How Could This Be? Fallout 76 Free Stares Militia Has Been Banned From Facebook Again

This is bad news for fans of Fallout 76, because the place they frequently logged on has been banned from Facebook again. The communities created around the games have places for gathering, organizing and coordination outside the game, but the Free Militia is more difficult than imagined.

The Free Militia is a very popular and social group in Fallout 76. Its members participate in grand role-playing wars and social events in the game, but they have been banned twice by Facebook's platform. Since this incident has not received a response from Facebook, the Free States players speculated that it was related to the US Capitol riots on January 6.

Free States

This is the actual faction in Fallout 76. After the nuclear war and the decline of American civilization, Free States get together to maintain an independent existence in the Appalachian region, and got rid of the tyranny of factions such as Enclave or the Brotherhood of Steel.

At present, The Free States Militia has not obtained a complete explanation from FB, and they have not been able to discuss the matter with FB staff.

Why it is banned?

And the boss of The Free States Council provided a screenshot with some sentences on it: You can't comment until February 7, and you have posted things that don't follow our community standards more than once. This means that Facebook believes that the group has incited, discussed public harm and declared violence, or participated in violencess. But the boss said that their behavior does not have the above problems. Their stories are consistent with the Free States Militia of Fallout 76. 5% are group events and 5% are photos of the game. They write about their characters and adventures in the wasteland.

In any case, this is indeed frustrating news. It is absurd if the content of the game is taken as reality. Games are games. Because of the riots in Capitol, it is understandable that many game officials now choose to act cautiously.

But this will not affect your enjoyment of the game, you can still immerse yourself in the game. And Fallout 76 is really getting better and better. Because of the previous fans' demands, the official even introduced wheelchairs into the game, so the game that pays so much attention to fans is worth playing.

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