Genshin Impact 1.1 Character Tier List
Genshin Impact 1.1 Character Tier List

In Genshin Impact, there are more than 24 heroes for you to choose from. You can let them join your team. With the release of 1.1, new characters have shown up, such as Childe, Zhongli, Diona, etc. And there are some previously inconspicuous characters that have begun to show their own value, and continue to upgrade, such as Bennett and Sucrose. So the character ranking will change to a certain extent, we also give a list for reference only.

S Tier

Diluc - Pyro, Claymore

He is the best character in Genshin Impact, even if Childe's appearance has not been able to shake his position, he is one of the best DPS characters, can cause high damage in a short time.

Venti - Anemo, Bow

In fact, Venti and Diluc are both qualified to be the first place, which makes me very entangled! Because Venti can shock the entire army in an instant.

Qiqi - Ice, Sword

She is an excellent healer who can heal teammates for enormous health in a short period of time, and can also increase her attacks.

Razor - Electro, Claymore

If you like one-on-one combat, he is a good choice.

Tartaglia(Childe) - Hydro, Bow plus Polearm

He can become an army by himself, because he is good at close combat and long-range combat. This is amazing. Even if he is not the main character in the team, as long as he is in your team, all the players' attack will be boosted.

A Tier

Klee - Pyro, Catalyst

In fact, Klee is a neglected character, she is much stronger than imagined, she can easily defeat the enemy. However, you need to use her as your main damage output and equip her with good weapons and artifacts in order to maximize her value.

Keqing - Electro, Sword

In addition to her mobility, she can also quickly maneuver on the battlefield and attack quickly to cause great damage.

Fischl - Electro, Bow

The damage she caused will not be shocking, but her flexibility can make up for this shortcoming. Because she uses a bow, she can attack the enemy from a distance, and then use the Elemental Burst to easily avoid the enemy's attack.

Jean - Anemo, Sword

She mixes Venti's crowd control ability and Qiqi's healing ability, but she cannot replace them.

Mona - Water, Catalyst

She is the best candidate for traversal, because only she can run across the water. Her Elemental Burst can trap enemies in Hydro Bubble, which is cool.

Bennett - Pyro, Sword

He has always been a strong backing for the team and has been silently performing his dual duties. Not only can he enhance the strength of his teammates, he will increase the attack for his teammates when their health exceeds 70%, and but he will also give treatment when teammates' health is below 70%.

Xiangling - Pryo, Polearm

She can produce flames with a certain damage rate.

B Tier

Diona - Cryo, Bow

She can not only heal teammates but also use shields to resist enemy damage.

Chongyun - Ice, Claymore

His Elemental Skill helps him freeze enemies, so if you can combine him with a figure with the Hydro, the effect will be beyond imagination.

Barbara - Water, Catalyst

She is a simple healer.

Sucrose - Anemo, Catalyst

Many people think she is a substitute for Venti, which is correct, so when Venti is not available, it is a good choice to use her as a replacement.

Xingqu - Water, Sword

Beidou - Electro, Claymore

She is a cool character who can easily create shields and Electro damage. If used properly, she is actually a very powerful character.

Ningguang - Geo, Catalyst

C Tier

Lisa - Electro, Catalyst

Kaeya - Ice, Sword

Noelle - Geo, Claymore

If you were only concerned about chasing powerful characters like Diluc and Venti before, now you might as well take a look at some of the more common heroes. Maybe they will surprise you later, as long as you equip them with appropriate weapons and artifacts.

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