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News Guide

Seven New Quests Added To Fallout 76 Skyline Valley!

Seven New Quests Added To Fallout 76 Skyline Valley!

Besides some new maps and new weapons in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley, there are also some new quests centered on a type of Ghoul called Lost and Stolz family of Vault 63.

Vault 63 differs from any other Vault you’ve encountered before, and the inhabitants are all Ghouls, except for the protagonist Hugo Stolz. His story is full of sacrifice, tragedy, and deception, so you need to find out the truth of the story for yourself.

Throughout Skyline Valley, although some quests will never happen after you complete them, they will always exist in your heart. This guide will introduce the newly added quests in Skyline Valley. Come and check it out!

Seven New Quests Added To Fallout 76 Skyline Valley!

Into Lands Unknown

Although this quest is obvious from the name, it only requires entering Lands Unknown. However, this is not the first quest you will encounter after entering Skyline Valley, it is the second, so don’t panic if you don’t find this quest after entering Skyline Valley.

Once you reach Skyline Valley and learn why the sky is covered in red, you’ll encounter Lost, a unique Ghoul variant unique to the area. You can get a closer look at these powerful enemies, but you still need to be careful about your own safety.

Although Lost are essentially armored Ghouls, they can withstand attacks that most feral Ghouls can’t withstand, which means you’ll need more advanced Fallout 76 Items such as weapons and armor to protect yourself.

Remember to familiarize yourself with the horror atmosphere of the surrounding area during this quest, which will make it easier for you to accept the dark story later.

Double-Crossed Wires

Although the name of this quest still reveals a little surprise in the quest, the twist in the story may not be what you expect. The protagonist Hugo mentioned above works closely with one of NPCs, James Oberlin, and seems to have a good relationship, but Hugo is still hiding something from Oberlin.

When you go to High Knob Lookout to find Oberlin’s friend Daniel, you might think it’s just a simple search and rescue mission, and Daniel’s fate is not that special. But the holotape you find in this mission will be your first major choice, and may affect the development of subsequent missions.

Between The Lines

Between The Lines is a relatively simple mission, the purpose of which is to let you get to know the surrounding environment of Vault 63 better, and Hugo’s family: his wife Cassidy and his daughter Audrey.

Even though Cassidy is not so talkative, you can still feel that they have trained Audrey to be a very capable scientist. The family situation and atmosphere in the game set a tone for the rest of the missions - the conflict between Hugo’s ambition and Audrey’s kindness and pragmatism.

You can find a safe of Hugo in this mission, which contains some of Hugo’s intentions.

Eye Of The Storm

The climax of Fallout 76 Skyline Valley is here, Eye Of The Storm, which includes a tough fight with the enhanced Hugo Stolz.

Fallout 76 Eye Of The Storm

But be warned, there may be some glitches in this battle. This will cause Hugo Stolz, who should have surrendered to you, to launch a fierce attack on you. Although the quest mechanism is not perfect, the right to end the story is still in your hands.

Your decision will have a major impact on the direction of Vault 63. Continued suffering or slow progress?

Read More: Can You Complete The Powerhouse Of The Cell Quest In Fallout 76? - Steps & Rewards

Oldest Trick In The Book

It has been revealed that Hugo is a very ambitious person, and Oldest Trick In The Book quest well reflects his nature - cold, calculating, and indifferent to others.

In this quest, Hugo asks you to find Alex, an old acquaintance of his daughter - he is the leader of a group of Mothman Cultists. Because Alex and his cultists kidnapped Cassidy, Hugo asks you to bring a tampered book to Alex as a gift of reconciliation.

Do you think Hugo is that kind? The answer is absolutely no. This book makes sure that every situation goes the way Hugo wants it to, which is terrifying! It also makes you feel directly at Hugo’s fierce determination to achieve his goal.

Housekeeping For Hire

On the surface, Housekeeping For Hire seems to be a very unimportant quest, mainly having you perform trivial and small tasks around Vault 63.

In fact, it is much more than that. This quest also gives you an in-depth understanding of the daily life of the residents of Vault 63 and what it is like to live with Hugo. Although you may think they are very rude at first, as you get to know them better, you will find that Margaret, Laurence, and Julio are all innocent pawns in the entire plan.

After this quest, you will feel differently when making decisions about the final stages of Skyline Valley - you will feel a little more considerate of these residents and innocent people.

Powerhouse Of The Cell

Powerhouse Of The Cell is probably the best quest in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley, thanks to the principal antagonist of this quest, Shadow. It is a very scary deformed creature that always appears behind you, which you can imagine as a very thin ghost.

