ACNH: Brewster and The Roost Will Come In November

Nintendo briefly introduced ACNH's new content at the Nintendo Direct presentation. This is arguably one of the most anticipated updates of New Horizons, because there will be a key character appearing, and fans have been looking forward to Brewster and his cafe, The Roost returning to the game.

Nintendo said Brewster and The Roost will be available in November, and new details will be scheduled in October. Only a short video has been released, involving a sign in the museum showing that Brewster's cafe is coming.

ACNH’s new content may be the first substantial update of the game since its initial release when Nintendo added a Custom Design Pro Editor plus feature, a series of new Sanrio-themed characters and items, and farts. Since then, Nintendo has relied mainly on seasonal events and limited-time seasonal items to please ACNH players, which seems to be unproductive.

As early as July of this year, Nintendo admitted that ACNH's content was insufficient and promised to launch more free content in the future. However, the promise has not been fulfilled so far. Although there are some seasonal items or events, they are not enough to surprise players.

Now the number of ACNH players has dropped significantly, which is expected. So now developers want to restore some fans by adding new content. As for more news, you can check them out on MMOAH.

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