ACNH: Is It Mandatory To Pay Back Tom Nook?

ACNH players know that they are indebted to Tom Nook from the moment they start playing the game. They spend a lot of time in the early game to pay off the initial mortgage and then upgrades. This feature is the main component of all games in the series, but some players are curious, what will happen if they refuse to repay the debt to Tom Nook?

At this point, ACNH follows a formula that has become the standard for the series: build a house - pay off Tom Nook - upgrade the house to a larger size. Of course, these upgrades will cost more ACNH Bells, and if you want to maximize your house, you may spend millions by the end of the game. Although the larger size and extensive customization options may be worthwhile for some players, other players are afraid of spending more time to earn enough Bells to repay Tom Nook's home loans.

But fortunately, the house upgrade in ACNH is not mandatory. If you don't want to expand your house, you can just keep it as it was. In addition to limiting the house size and the player goals in New Horizons, if not to pay back Tom Nook, will there be any consequences? This is also an aspect of the players' curiosity.

How does not paying off loans impact the game?

The New Horizons loans did not exceed any specific schedule. The deadline for any payment is not fixed, so it also means that Tom Nook seems to wait indefinitely for players to pay him back. So the players can have enough time to decide whether the loan is worthwhile, and at the same time make enough money to make it through all of the upgrades, let the players experience the game at their own pace and earn more Animal Crossing Bells.

So ACNH is not a stressful experience, it does not regard loans as an urgently needed solution experience. They will not accumulate interest over time, however, it is worth noting that if you don’t repay the loan, you will not be able to get a new loan.

But if ACNH can take advantage of this opportunity, it will also be very interesting to expand more content. It would be very attractive if more consequences were added in the case of refusing to repay. Considering that ACNH will be updated soon, we will also know soon whether the game’s approach to loans will be changing soon.

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