Genshin Impact - How do I install the account on my PS4/5?

A.If you didn't bind any Mihoyo account to your PS4/5 account before

1.Link the Genshin Impact account to your email address

2.Log into Genshin Impact on your PS4/5

3.Follow the instruction to link an Mihoyo account:

4.Enter your email address, and then click "Send code"

Enter the code you received in your email and then click "Link"

6.Link Succesfully, now you can play:

B.If you already bind a Mihoyo account to your PS4/5, then you need to unlink it so that you can bind a different account(One PSN can only bind one Mihoyo account)

1.Write an email to Mihoyo customer service: [email protected]

2.You will receive an email from Mihoyo support within a few days:

3.Click the link in the email, you will have to provide the account details:

4.After submitting the information, you will see the below picture:

5.Once you unlink the account, repeat the A phase at the beginning of this article to link the account you want

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