The most annoying thing is that it cannot be defeated and can only be temporarily repelled by your shooting. In addition to this murderous creature chasing after you, you will learn more about Hilda’s experiments in this mission, even if her intentions towards you are not entirely true.

I hope you can understand the entire story of Skyline Valley through these quests, and make a decision that you are very satisfied with. I wish you happy exploration!

There Is A Secret Hidden In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley! - Bee’s Diary

There Is A Secret Hidden In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley! - Bee’s Diary

Bethesda has always been known as the game company with the best little secrets, and Fallout 76 is no exception. Fallout 76 also provides players with many Easter eggs in the ruins of post-war Appalachia in Skyline Valley update.

Skyline Valley brings players many new quests, events and a large new area for players to explore in the update. In this area, there is a hidden secret waiting for players to explore. Want to know where they are? Then come with me!

There Is A Secret Hidden In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley! - Bee’s Diary

Page 1 Is In Shenandoah Visitor Center

If you want to unlock this secret that belongs only to you, you must first go to the restroom of Shenandoah Visitor Center. In the small cubicle on the left, you’ll see a first aid kit on the wall with a note quietly lying inside that says Page 1.

This note was left by a former employee of Shenandoah Visitor Center, who wrote down what he saw and heard. In the letter, he mentions Steel Jack Statues, and wonders what each statue represents.

At the end of this note, he mentions a path that is well worth exploring that leads to the side of Slumber Mill.

Page 2 Is In A Hollowed-Out Tree Stump

After you read the first note, you will need to head northeast of High Knob Lookout to find Page 2 in an unmarked area. Here, you will need to watch out for Yao Guai attacks, who are scattered throughout this area.

Upon arrival, you will come across a picnic area. Next to the picnic area, there is a wooden path. Follow it and you will see a Steel Jack Statue pointing northwest. Notably, there is a Cap Stash at the base of the statue, and next to Cap Stash there is a bobblehead spawn point.

Follow the northwest direction the statue is pointing to, and there will be a large hollow tree stump to the right of the picnic table. Page 2 of Bee’s Diary is inside, along with some Fallout 76 Items.

On this page, Bee said that he sneaked here before, but was called back to work by radio, and hopes to explore here again in the future.

Page 3 Is In Steel Jack Statue Number 2

After you read Page 2, you will need to go to another unmarked location east of Naked Creek to find Page 3. You will need to keep walking east of Naked Creek until you see a dirt road.

Follow the dirt road and you will see another Steel Jack Statue. It is very large and located on the top of a mountain, so it is hard to miss it.

This Steel Jack Statue points southeast, and as before, follow it. About 10 steps away, you will find a park ranger’s corpse leaning against a tree. Behind the ranger is another hollowed-out tree stump. Here, you will also find Page 3 of Bee’s Diary.

On this page, Bee is in a bad mood. He talks about some problems at work and plans to go to a rocky pass for lunch, where there is a beautiful tree that divides the road into airless directions. These clues will lead you to the next intersection.

Page 4 Is In A Beautiful Tree

You were just prompted to find a beautiful tree on Page 3, so you need to go to Old Rag Lookout and find South River Bridge. Steel Jack Statue here is very easy to find because it is a large open space with nothing blocking it.

Steel Jack Statue points northwest, so you need to rotate your character so that Old Rag Lookout marker points to the center of the compass. Then go straight and pass between the Bear Proof Trashcan and the picnic benches. You will see a hollowed-out rock. Page 4 of Bee’s Diary is hidden here.

On this page, Bee explains why Chief Piker warned him that the park was too dangerous to go alone. But Bee was very rebellious and broke away from the other employees assigned by Chief Piker and went to a place overlooking the rock. Bee also mentioned that he wanted to put Steel Jack Statue on the wooden walkway that was not strong enough to support its weight.

Page 5 Is In The Sunken Statue

The next page is located on the wooden walkway he just mentioned. This location is directly north of Abandoned Convoy, but you will only see a Steel Jack Statue because, as Bee said, the wooden walkway could not bear the weight of the statue and fell down.

The statue points to a bridge to the west, which you need to walk in this direction. Behind the bridge, you will see a tree floating on the water. After climbing the tree, you will find a duffel bag containing Page 5 of Bee’s Diary, some Fallout 76 Bottle Caps and other random items.

In it, Bee writes that he is very sad about the sinking of Steel Jack Statue, and tells you that he hid a small trinket in a tree stump next to a rest area marked by an axe.

