Genshin Impact: Controversy over new character's skin tone

Since the Sumeru region was first revealed in 2020, players have been eager to explore this region based on Southwest Asian and North African cultures. A recent Genshin Impact leak about Sumeru caught a lot of players' attention with three character banners about the Sumeru area that will be launched in version 3.0.

They are the five-star Dendro character Tighnari, the four-star Dendro character Collei, and the four-star Electroclaymore character Dori. Among them, Tighnari is described as a powerful DPS character with a very Arabian style.

However, the controversial point in the leak is that from the design of these characters, and almost all of the costumes contain obvious Southwest Asian and North African cultural elements, such as Egyptian-like jackal head, and they all have Arabic or Sanskrit names. But their complexion is not what it is in reality, instead it is the usual white complexion.

While leaks claim that this isn't the final version, it's undeniable that Hoyoverse's move did break the hearts of some dark-skinned fans, and it added unnecessary controversy to the fan community. After all, racism is an issue that needs to be taken seriously everywhere.

It is believed that Hoyoverse can finally bring us satisfactory handling, bringing all fans a satisfied Sumeru area and more amazing new characters. will continue to bring you more Genshin Impact information and Genshin Impact Accounts for sale, you can always visit us and get in touch with us.

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