Pitt Creates Some Unique Gameplay Possibilities For Fallout 76's Next DLC - Expeditions
Source: MMOAH

Fallout 76 takes you back to the post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh, which is also Pitt. The background of this game is set in West Virginia, which makes many fans of Fallout 3 hope to return to the locations from Fallout 3, but Pitt probably is the most unique location Bethesda can choose.

Using its full potential, Pitt can add a whole new level of gameplay to Fallout 76. There are already some hints about unique monsters in the trailer. You can also see that the latest Fallout 76 Expedition adds some interesting new mechanics and new opportunities. If you like PvE or PvP, then you won't want to miss it.

The Pitt

Pitt first appeared in Fallout 3, the background of this game is 2277, and Fallout 76 happened earlier in 2102, which is a few decades after the Great War that turned the world into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. According to the trailer, there will be several key return elements. From the original Pitt, a new level of gameplay can be added.


In Fallout 76, Trogs may add a whole new element to multiplayer gameplay. Bethesda can design some multiplayer elements that will be the game, that is, different types of Trogs have different characteristics.

You can find yourself crawling slowly through the ruins of Pittsburgh, avoiding any dark areas where Trogs may spawn, and be careful not to make a sound.

In Fallout 76, Pitt will finally make you feel that it is a survival horror game, which is very exciting, but this should not be the only opportunity setting an expansion in the Pitt creates for Fallout 76.

The Hole

In Hole, you need to fight through three rounds. First faced with 3 slaves, then 2 powerful gladiators, and finally Hole's champion - Gruber.

Fallout 76 took place a few years before Fallout 3, raiders might have begun to establish settlements and use Hole as an arena. The Hole can be used as some of the excellent PvP stages in Fallout 76, allowing you to become a champion in battle.

So far, details about Pitt have not been revealed, but it will have great potential. So when the Expedition is released, it's time for fans to be excited. At that time, players' demand for Fallout 76 Bottle Caps should rise again, and it seems that there will be an increase in prices. So now is a good time to buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps.

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