Page 6 Is In The Cache Trinket

To find Page 6 of Bee’s Diary, you need to go to the very bottom of the map, where you will come across an open space and a picnic area. Here you will see a Mole photoboard, which you need to face, and then walk east along the railing behind the board. At the end of the railing, there is a large tree stump with the axe that Bee left for you. Inside the stump you will find the last note, which reads:

Congratulations!! You found Captain Bee’s treasure and this wonderful observation deck. Claim your prize and continue your adventure.

This means that your adventure ends here, and Bee will also reward you with a tons of Fallout 76 Bottle Caps.

Hope you can find more secrets in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley and have the best gaming experience in this kind of puzzle quest!

Main 6 Updates Details In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley - Say What?

Main 6 Updates Details In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley - Say What?

Fallout 76’s sixth year is coming to an end, and while the hit game has seen dozens of fresh additions to date, Skyline Valley, which officially released on June 12, is even more exciting!

From unprecedented map expansions to finally being able to play as a Ghoul in 2025, each update is pretty impressive. Follow this guide to learn more about these six updates for all players!

Main 6 Updates Details In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley - Say What?

A Bigger Appalachia

Fallout 76 has expanded its map in previous updates, adding new locations, such as Pitt Expedition in 2022 and Atlantic City last year. But this time, Skyline Valley seamlessly connects the core area to the south and extends south to Shenandoah region.

Creative Director Jon Rush has publicly stated that Fallout 76 development team wanted to make previously unused space on the map truly relevant to the story and have a certain impact. Previous Expeditions have been very isolated experiences, lacking any genuine opportunity for exploration outside of the map or specific quest lines. Skyline Valley gives wastlanders their first chance to continue their Fallout 76 experience in a new location on the over-world map.

Players typically participate in Expeditions with specific Fallout 76 items in mind or for a very specific reason, and Skyline Valley provides players with a world to venture out and explore at will, and even create alternative stories just for them.

20 New Points Of Interest

Skyline Valley is more than just a side quest in Fallout 76. As the map expands, players can explore 20 new points of interest. Some of these points of interest are based on real-life locations in Shenandoah, such as Mary’s Rock Tunnel, Rapidan Camp, and Skyline Drive.

There are also new factions, quests, and activities in this expansion, including a new activity called Dangerous Pastimes, which requires you to play as a storm chaser and try to activate a giant lightning rod in order to start a light show.

A New Vault

Vault 63 is no stranger to Fallout 76 veterans, a mysterious bunker that has been closed since its release. For the first time in Skyline Valley, this mysterious mechanical door is open for players to explore.

A lot of the actual nature of Vault 63 remains a mystery, which is what the development team wants players to explore for themselves. But what we know so far is that Skyline Valley is exposed to the surface by an event that blows Vault 63 out of the way and blows its previously closed door to the other side of Appalachia. As for what is inside, we know very little.

Many players only know that Vault 63 was unfinished before the bomb, and all the residents are living in radiation and have become ghouls. Their leader, Hugo Stolz, appeared in Skyline Valley, and you need to talk to him and choose to help him or choose another plan.

The Lost

The Lost are the former residents of Vault 63, who now live out their lives as electrified and almost feral ghouls. They just live in their own twisted reality, with no way to communicate with the outside world, but still protect themselves from all outsiders.

As for why they are electrified, and why Hugo’s mind is not homogenized like everyone else, this is yet to be explored by the player. But you must know that once Vault 63 is exposed, The Lost regularly wanders around Skyline Valley, and they are the principal enemies you need to fight. There’s no rhyme or reason to their movements, only a focused urge to hunt you down and swing their melee weapons at you.

Unfortunately, The Lost aren’t the only new enemy type in Skyline Valley.

Storm Goliaths

So far, we’ve only seen a few brief shots of Storm Goliaths in trailers. But for what it’s worth, Storm Goliaths are a trio of giant, rampaging robots that seem to use the weather to shove their weapons into your face.

Storm Goliaths are three oversized robotic brains created by the great minds in Vault 63, and they’re going to bring a lot of bad things to Appalachia. But you’re not just dealing with technological monsters, you’re dealing with Thrashers.

Skyline Valley continues the tradition of irradiated mutations, bringing a very strange mutant turkey hybrid to the Shenandoah region. This thing is about the size of a cow and is currently wandering the hills of Shenandoah.

But in the future 2025 update, you won’t just fight radiated nightmares, you’ll even become one.

