With the landing of Genshin Impact Version 2.8, players are happy with the new game content, and the most popular among players is the newly launched Diluc and Fischl's outfits. Clearly, these skins are better looking than ever, players want to get them right away, and as the first five-star skin to release, Diluc's Red Dead of Night is now something almost every player wants.

And getting these two gorgeous skins is not difficult, there are the following ways to help us get them.

1. Spend Genesis Crystals in the store to get them.

One of the quickest ways to get Diluc and Fischl skins is to buy them in the in-game shop. Players will need to spend 1680 Genesis Crystals to get Red Dead of Night or Ein Immernachtstraum.

It is worth noting that during Version 2.8, you can also enjoy corresponding discounts. That means you just need to spend 1350 Genesis Crystals as long as you buy them before August 22.

2. Directly purchase accounts with sufficient resources on MMOAH.

It is undeniable that the premise of using these two gorgeous skins is to have the two characters Diluc and Fischl, especially the five-star Diluc. But the cost of wishing may exceed the budget.

So, it may be better to buy an account directly on with Diluc, Fischl and plenty of Genesis Crystals, you just need to spend a definite budget to get them.

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Since the Sumeru region was first revealed in 2020, players have been eager to explore this region based on Southwest Asian and North African cultures. A recent Genshin Impact leak about Sumeru caught a lot of players' attention with three character banners about the Sumeru area that will be launched in version 3.0.

They are the five-star Dendro character Tighnari, the four-star Dendro character Collei, and the four-star Electroclaymore character Dori. Among them, Tighnari is described as a powerful DPS character with a very Arabian style.

However, the controversial point in the leak is that from the design of these characters, and almost all of the costumes contain obvious Southwest Asian and North African cultural elements, such as Egyptian-like jackal head, and they all have Arabic or Sanskrit names. But their complexion is not what it is in reality, instead it is the usual white complexion.

While leaks claim that this isn't the final version, it's undeniable that Hoyoverse's move did break the hearts of some dark-skinned fans, and it added unnecessary controversy to the fan community. After all, racism is an issue that needs to be taken seriously everywhere.

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With Genshin Impact's official announcement that Heize is an upcoming character banner in Version 2.8, players are all focusing on him. If you have planned to include Heizou in your team, prepare it for the ascension in advance, and the materials are sure to help you create the ideal team.

The materials required for Heizou's ascension are different at each stage. Among them, ascension needs mainly include Onikabuto, Runic Fang, and Insignia. We can farm them in the following ways.

1. Onikabuto

This is a strange beetle that is mainly found in Narukami, Kannazuka, Yashiori, and Seirai Island. We will find it in trees and rocks in areas of high Electro concentration. To get it, players have to touch it, and simply knocking down a tree won't get you Onikabuto.

In addition to being an ascension material for Heizou, he can also be used to craft Electro Treasure Compass.

2. Runic Fang

Runic Fang is currently available for the ascension of the most popular 5-star character Yelan, and players need to unlock The Chasm in Liyue first to get it. And get this item by defeating level 30+ Ruin Serpents to drop it.

Fortunately, the amount of Runic Fang required in Heizou's ascension is not large, players can get it through farming.

3. Insignia

Players can repeatedly defeat common enemies to obtain different Insignia drops. And it's worth noting that Insignia's level depends on several hundred enemy levels. At the same time, you can also get advanced Insignia by crafting.

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Although Genshin Impact version 2.7 has just been launched, the content of Version 2.8 has already received a lot of attention. Loyal fans will always look forward to what new surprises the Hoyoverse can bring us.

Combining all the leaks so far, here's what we know about Version 2.8.

1. Release date

According to the official news released on May 19th, Genshin Impact: Version 2.8 will be officially launched on July 13th. This is an update to return to the normal cycle after the delay of version 2.7. According to the previous arrangement, it will continue as usual for six weeks, which ends on August 24.

2. Banner Characters

What I have to mention is that players have been looking forward to the long-awaited four-star character Heizou. According to the voices and rumors of players now, if the character of this Anemo attribute is not introduced in version 2.8, players will definitely be disappointed.

Meanwhile, Yoimiya, Kazuha, and Klee will most likely return to players as Rerun Characters, as they are characters that haven't been reprised since their debut.

3. New Story Quest

There is news that The Golden Apple Archipelago will return with Version 2.8, and the story happens here. Players will most likely receive two quests, the Shikanoin Heizou Hang Out event and Kazuha Story Quest: Acer Palmatum Chapter: Act I.

There are still 40 days before the official releases of Genshin Impact: Version 2.8, and more exciting new content will be announced in the future.

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After a few weeks of the patient waiting, Genshin Impact players finally received the news of the delayed t 2.7 version of "Hidden Dreams in the Depths." From a few days of the official preview live, we can learn about a series of new content that is about to meet players. The official launch time of version 2.7 has been determined to be Tuesday, May 31, 2022, at 11:00 am (UTC), and this update will, as always, bring new characters and limited-time events.

