Animal Crossing: New Horizons, also known as ACNH, first released on March 20, 2020 by Nintendo, that is, it can be only played on Nintendo Switch, simulating to survive in a deserted island with the role of a customizable character, like gathering, crafting, catching.

Through Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there is a complex item list playing an important role, such as Dresses, Flooring, Flowers, Tools, and so on, all of which are used to decorate the characters and islands. In order to unlock them, you need to complete the endless tasks.

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ACNH: Can You Plant Turnips?
ACNH: Can You Plant Turnips?

ACNH still maintains regular updates, which keeps players interested in it. The one that has been hotly discussed is turnips. To let you know more about this mechanism, MMOAH gives a corresponding introduction.

Recently, users are also wondering if Turnips can be planted in ACNH, and how to find Turnips plantations in ACNH. This is because developers add such functionality to the game, which is part of what keeps players interested.

And the reality is, you can't plant Turnips in ACNH, you can only buy them by spending ACNH Bells, generally priced at 90-110 Bells, you can buy these in stacks of 10. The Animal Crossing series originally allowed players to plant these seeds to grow turnips, but this option is no longer available in ACNH.

In ACNH, you can only find Daisy Mae to buy Turnips and start participating in the Turnips Market mechanism. If you are visionary enough, you can make a fortune through it and become a millionaire in a short period. But if you're a novice, it's advisable to proceed with caution, as long as you don't lose money.

Now ACNH has released 2.0 Update and a new DLC, which will undoubtedly enrich your game content, as long as you need, you can come to MMOAH to buy ACNH 2.0 Items at any time, which will make you get what you need faster, and get a better gaming experience.

ACNH: How To Remove Villagers?
ACNH: How To Remove Villagers?

If you want to bring new villagers to your island, then you need to expel some villagers first, MMOAH will tell you how to remove them.

How to remove villagers?

In ACNH, there are several different ways of expelling villagers, we will list them all.

An old-fashioned way to remove villagers

A thought bubble will appear over the head of the villager who wants to move out and you will notice this. If there is enough time, the villagers will move out on their own. But time travel is a better option, it will speed up the process, which will only take you 15 days.

At the start of Day 15, the game will initiate Isabelle's 5 am broadcast, and the villagers to move are randomly selected. If the correct villager has the bubble on their head, you can let them leave your island. But if there are no bubbles, you can always dial back a few minutes before Isabelle broadcasts and check again.

Remove villagers with a Camper

You can build your camp, possibly using the villager you want as an amiibo. If you have the latter, it can invite the villager to the campsite via the Nook Terminal in Resident Services.

Once a villager appears in the camp, you need to talk to the Camper for 3 days and possibly win a game to convince them to move to your island. The Camper will randomly choose an existing villager to replace, and they will tell you. If they choose the wrong villager, you can reset the game and restart the conversation until they choose the right villager.

Now you can remove villagers according to the above ways. If you have a favorite villager, you can come to MMOAH to buy ACNH Items, which will make your favorite villagers appear on your island faster.

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