Play As A Ghoul

For the first time, Fallout 76 gives players above level 50 the ability to wear a leathery, noseless skin called a ghoul, which not only changes your appearance but also makes you radiation-proof. If you wear this suit, you no longer have to fear the effects of radiation on you, and it can even heal you. There are also dozens of ghoul-specific perk cards that can expand those benefits.

This not only has this one benefit, but it also changes the game experience for experienced players. In the conventional thinking, players often wear power armour to avoid radiation, but when you wear this suit, power armour is no longer needed.

This encourages players to create a play style that does not require power armour and frees up a lot of extra points that can be used in different ways. Playing as a ghoul broken the meta-game of Fallout 76 before, and change the way players optimize their characters, and encourage players to experiment like never before.

After reading this guide, did you learn more about the update to Skyline Valley? Looking forward to exploring the possibilities in Skyline Valley and having fun!

Who Are The Strongest Protagonists In Fallout 76 And The Series?

Who Are The Strongest Protagonists In Fallout 76 And The Series?

Fallout is a series of games that have been around since the 1990s, and it has been constantly updated and improved over the course of history. The topic of Fallout has always been about survival in the American wasteland 200 years after the nuclear bomb fell, but with only the culture of the 1950s.

Many Americans in the game have futurism and fantasies about the future world. But in reality, they can only survive by relying on the Vaults built by the company Vault-Tec. Although these Americans have lived in Vaults for nearly 200 years, the continent has become a hell. Because of the influence of radiation, people and animals have also mutated.

Who Are The Strongest Protagonists In Fallout 76 And The Series?

When the radiation level stabilizes, these Americans will begin to resume their lives. At this time, some Vaults Dwellers will stand out, use their own Fallout 76 Items, and become the protagonists of each Fallout. This guide lists ten representative protagonists. Come and take a look!


  • First appearance in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

Brotherhood of Steel is one of the many militias in the wasteland. It was founded by former US Army officer Captain Roger Maxon to protect people who survived the fallout and preserve technology. In Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, I will introduce its new member Cyrus.

Cyrus grew up in a farming community, which made him tough and strong when fighting against irradiated animals or attackers. He is tall and muscular, and can use a variety of weapons, but his favorite is close combat.


  • First appearance in Fallout TV series

Unlike Cyrus, Lucy appeared in a TV series. In Amazon’s Fallout, Lucy MacLean was originally just a citizen of Vault 33, and her knowledge of the outside world only existed in stories and books. After her vault was invaded and her father was kidnapped by Raiders, she began to go out into the world.

Throughout her journey, she continued to face harsh realities, horrors that she could not imagine in Vault. Eventually she was forced to take up arms, ignoring the inhabitants of the wasteland who tried to dissuade her. In the end she won, not only the war but also a name for herself. She then fought alongside Brotherhood of Steel against her corrupt father, and traveled with a mercenary named Ghoul.


  • First appearance in Fallout: Tactics

In Brotherhood of Steel, Warriors are considered one of the most valuable recruits. Their principal task is to protect the settlements around Chicago area from being terrorized and invaded by Raiders and Supermutants.

In Fallout: Tactics, Warriors gradually rise in Brotherhood of Steel’s status, and they impress Simon Barnaky and eventually become the new generals. They mainly eliminate most of the factions and organizations that cause chaos in Fallout: Tactics, including but not limited to Beastlords, Supermutants, and Robots.


  • First appearance in Fallout TV series

Like Lucy, Maximus is another protagonist in Amazon’s Fallout. Maximus also began his training journey with Brotherhood of Steel. There, new recruits must prove themselves worthy of becoming a Squire for a Knight. When Maximus was discovered by Brotherhood of Steel, his hometown of Shady Sands had just been bombed, so he dedicated his life to this cause.

He is a little different from Lucy. Maximus has always lived above ground, so he is used to seeing the horrors of the wasteland. This also makes him better prepared to face the challenges of monsters and attackers. As a member of Brotherhood of Steel, he is also used to using various weapons and skills.

Lone Wanderer

  • First appearance in Fallout 3

Lone Wanderer in Fallout 3 is the first character we meet at the beginning of the game, and the first character to grow up with us. At the age of 19, they began to look for their father, a doctor. The most unfortunate thing is that they had to leave Vault 101 because they were exiled.

Along the way, they not only saved the town of Megaton from a nuclear bomb, but also saved their original Vault from the civil war. Their legendary story has been circulated in the wasteland and became a survival guide written by Moira Brown. These guides also continued in Fallout 4 many years later.


