Fallout 76: How To Visit Your Shelter?

In almost all Bethesda games, shelters and homes are always an important part, and Fallout 76 is the same. Surprisingly, Fallout 76 didn't have shelters until getting updated to the game, but players can easily catch up with them now.

The Fallout 76 shelters were introduced in the game through the Steel Dawn update, which is one of two shelters related to Brotherhood of Steel. The Brotherhood of Steel is an important faction in Fallout, and Steel Dawn brought this faction back. In this return process, the game also introduced shelters, also known as the C.A.M.P shelters.

In essence, shelters can play a role-playing aspect more than traditional C.A.M.P. This is an area with interior decoration, you can decorate according to your preferences, and there are some unique features that C.A.M.P cannot provide. To access one of them, you first need to select a quest.

How to access the shelter?

Before you visit your shelter, you first need to complete a quest called "Home Expansion" in Fallout 76. This quest was added in the Steel Dawn update, and this is a feature requirement.

To begin the quest, you can go to any train station on the map and look for a Shelters Claims Center poster. Reading the poster will get a quest. The claims center itself can be accessed on the map, but it is much easier to read the poster. However, the Claims Center will be the next step.

You need to go to Vault 51, where you can find a smaller door with Shelters Claim Center sign. There is a robot named Mr. Clark inside, and he will get information on a terminal. Registering on the terminal will give you the ability to start your shelter.

When you return to your C.A.M.P, you can create an entrance in this area to allow you to access your instance. From there, further upgrades can be made.

This is how to visit your shelter in Fallout 76. In addition, if you want to get more information about Fallout 76, you can find them on MMOAH.

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