ACNH: September Is Coming, Then New Bugs and Fish Are Coming Too!

September is coming, ACNH will also introduce a lot of new content. These are all events and creatures available in the northern hemisphere, but only some events will occur in the southern hemisphere.

The September ACNH update is also part of version 1.12. But today we will focus on the new content in September. As for the new content that will appear in October and November, MMOAH will be released in the future.

Animal Crossing's fall season will start on September 1 and will end on Turkey Day on November 25. Below are the events and new items in ACNH in September.

New Events

* Grape Harvest Festival (Sept.1-Sept 30) - Grap-Harvest Basket (Backpack)

The Grape Harvest festival is ACNH's first year of celebration, inspired by European festivities in Germany, Spain, France, and Italy. You can get The Grap-Harvest Basket through the Nook Shopping service.

* Moon-Viewing Day(Sept. 12-Sept. 21) - Tsukimi Dango, Moon Cakes, and Moon Rug

Inspired by the Tsukimi Holiday in Japan, the Mid-Autumn Festival is back in the game.

* Schuseok(Sept.12-Sept.21) - Songpyeon

This is a brand new holiday, which is inspired by autumn and added this festival from Korea. Songpyeon is also a good item.

* Bug Off 2021(Sept. 25) - runs from 9 am to 6 pm local time

New DIY Recipes in Northern Hemisphere

Acorn DIY recipes are limited-time products and are available from early fall to December 10. Below are the new DIY Recipes available in the Northern Hemisphere starting September 1.

* Acorn Pochette - Six Acorns

* Leaf Campfire - Three Pine Cones, Five Clumps of Weeds, Three Tree Branches

* Pile of Leaves - Three Pine Cones, Five Clumps of Weeds

* Pine Bonsai Tree - Eight Pine Cones, Five Clay

* Traditional Balancing Toy - Four Acorns, Two Hardwoods

* Tree's Bounty Arch - Four Pine Cones, Five Acorns, Five Maple Leaves, 15 Treet Branches

* Tree's Bounty Big Tree - Four Acorn, Four Clay, Five Maple Leaves, Five Tree Branches

* Tree's Bounty Lamp - Six Acorn, Four Clay

* Tree's Bounty Little Tree - Six Pine Cones, Four Acorns, One Hardwood

* Tree's Bounty Mobile - Two Pine Cones, Three Acorns, Three Tree Branches

* Yellow-Leaf Pile - Three Acorn, Five Clumps of Weeds

New Bugs in Northern Hemisphere

* Bell Cricket

* Centipede

* Common Butterfly

* Cricket

* Monarch Butterfly

* Pill Bug

* Red Dragonfly

* Violin Beetle

* Yellow Butterfly

New Fish in Northern Hemisphere

* Blue Marlin

* Char

* Cherry Salmon

* Golden Trout

* King Salmon

* Mitten Crab

* Pike

* Salmon

* Sturgeon

Sea Creatures in Northern Hemisphere

* Oyster

* Sweet Shrimp

Although the available items will be provided for a limited time, MMOAH will sell the corresponding ACNH Items on time. If you need them, it is more convenient to come to MMOAH to buy ACNH Items.

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