  • First appearance in Fallout 76

They were originally members of Vault 76 and were one of the first teams to leave the Vault on Reclamation Day. On Reclamation Day, the radiation level was actually stable, and they could reproduce on the surface again. But because they were the first people to explore the wasteland 25 years after the war, they had no knowledge and were not prepared to deal with the end of the world.

Although they knew little about New World, the power of 76er was undeniable. As a group, they managed to build settlements and destroy a terrible plague caused by a species called Scorchbeast Queen.

Courier Six

  • First appearance in Fallout: New Vegas

Courier is another resident of the waste, a messenger who travels between New California and various places. But the good times didn’t last long. When he delivered a package one day, no one would have thought that it contained a powerful storage device called Platinum Chip that could control a supercomputer. Because of this, Courier Six was captured by New Vegas crime boss Benny and wanted to shoot him in the head.

Unexpectedly, Courier could miraculously survive and become a little stronger. He continued to travel through the Mojave to find Benny and Platinum Chip. Their strong qualities gave them the ability to move on and escape death.

Vault Dweller

  • First appearance in Fallout

In Fallout, Vault Dweller is considered an unlucky person. Because of the broken lottery, he was kicked out of Vault 13 by Overseer to find a water purification ship. He only knows the location of Vault 15 and the possibility of finding a new chip, so he embarks on a journey to California’s wasteland.

Despite the difficulties, Vault Dweller manages to adapt himself to the wasteland. He overcomes many obstacles, destroys the raider group and kills Super Mutants, and finally finds the water chip. He happily returns to Vault 13, but he is greeted by the news of his exile.

After struggling for a while, he accepts his fate and some other residents from Vault 13 follow him. They travel to the mountains of Oregon and create a new settlement in Arroyo.

Sole Survivor (Nate)

  • First appearance in Fallout 4

Nate, the sole survivor in Fallout 4, begins his journey in 2077 before the nuclear bombs fall. Nate is a retired US Army veteran, so he is good at fighting. He enters the new Vault 111 with his wife and newborn son Shaun, and when the bomb falls on the United States, the three are immediately pushed into Vault 111 and put into cryogenic sleep.

They sleep for a long time in total until Nate is awakened early. Nate watches his wife being murdered and his son Shaun being kidnapped and then put back into the sleep pod. In 2287, Nate, the only survivor of Vault 111, sets out to find his son with a promise to his late wife.

Chosen One

  • First appearance in Fallout 2

Fallout 2 continues the Fallout style, and The Chosen One has been trained from birth to be the savior of the wasteland. He is the grandson of the Vault Dweller just mentioned. The Vault Dweller settled in Arroyo with his relatives. This tribe has many villagers and can farm and defend themselves.

As the best of these people, Chosen One is sent to the wasteland to find Garden of Eden Creation. This kit can restore crops and continue to thrive despite radiation. During his journey, he also continued to kill more attackers, expanded the sphere of influence of New California Republic, and overthrew most of the power of the shadow government in front of him.

There are a thousand Hamlets in the hearts of a thousand people. Who is the best protagonist in your mind? I hope you will like this guide and wish you the best experience in your exploration.

These 5 Best Mutations In Fallout 76 Deserve Your Attention!

These 5 Best Mutations In Fallout 76 Deserve Your Attention!

Hi, all gamers! The main topic of this guide is to highlight 5 indispensable mutations to help you get through in Fallout 76. Before delving into the mutations themselves, I highly recommend utilizing 3 different perks to maximize the benefits of your mutations. Let's dive in!

Legendary Perks

Starched Genes: This perk safeguards your mutations, preventing their loss and inhibiting the acquisition of new mutations from radiation exposure.

Strange In Numbers: Enhancing the potency of your mutations, this perk becomes particularly effective when you're in a team with other mutated players, which is quite common in Fallout 76. We'll delve deeper into this perk when discussing the mutations.

Class Freak: While some may argue it's unnecessary, I strongly advise using this perk as it mitigates the negative effects of mutations. At Level 3, it reduces these negative effects by 75%, essentially minimizing their impact.

These 5 Best Mutations In Fallout 76 Deserve Your Attention!


Now that you're familiar with these perks, let's explore the 5 essential mutations in Fallout 76.

1. Carnivore / Herbivore

The first mutation I would recommend is either Carnivore or Herbivore, depending on your preference. Some players may pick the Herbivore because of the benefits of cranberry products and similar items. However, some melee builds may favor the Carnivore route.

