Genshin Impact: How to get Diluc and Fischl's new outfits?

With the landing of Genshin Impact Version 2.8, players are happy with the new game content, and the most popular among players is the newly launched Diluc and Fischl's outfits. Clearly, these skins are better looking than ever, players want to get them right away, and as the first five-star skin to release, Diluc's Red Dead of Night is now something almost every player wants.

And getting these two gorgeous skins is not difficult, there are the following ways to help us get them.

1. Spend Genesis Crystals in the store to get them.

One of the quickest ways to get Diluc and Fischl skins is to buy them in the in-game shop. Players will need to spend 1680 Genesis Crystals to get Red Dead of Night or Ein Immernachtstraum.

It is worth noting that during Version 2.8, you can also enjoy corresponding discounts. That means you just need to spend 1350 Genesis Crystals as long as you buy them before August 22.

2. Directly purchase accounts with sufficient resources on MMOAH.

It is undeniable that the premise of using these two gorgeous skins is to have the two characters Diluc and Fischl, especially the five-star Diluc. But the cost of wishing may exceed the budget.

So, it may be better to buy an account directly on with Diluc, Fischl and plenty of Genesis Crystals, you just need to spend a definite budget to get them.

MMOAH insists on bringing you the lowest price products. You can buy Genshin Impact Accounts at to meet your resource needs for characters, skins, weapons and more.

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