Unveil The Mystery Of Uniques Dropped By New Tier 17 Bosses In Path Of Exile 3.24

Tier 17 maps in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League introduce new bosses and unique items for players to acquire. However, rather than introducing entirely new Uniques, these are revamped existing unique items extracted from the core drop pool, significantly enhanced, and reintroduced exclusively as drops from these bosses.

Unveil The Mystery Of Uniques Dropped By New Tier 17 Bosses In Path Of Exile 3.24

The Dark Seer Unique Sceptre

Let’s get to the first unique item - the Dark Seer Scepter. It’s getting a large buff. Because of this change, the Dark Seer Scepter will now have plus 2 to the level of all spell skill gems, and it now rolls between 1 and 2 mana and energy shield per level. Therefore, when you reach high levels, you will gain a lot of manas and the energy shield from it.

There has been a major change to the Malediction part of the item as well. Malediction is a good debuff. It makes monsters take 10% of increased damage and deal 10% reduced damage. The way Dark Seer worked is that there were 3 different types of the weapon: one that granted life and mana, one that granted life and energy shield, and one that granted mana and energy shield.

In terms of which boss the new Dark Seer will drop from, it will come from the Uber Lycia fight. Dark Seer was a Beyond League Unique, and with the Scourge replacing Beyond. It makes sense that this item drops from the Herald of the Scourge up. For a smoother Uber boss fight, obtaining POE Currency is crucial.

Manastorm Unique Shield

Next up is another unique item which is called the Manastorm. This Shield makes you sacrifice all of your mana whenever you cast a spell, and added maximum lightning damage is gained based on the amount of mana sacrificed. As part of this change, the percentage on this modifier went from 25% to 50%, so you now gain added maximum lightning damage equal to 50% of the mana sacrificed.

Path Of Exile 3.24 Manastorm Unique Shield

Be aware that this is added maximum damage, so you want a source of lucky lightning damage if possible. But that’s not the only change that they made to this item because they’re also adding 2 new stats and changing 2 old stats.

It will now have a roll range for 4 modifiers on the item: that’s maximum mana, mana regeneration rate, mana per enemy killed, and mana recovery from flasks, ranging from 1 to 100. The new Manastorm Shield will drop from the Uber Uhtred fight.

Wraithlord Unique Helmet

Let’s get on to the massively improved Wraithlord Helmet. This helmet now has 4 slots for the Ghastly Eye Jewel, so that’s going to be an extra 4 spectres. It also has plus 1 to 2 the level of all minion skill gems as well. This will be a good unique item starting choice for the Necropolis League. The new Wraithlord will drop from the Uber Catarina Abyssal Lich fight.

Malachai’s Mark Unique Gloves

Next, we have the improved Malachai’s Mark gloves. If you don’t know how these gloves work, they grant a buff every 6 seconds which rotates through Malachai's Endurance, Frenzy, and Power. In Path of Exile 3.24, the chance to gain charges will instead be changed from 20% chance from kills to 10% chance from hits.

Path Of Exile 3.24 Malachai’s Mark

You will need a decent hit rate, only 10% chance, and you’ll also be wanting to invest in some charge duration if you want to keep the charges up. If the other predictions for which the boss drops which unique are correct, that would leave these gloves being dropped by the final boss, the Uber Malachai.

Yoke Of Suffering Unique Amulet

Last comes to a unique amulet, the Yoke of Suffering. This amulet is getting a far simpler change in POE 3.24. The modifier, which makes enemies take increased damage for each different type of ailment that you’ve inflicted on them, will now have a roll range going from a fixed 5% increase damage taken to 5 to 10% increase damage taken.

This amulet can make enemies take increased damage is a powerful stat on a lot of builds, especially the type of builds that want to make use of this, because they often only have one other source of increased damage taken on enemies. This one will drop from the Uber Unbreakable boss fight.

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