Consider your consumables, buffs, and play style before deciding which one suits you best. The advantage of these mutations is that you'll receive double hunger satisfaction from your chosen type. For Carnivores, eating meat provides double satisfaction, while Herbivores get the same from plants. This applies to HP restoration as well.

Additionally, you won't face any disease chances of consuming your chosen type. The downside of choosing Carnivore or Herbivore, respectively, is the lack of hunger satisfaction, HP regeneration, or buffs from consuming the opposite type of food.

2. Egg Head

The second mutation I recommend is the Egg Head. This one is fantastic because it boosts your Intelligence by +6, a significant increase. While it comes with a -3 penalty to both strength and endurance, combining it with perks like Strange in Numbers can mitigate these drawbacks. With the Strange in Numbers, your Intelligence boost can reach +8.

Fallout 76 Egg Head

Furthermore, using the Class Freak reduces the negative effects to just minus one strength and minus one endurance. For builds like Bloodied, these penalties become negligible because of the substantial boosts from armor, other perks, and standard special stats. Overall, the Egg Head offers a substantial Intelligence boost with manageable drawbacks.

3. Herd Mentality

The third mutation I highly recommend is the Herd Mentality. Fallout 76, being an online game, you'll likely spend most of your time in a team. This mutation boosts your stats consistently. When acquired, it provides a +2 bonus to all your special stats while in a team.

This effectively nullifies any negative effects from previous mutations. However, if you choose to play solo, you'll lose 2 special stats. Thus, being in a team is generally advantageous. You gain more XP, especially if you're in a casual team. So, stick to a team, whatever your preference.

4. Speed Demon

Moving on to the next mutation - the Speed Demon. This mutation offers the benefits of increased speed, with a +20% movement speed and +20% reload speed. Whether you're a melee build seeking to swiftly engage enemies or prefer running and gunning while reloading faster, it caters to both play styles.

Fallout 76 Speed Demon

However, it comes with a drawback of a +50% drain on Hunger and Thirst. Fortunately, the negative effects of Hunger and Thirst were removed from Fallout 76. Previously, failing to eat and drink resulted in stat loss, but this aspect has been eliminated. Therefore, there's no longer a need to consume food and drink.

5. Marsupial

The last one is undoubtedly the most popular mutation in Fallout 76, is the Marsupial. This mutation offers 2 significant benefits. Firstly, it grants a +20 Carry Weight, which is highly desirable. Additionally, it provides a remarkable increase in jumping height. If you encounter someone leaping to extreme heights, it's likely because of the Marsupial mutation.

However, it does come with a notable drawback of -4 Intelligence. Yet, when paired with the Class Freak, this reduction is minimized, often to just -1 Intelligence because of the 75% reduction from the acquired perk. Furthermore, combining it with Herd Mentality effectively mitigates this negative effect.

Bethesda Has A Five-Year Plan For Fallout 76

Bethesda Has A Five-Year Plan For Fallout 76

The developers of Fallout 76 addressed fan complaints, implemented fixes, and added brand new features. Now Bethesda has confirmed a five-year plan for Fallout 76, which shows that the game still has a lot of players.

Considering Fallout 76's recent progress, this news could be a hint that the game will continue to improve from here, so fans can look forward to it.

MMOAH knew that Fallout 76's 2022 roadmap has been released, showing fans what they can expect to see in the game this year. There are two more roadmaps for the game currently in progress, one is the next 3 years and the other is the next 5 years.

Over the past few years, Fallout 76 has introduced several contents, including:

* NPCs with branching dialogue

* The arrival of the Brotherhood of Steel

* Customizable, premium private servers

This all suggests that upcoming plans could include some major overhauls and new arrivals, which could draw on a mixture of existing features and brand new ones designed for Appalachia. However, not everything the developers have come up with over the past 4 years has ended up staying in Fallout 76, so some of the upcoming changes and additions may fail as well.

Regardless, Fallout 76 players should be happy because Bethesda always strives for making the game more perfect.

If you are still a big fan of Fallout 76 and still need Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, you can always come to MMOAH to buy them, which will let you go further in the game and give you a better gaming experience.

Fallout 76's PTR Is Available On Steam

Fallout 76's PTR Is Available On Steam

Since Fallout 76 was released in 2018, it has received regular updates to make the game even better. One of the ways to improve Fallout 76 is to present a public test realm to fans playing the game via Steam.

