy that Todd Howard was making such a big deal about being able to play the game with one hand in portrait mode, this is actually one of the things I like about it the most. Being able to play the game using only one thumb to move, look around, block, attack, use skills, and spells are really nice, and though portrait mode restricts your view more than landscape (which you can switch to), it actually works pretty well all the same.I like the leveling and skill tree process of the game, which is sure, more shallow than real Elder Scrolls games, but not bad for a stripped-down version and I’m enjoying building my character up. The “story” isn’t deep, but it does exist, and the town building aspect is kind of neat so far if a bit superfluous. Rather than being an open world you simply load directly into dungeon missions. At first, they were all pretty samey, the same dungeon about 12 times over with slight tweaks, but now I’m starting to see new types of areas open up, bandit camps, ancient ruins, and so on. There are some weird AI things like how you’ll see undead skeletons roaming around the same room with bandits, the two not seeming to notice each other, only set on joining forces to kill you, but it’s forgivable.What is not forgivable are the sheer amount of microtransactions Bethesda has jammed into Elder Scrolls Blades at every turn.I’ll start with the worst offense, which is the chest system. Every mission will let you find a few chests in the level that are “wooden” rarity, open in five seconds and give you a few crafting materials. But most quests rewards Silver or TES Blades Gold rarity chests, which take 3 and 6 hours to open respectively unless you use premium currency gems to open them instantly (you can earn gems, but the rate is painfully low). This means that it takes forever to get anything resembling interesting loot, and I’ve run into brick walls many times because the story missions get too hard because my gear is too low. And my gear is too low because it takes 6 hours to get my rewards from the last mission I ran.This has resulted in a situation wherein barely a day I have 3 gold chests and 13 silver chests waiting to be opened, and you can only do one at a time. If I time everything to the minute, that’s 57 straight hours of chest opening to see what my actual rewards have been from these missions. That is…not at all fun, and counter to everything every RPG has ever taught us. You do the mission, you get the rewards. You don’t set the game down for 6-50 hours then get the rewards. Or pay to get them immediately.Past this, Elder Scrolls Blades is just…unabashedly pay to win. In every single way. You can flat-out just buy chests for $5, $10 and $30 for Gold, Epic and Legendary rarities. You can buy powerful items outright which will come up as special offers (a legendary sword that heals on hit was offered to me for $10 my first day). You can even pay to auto-complete some missions, instantly rewarding yourself with materials and gold for doing literally nothing but opening your wallet. You can pay to skip building timers in town. You can pay to craft faster. You can pay to expand your inventory and chest capacity (and you will have to, which is where 100% of my earned gems have gone).This is just absurd. I know that Bethesda is not the only company in this space monetizing games like this, but this is the kind of crazily aggressive monetization I’d expect if there was a woman wearing a sheer sheet in the start-up screen beckoning me to “come to play, my lord.” This is monetized like you would imagine a no-name rip-off of Elder Scrolls would be, not Elder Scrolls itself. We have seen plenty of games find success on mobile without resorting to the worst monetization instincts of the market from Pokemon GO to Fortnite. And yet Elder Scrolls Blades dives in headfirst, not just infecting its game with all the worst kinds of microtransactions, but building the entire game around them.I don’t know how long I’ll play this. This is the type of game where I’ll give it a week, get frustrated by slow progress, drop $20 on a bunch of high-end crap and then quit out of shame. But by then Bethesda has already milked me and they don’t care. Or I could just quit now because I know I’m heading toward multi-day wait timers and even larger progress roadblocks since I’ve been down this road before.This is not a mobile game designed for Elder Scrolls players. This is an Elder Scrolls game designed for mobile players, which is a big difference, and possibly an insurmountable one unless major changes are made.