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  • PC Scourge SC - Exalted Orb

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  • PC Scourge SC - Chaos Orb

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  • PC Scourge SC - Orb of Fusing

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  • PC Standard - Exalted Orb

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  • PC Standard - Chaos Orb

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  • PC Standard - Orb of Fusing

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  • PS4 Standard - Exalted Orb

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  • PS4 Standard - Chaos Orb

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  • XBOX Standard - Exalted Orb

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  • XBOX Standard - Chaos Orb

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  • Fallout 76: More Details About The Purveyor Mystery Pick Event?

    Fallout 76: More Details About The Purveyor Mystery Pick Event?

    In Fallout 76, The Purveyor Mystery Pick event occurs several times per season. If you haven't kept up with the game, you may be unfamiliar with this event. MMOAH will provide more details about this event.

    Great gear for a cheaper price

    You'll see a notification in a new section of Fallout 76 ‘s home screen when the Purveyor Mystery Pick event is live. That means you have the chance to get some legendary 3-star gear.

    To do this, you need to go to The Rusty Pick, where vendor Murmgh has set up shop in the Ash Heap area. As shown below:

    Murmgh sells legendary gear for Scrip, normally, 3-star items cost you 100 Scrip, but you can get them for 60 Scrip in the Purveyor Mystery Pick event. However, this comes in the form of Murmgh's Myserty Pick Box, which can contain any armor or weapon, it's all random.

    It's a great way to get any 3-star items for a relatively fresh character, but not the best way to get high-end gear for a character you've invested hundreds of hours in.

    If you want to get any in-game item faster, then coming directly to MMOAH to buy Fallout 76 Items is the best option, which will make your character stronger quickly and easily deal with various enemies.

    In addition, cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps are also available on MMOAH, anytime you need to buy them, you can come to MMOAH and we provide 24/7 customer service.

    Jan 12, 2022

  • ESO: How To Get The Easiest Titles?

    ESO: How To Get The Easiest Titles?

    During the ESO adventure, you can obtain Titles that reflect your greatest achievements. These optional achievements range from difficult and time-consuming to more easily completed challenges.

    Equipped Titles will be displayed under the name of the character, and other titles can be easily swapped in the character menu. The function of the title is like the prefix of the character's name.

    In ESO, you can also get the title of the game without any expansion or DLC in time. If you find all 18 Skyshards in Craglorn, you will get Craglorn Skyshard Hunter Title. Joining the Fighters Guild or Mages Guild is another option for the base game. You can get the Title Fighters Guild Victor by completing 5 relatively short quests related to the Fighters Guild. If you have completed 8 quests related to the Mages Guild, then you can unlock the Title Master Wizard. MMOAH will give more relevant tips.

    How to get the easiest titles?

    Destroy 250 Dark Anchors and you will get the Title Enemy of Coldharbour.

    Defeat all 16 Generals sent by Molag Bal, benefactor of the infamous Skyrim mace, you will unlock the Title Daedric Lord Slayer. All Molag Bal’s Generals will spawn in each Dolmen, so just join these battles to get you Get closer to the Title in each battle.

    Most Alliance War Ranks can unlock matching Titles once you have won. These rankings will be unlocked when you first enter Cryodiil. Using this method, the Volunteer Title is the easiest to get and can be obtained when at the Alliance Rank 2.

    Titles in certain locations are easier to obtain than others. Complete 9 main quests in Wrothgar to get the Title Kingmaker. Complete the 7 main quests in Morrowind Chapter and you will get the Title Champion of Vivec.

    If you join the Thieves Guild, steal all 16 treasures from Kari’s Hit List, and place them in the Thieves Den, you can get the Title Master Thief.

    If you want to get a good gaming experience in ESO, you can't do it without ESO Gold. You can come to MMOAH at any time to buy ESO Gold you need to enhance the advantages of your character.

    Jan 07, 2022

  • When Will FFXIV Be Available For Purchase Again?

    When Will FFXIV Be Available For Purchase Again?

    FFXIV became popular again because of the Endwalker content. However, this resurgence has caused many problems on both the client-side and server-side.

    Because FFXIV was too popular to be removed from the digital store so that new players would not be able to access it. Therefore, only players who have participated in the game before the 16th can access it. So, now, fans want to know when FFXIV can be purchased again? MMOAH knew some related information.

    At present, it seems that there is no definite date for when the game will go back on sale. In early December, the director and producer, Naoki Yoshida, published a post in which he listed the long queues caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic and suggested possible further ideas.

    He stated that considering the current situation, they expect it may take a few months or more to add new worlds.

    Due to current supply chain issues, Square Enix's servers cannot be expanded. Their servers are operating at full capacity almost every day. The queue time is still very long, and the Worlds are also very crowded, which means that they cannot physically implement more servers to expand the space to reduce queue and connection problems.

    Therefore, they set a strict AFK timer for the logged-in players, which will kick them for being inactive for a short time. This is not the best solution, but it can keep those active players.

    So given the current situation, it will not be feasible for FFXIV to be purchased again in a short time. Even with the upcoming 6.05 patch, and there do not seem to be any further updates regarding the expanding server capacity. This patch is more inclined to add Savage difficulty for the Pandaemonium raid and more.

    So loyal players of FFXIV should feel fortunate to continue the content at this time. If you need to buy FFXIV Gil, you can come to MMOAH at any time. And MMOAH will always pay attention to more news about FFXIV and share it here in time.

    Dec 29, 2021

  • Genshin Impact - How do I install the account on my PS4/5?

    Genshin Impact - How do I install the account on my PS4/5?

    A.If you didn't bind any Mihoyo account to your PS4/5 account before

    1.Link the Genshin Impact account to your email address

    2.Log into Genshin Impact on your PS4/5

    3.Follow the instruction to link an Mihoyo account:

    4.Enter your email address, and then click "Send code"

    Enter the code you received in your email and then click "Link"

    6.Link Succesfully, now you can play:

    B.If you already bind a Mihoyo account to your PS4/5, then you need to unlink it so that you can bind a different account(One PSN can only bind one Mihoyo account)

    1.Write an email to Mihoyo customer service: [email protected]

    2.You will receive an email from Mihoyo support within a few days:

    3.Click the link in the email, you will have to provide the account details:

    4.After submitting the information, you will see the below picture:

    5.Once you unlink the account, repeat the A phase at the beginning of this article to link the account you want

    Dec 28, 2021

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