A New PTR Server

Bethesda released the original Fallout 76 public test realm last year, and since then fans have been able to test content before the game's release. Like other live service games that use PTRs, Fallout 76 has been improved with the addition of this feature, which could be a sign that fans are being heard and satisfied.

The new Steam PTR may further help Bethesda optimize Fallout 76 content, so to help fans know about this, MMOAH will show how to access the Steam PTR server.

How to access Fallout 76's Steam PTR server?

Steam players can access the Fallout 76 PTR through their libraries, and the test realm appears under the game's standard client. Early Fallout 76 PTR players will have immediate access to the current seasonal event - Invaders from Beyond, and a new public event - Test Your Metal. If you want to make the gameplay even smoother, you can buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps from MMOAH.

The new event asks you to fight for the 3 agitated robots for the Brotherhood of Steel, and Fallout 76's Expedition: The Pitt update is expected to be released later this year.

Invaders from Beyond make Fallout 76's Appalachia area even more apocalyptic, as an alien mother ship spawns at random locations every hour to deploy Brainwave Siphons. You'll need to defeat several aliens and an alien commander to break the Brainwave Siphons' shields and repel the mother ship's attack.

Fallout 76's PTR includes a streamlined bug report option so fans can enjoy seasonal content early to ensure it's optimal for players when it officially releases to the normal client.

It's not known if Bethesda plans to expand the public test to consoles or not, but PC players can now choose between the official launcher and the Steam client.

Fallout 76: More Details About The Purveyor Mystery Pick Event?

Fallout 76: More Details About The Purveyor Mystery Pick Event?

In Fallout 76, The Purveyor Mystery Pick event occurs several times per season. If you haven't kept up with the game, you may be unfamiliar with this event. MMOAH will provide more details about this event.

Great gear for a cheaper price

You'll see a notification in a new section of Fallout 76 ‘s home screen when the Purveyor Mystery Pick event is live. That means you have the chance to get some legendary 3-star gear.

To do this, you need to go to The Rusty Pick, where vendor Murmgh has set up shop in the Ash Heap area. As shown below:

Murmgh sells legendary gear for Scrip, normally, 3-star items cost you 100 Scrip, but you can get them for 60 Scrip in the Purveyor Mystery Pick event. However, this comes in the form of Murmgh's Myserty Pick Box, which can contain any armor or weapon, it's all random.

It's a great way to get any 3-star items for a relatively fresh character, but not the best way to get high-end gear for a character you've invested hundreds of hours in.

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Fallout 76: Halloween Is Back In Full

Fallout 76: Halloween Is Back In Full

Fallout 76 puts you in a world where you have to work hard to survive, but with the Halloween event coming next week, there are more to be frightened about.

Halloween in Fallout 76 also provides fun times before, but not much in 2020, this year, you can look forward to the full celebration, starting on October 19 and ending on November 2. There are challenges every day and every week, even "trick or treating", so choose your costume, be prepared to compete for some candy, and distribute some generously.

There are enough Spooky Scorched here to get you those and get some treats. These Scorched will be dressed for this occasion and will be spawning like legendary. So you can take it down for a legendary item and some candy. In addition, you will also get a Spooky Treat bag, they are also very kind, take it just to let you enjoy it. Open these and you will get rewards such as ammo, consumables, and even Halloween loot. And the candy you get, you can eat it to get a random buff or save it for Trick or Treating.

Regarding trick-or-treating, you need to have a costume, which will be more effective. You can claim a Spooky candy bowl and can trick or treat in other CAMPs for daily challenges, or collect the candy you collected from your kills and distribute them to other people. Complete challenges and get special loot such as crafting materials, Halloween costumes, even Popcorn Machine, and other rewards.

To learn more about Fallout 76’s Halloween events, you can go to the official website to view, or MMOAH will also update some news so that you can quickly grasp the main information.

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Fallout Worlds Update Will Come To Fallout 76

Fallout Worlds Update Will Come To Fallout 76

Recently, the eighth expansion of Fallout 76 came out, which is Steel Reign. However, this panel is already discussing the ninth expansion, which is Fallout 76: Fallout Worlds.

Many players think that this is just a matter of adding world settings in Fallout 76, but it is much more than that, because it tries to add a custom legacy in Fallout 76. This will allow you to create your own story. According to Bethesda, this is just the first step, they want players to have more freedom to customize. For this goal, they added two new modes to this multiplayer post-apocalyptic world, namely Custom Worlds and Public Worlds.

Public Worlds: All players can experience Fallout World, so you can experience the ability to create the story. Bethesda already possesses the abilities they have created and allows themselves to play to their fullest.

