Fallout 76: More Details About The Purveyor Mystery Pick Event?

In Fallout 76, The Purveyor Mystery Pick event occurs several times per season. If you haven't kept up with the game, you may be unfamiliar with this event. MMOAH will provide more details about this event.

Great gear for a cheaper price

You'll see a notification in a new section of Fallout 76 ‘s home screen when the Purveyor Mystery Pick event is live. That means you have the chance to get some legendary 3-star gear.

To do this, you need to go to The Rusty Pick, where vendor Murmgh has set up shop in the Ash Heap area. As shown below:

Murmgh sells legendary gear for Scrip, normally, 3-star items cost you 100 Scrip, but you can get them for 60 Scrip in the Purveyor Mystery Pick event. However, this comes in the form of Murmgh's Myserty Pick Box, which can contain any armor or weapon, it's all random.

It's a great way to get any 3-star items for a relatively fresh character, but not the best way to get high-end gear for a character you've invested hundreds of hours in.

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