New Content Will Appear In Genshin Impact 1.2 Update

The Genshin Impact 1.2 update will be released on December 23. Mihoyo has released related trailers to show players the upcoming content in advance. It will be a larger update compared to the 1.1update. It not only introduces new playable heroes and content, but also a new Domain and region, which makes fans extremely excited.

Albedo & Ganyu

So far, Albedo and Ganyu are two new characters that have been determined, but as The Chalk Prince and the Dragon develops, you may encounter more new characters.

Dragonspine & the Peak of Vindagnyr

Dragonspine will be available in the 1.2 update, in addition to a new area - the Peak of Vindagnyr, you can challenge this Domain to obtain new artifacts. These artifacts are Blizzard Strayer and Heart of Depth sets, they can improve Cryo and Hydro users.

Some new weapons will also appear: 

                                                        Dragonspine Spear


                                                        Festering Desire

                                                        Snow-Tombed Silverstar

Freeze Mechanic

Dragonspine will introduce a new freeze mechanic, which is different from Frozen. The freeze mechanic is similar to a gauge. When you enter this area, the temperature will slowly drop. As the temperature continues to drop, your health is slowly decreasing. At this time, you need to use some tools to keep your health. For example, Pyro spells, campfires, and braziers will all be useful tools.


Pets will appear in Genshin Impact for the first time. The 1.2 pet is called Mini-Seelie. It will always follow you. Because of this, many players are guessing whether it will replace Paimon. There will be three different Mini-Seelie, you need to get them by unlocking the Lost Riches event.

You will welcome this exciting content next week. We don't know if Mihoyo will leak more information before December 23. If so, MMOAH will update relevant news in time.

It is indisputable that Albedo will be in the spotlight, because he is the main character of this update, and we are all looking forward to him. If he is worth getting, don't forget to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with him on MMOAH. And the price must be within your acceptable range.

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