Bethesda can take some customization options and integrate them into a world that everyone can experience, which means that this is an adventure game that includes progression.

These will be rotated, and you will have the opportunity to start different adventures outside of the world you have explored. Currently, it rotates every month, which may change based on community feedback.

Fallout 76 presents some themes that have been created through the public worlds, such as Happy Builder. You will be able to build your camp anywhere in 76 worlds without restriction.

Custom World: This is strictly for Fallout First members and their friends. These players can use all the world customization available and decide how they want to proceed in the Fallout game.

There are many settings in the game, including how combat works and general settings. This allows you to meet the needs of Fallout Worlds, even if it’s sprinting across the map at the speed of light.

At present, the procession from the worlds does not pass over to adventure mode, but it may be something they will consider in the future. This is only the safest choice for now.

Bethesda hopes to continue to expand the content of Fallout Worlds after its release, such as improving the flow of the private worlds. Even add more settings to the large range that Fallout First members will have off the bat.

Fallout Worlds will arrive on all platforms on September 8, where you can create your epic adventure world. Fallout 76 Bottle Caps may be useful by then, thinking that no matter what changes in the game content, the status of the main currency in the game is unshakable, and they must always maintain the internal economic system of the game. If you need Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, then come to MMOAH to buy them. The ultra-fast delivery will allow you to get a better gaming experience in a short time.

Fallout 76 Will Get Custom Worlds This September

Fallout 76 Will Get Custom Worlds This September

Fallout 76 allows you to have a private world atmosphere. So far, there is not much benefit in having a private world, except for farming in Whitespring Resort without worrying about competition for the loot within. Now, the developer Bethesda has announced that this situation will be changed. Fallout in September will allow players to modify their servers.

These customizable settings can be minor, such as making the game easier, or giving yourself unlimited ammo. But they can also be quite large, such as raising the height limit of settlements, building CAMPs in previously restricted places, summoning big monsters, or jumping to any height.

The Fallout Worlds update will add two modes to Fallout 76: Public Worlds and Custom Worlds. The Public World is a rotating series of custom servers that can be used by all players.

These are fun and curated experiences, Fallout 1st subscribers will be able to create their own Custom Worlds and invite their friends over, even if they don’t have a subscription.

As of Tuesday, Fallout World can be tested on the public test server of Fallout 76, and Bethesda stated it will continue to add new sliders, options, and abilities in the future. This is great news for role-players, builders, and players who are tired of being murdered by Mirelurks again and again.

Although the initial interview of Fallout 76 was not satisfactory, Bethesda has been always actively listen to the opinions of fans and adopt them, adding some good ideas to the game, which has created the current Fallout 76.

So fans of Fallout 76 can have high expectations of this game, because it always brings surprises. If you are a fan of Fallout 76, you will need Fallout 76 Bottle Caps. If you want to get the powerful weapons in the game more directly, then you can also directly buy Fallout 76 Items.

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Fallout 76: How To Visit Your Shelter?

Fallout 76: How To Visit Your Shelter?

In almost all Bethesda games, shelters and homes are always an important part, and Fallout 76 is the same. Surprisingly, Fallout 76 didn't have shelters until getting updated to the game, but players can easily catch up with them now.

The Fallout 76 shelters were introduced in the game through the Steel Dawn update, which is one of two shelters related to Brotherhood of Steel. The Brotherhood of Steel is an important faction in Fallout, and Steel Dawn brought this faction back. In this return process, the game also introduced shelters, also known as the C.A.M.P shelters.

In essence, shelters can play a role-playing aspect more than traditional C.A.M.P. This is an area with interior decoration, you can decorate according to your preferences, and there are some unique features that C.A.M.P cannot provide. To access one of them, you first need to select a quest.

How to access the shelter?

Before you visit your shelter, you first need to complete a quest called "Home Expansion" in Fallout 76. This quest was added in the Steel Dawn update, and this is a feature requirement.

To begin the quest, you can go to any train station on the map and look for a Shelters Claims Center poster. Reading the poster will get a quest. The claims center itself can be accessed on the map, but it is much easier to read the poster. However, the Claims Center will be the next step.

You need to go to Vault 51, where you can find a smaller door with Shelters Claim Center sign. There is a robot named Mr. Clark inside, and he will get information on a terminal. Registering on the terminal will give you the ability to start your shelter.

When you return to your C.A.M.P, you can create an entrance in this area to allow you to access your instance. From there, further upgrades can be made.

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