The first is Character Banners, this time two new playable characters will be introduced, they are Yelan and Kuki Shinobu, they will be powerful allies in the trailer:

Phase 1: Yelan/Xiao (5-star)

Phase 2: Arataki Itto (5-star) with Kuki Shinobu (4-star)

Additionally, two new weapons, Aqua Simulacra and Fading Twilight will be introduced. The new limited-time events will also bring considerable rewards to players. They are Perilous Trail (Realms of Guile and War), A Muddy Bizarre Adventure, The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival, and Core of the Apparatus.

It's worth noting that updates after version 2.7 will follow a regular cycle, which means that the banners and events for version 2.7 will end on July 12th. It is expected that the official release of version 2.7 will create a better gaming experience for players.

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A.If you didn't bind any Mihoyo account to your PS4/5 account before

1.Link the Genshin Impact account to your email address

2.Log into Genshin Impact on your PS4/5

3.Follow the instruction to link an Mihoyo account:

4.Enter your email address, and then click "Send code"

Enter the code you received in your email and then click "Link"

6.Link Succesfully, now you can play:

B.If you already bind a Mihoyo account to your PS4/5, then you need to unlink it so that you can bind a different account(One PSN can only bind one Mihoyo account)

1.Write an email to Mihoyo customer service: [email protected]

2.You will receive an email from Mihoyo support within a few days:

3.Click the link in the email, you will have to provide the account details:

4.After submitting the information, you will see the below picture:

5.Once you unlink the account, repeat the A phase at the beginning of this article to link the account you want

Although Genshin Impact 2.1 has not been released yet, Mihoyo has opened beta registration for version 2.2. As usual, the space is also very limited, which means that some registered fans will not be able to enter the test. But for players who want to get an initial understanding of the latest content, this is also worth a try. MMOAH will introduce how to register.

Currently, in the 2.0 content, Genshin Impact is updated every six weeks, and small patches for events and Banners (Yoimiya Event Wish) are added during the update process. Mihoyo usually announces beta tests through its official Discord servers, and these beta tests usually take place a few weeks before the next update is released. Fans can register for version 2.2 beta three weeks before the 2.1 version goes live.

Although there will always be a lot of leaked information released before each update is released, it must be a better experience if you can enter the Genshin Impact beta test. There has been a lot of leaked information about the 2.1 beta version on the internet, including a new weekly boss fight with La Signora, the skills and Talents of playable characters like Sara and Raiden Shogun, and new fishing features. Based on this, fans have higher expectations for version 2.2.

How to sign up for the 2.2 update beta test?

Signing up for the beta test of the game is simple, you can register on the official servers of Genshin Impact Discord, or fill in the necessary Google Docs form. You need to use your Discord ID and username, your UID in the game, and Mihoyo's official account to register. In addition, you need to provide some more specific information, such as your country, age, and character's current Adventure Rank.

Because Genshin Impact has a large number of fans, the chance of being able to participate in the test is very small. Registration is limited, you can only register before 12 pm GMT+8 on August 13th.

If you are not selected, then you can pay more attention to MMOAH, because we will follow the latest news of Genshin Impact and update related articles, featuring more details.

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The Bag of Flower Seeds is a quest item in Genshin Impact, which you can obtain by giving Takashi the Mysterious Conches. Its description indicates that you need to plant the seeds somewhere, and some players even bring the seeds to the Serenitea Pot. But the actual case of Bag of Flower Seeds is not so, so MMOAH will introduce its specific use in detail.

How to get the Bag of Flower Seeds?

The Bag of Flower Seeds is to be given to an NPC - Hanayama Kaoru, so that can spawn a Common Chest. This NPC is located near a small shrine in the northern part of the town of Tatarasuna. However, Hanayama will not appear in a fixed position, so you need to fulfill certain conditions.

More specifically, you need to complete all the tasks of the Tatara Tales World Quest series before you can hand over the Bag of Flower Seeds to Hanayama. This questline is started by talking to Toranosuke or Miyuki at Kujou Encampment, and it unfolds over seven daily resets. This means you need to spend a week to chip away at Tatara Tales before you can convert your Bag of Flower Seeds into prizes.

What is the prize?

The Common Chest contains 20,000 Mora. Although this may not be Inazuma's most exciting reward, once Hanayama finally appears, it is not particularly difficult to obtain it.

How to use the Bag of Flower Seeds?

You only need to talk to the NPC, and then repeat the move, and choose "are these flower seeds any use" in the second dialogue, so when you find that you come to this area, you can stop by the shrine.

This item is a reward for giving Mysterious Conches to Takashi. Both shells and NPC can be found on the small landmass from the water at the north end of Kannazuka. Seeds are not the only thing you can get from Takashi, you can also get the Hamayumi Bow blueprint from him.

In the adventure of Genshin Impact, there may be various challenges waiting for you, so 5-star characters are necessary. The 2.0 update introduces a new hero - Ayaka, if you haven’t been able to get her in the game yet. It is the right choice to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with her on MMOAH.