Fallout 76: Halloween Is Back In Full

Fallout 76 puts you in a world where you have to work hard to survive, but with the Halloween event coming next week, there are more to be frightened about.

Halloween in Fallout 76 also provides fun times before, but not much in 2020, this year, you can look forward to the full celebration, starting on October 19 and ending on November 2. There are challenges every day and every week, even "trick or treating", so choose your costume, be prepared to compete for some candy, and distribute some generously.

There are enough Spooky Scorched here to get you those and get some treats. These Scorched will be dressed for this occasion and will be spawning like legendary. So you can take it down for a legendary item and some candy. In addition, you will also get a Spooky Treat bag, they are also very kind, take it just to let you enjoy it. Open these and you will get rewards such as ammo, consumables, and even Halloween loot. And the candy you get, you can eat it to get a random buff or save it for Trick or Treating.

Regarding trick-or-treating, you need to have a costume, which will be more effective. You can claim a Spooky candy bowl and can trick or treat in other CAMPs for daily challenges, or collect the candy you collected from your kills and distribute them to other people. Complete challenges and get special loot such as crafting materials, Halloween costumes, even Popcorn Machine, and other rewards.

To learn more about Fallout 76’s Halloween events, you can go to the official website to view, or MMOAH will also update some news so that you can quickly grasp the main information.

In addition, you can come to MMOAH to buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps to make full preparations for the upcoming Halloween event. We hope you can fully enjoy the upcoming content.

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