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Seven New Quests Added To Fallout 76 Skyline Valley!

Posted:Jul 03 ,2024

Source: MMOAH

Besides some new maps and new weapons in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley, there are also some new quests centered on a type of Ghoul called Lost and Stolz family of Vault 63.

Vault 63 differs from any other Vault you’ve encountered before, and the inhabitants are all Ghouls, except for the protagonist Hugo Stolz. His story is full of sacrifice, tragedy, and deception, so you need to find out the truth of the story for yourself.

Throughout Skyline Valley, although some quests will never happen after you complete them, they will always exist in your heart. This guide will introduce the newly added quests in Skyline Valley. Come and check it out!

Seven New Quests Added To Fallout 76 Skyline Valley!

Into Lands Unknown

Although this quest is obvious from the name, it only requires entering Lands Unknown. However, this is not the first quest you will encounter after entering Skyline Valley, it is the second, so don’t panic if you don’t find this quest after entering Skyline Valley.

Once you reach Skyline Valley and learn why the sky is covered in red, you’ll encounter Lost, a unique Ghoul variant unique to the area. You can get a closer look at these powerful enemies, but you still need to be careful about your own safety.

Although Lost are essentially armored Ghouls, they can withstand attacks that most feral Ghouls can’t withstand, which means you’ll need more advanced Fallout 76 Items such as weapons and armor to protect yourself.

Remember to familiarize yourself with the horror atmosphere of the surrounding area during this quest, which will make it easier for you to accept the dark story later.

Double-Crossed Wires

Although the name of this quest still reveals a little surprise in the quest, the twist in the story may not be what you expect. The protagonist Hugo mentioned above works closely with one of NPCs, James Oberlin, and seems to have a good relationship, but Hugo is still hiding something from Oberlin.

When you go to High Knob Lookout to find Oberlin’s friend Daniel, you might think it’s just a simple search and rescue mission, and Daniel’s fate is not that special. But the holotape you find in this mission will be your first major choice, and may affect the development of subsequent missions.

Between The Lines

Between The Lines is a relatively simple mission, the purpose of which is to let you get to know the surrounding environment of Vault 63 better, and Hugo’s family: his wife Cassidy and his daughter Audrey.

Even though Cassidy is not so talkative, you can still feel that they have trained Audrey to be a very capable scientist. The family situation and atmosphere in the game set a tone for the rest of the missions - the conflict between Hugo’s ambition and Audrey’s kindness and pragmatism.

You can find a safe of Hugo in this mission, which contains some of Hugo’s intentions.

Eye Of The Storm

The climax of Fallout 76 Skyline Valley is here, Eye Of The Storm, which includes a tough fight with the enhanced Hugo Stolz.

Fallout 76 Eye Of The Storm

But be warned, there may be some glitches in this battle. This will cause Hugo Stolz, who should have surrendered to you, to launch a fierce attack on you. Although the quest mechanism is not perfect, the right to end the story is still in your hands.

Your decision will have a major impact on the direction of Vault 63. Continued suffering or slow progress?

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Oldest Trick In The Book

It has been revealed that Hugo is a very ambitious person, and Oldest Trick In The Book quest well reflects his nature - cold, calculating, and indifferent to others.

In this quest, Hugo asks you to find Alex, an old acquaintance of his daughter - he is the leader of a group of Mothman Cultists. Because Alex and his cultists kidnapped Cassidy, Hugo asks you to bring a tampered book to Alex as a gift of reconciliation.

Do you think Hugo is that kind? The answer is absolutely no. This book makes sure that every situation goes the way Hugo wants it to, which is terrifying! It also makes you feel directly at Hugo’s fierce determination to achieve his goal.

Housekeeping For Hire

On the surface, Housekeeping For Hire seems to be a very unimportant quest, mainly having you perform trivial and small tasks around Vault 63.

In fact, it is much more than that. This quest also gives you an in-depth understanding of the daily life of the residents of Vault 63 and what it is like to live with Hugo. Although you may think they are very rude at first, as you get to know them better, you will find that Margaret, Laurence, and Julio are all innocent pawns in the entire plan.

After this quest, you will feel differently when making decisions about the final stages of Skyline Valley - you will feel a little more considerate of these residents and innocent people.

Powerhouse Of The Cell

Powerhouse Of The Cell is probably the best quest in Fallout 76 Skyline Valley, thanks to the principal antagonist of this quest, Shadow. It is a very scary deformed creature that always appears behind you, which you can imagine as a very thin ghost.

The most annoying thing is that it cannot be defeated and can only be temporarily repelled by your shooting. In addition to this murderous creature chasing after you, you will learn more about Hilda’s experiments in this mission, even if her intentions towards you are not entirely true.

I hope you can understand the entire story of Skyline Valley through these quests, and make a decision that you are very satisfied with. I wish you happy exploration!

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