Fallout 76 Update Will Introduce A Better Inventory & Menus

In 2021, Bethesda will introduce some new content to improve the game experience in a dedicated patch for Fallout 76, and make the game inventory and menu more perfect. The latest update has added the Brotherhood of Steel to it, also bringing a lot of new content to players.

You can also use the brand new C.A.M.P shelters. These are basically locations in your base. Since the rules for placing items are not strict, you can decorate them in an unusual way.

At present, fans are paying attention to the Season 3 of Fallout 76 to be released next week. Bethesda is preparing to improve the inventory and menu, which are exactly what players need.


According to Bethesda's announcement: The stash limit in the game will be increased by 50%, which means that you will have more space to store new items you find in the wastelands. In order to further improve inventory handling, there will be a special description for stacked items.


The menu will have three additional tags to sort items: New, Armor, Food/Drink. New includes items collected during the current session.

These new features will arrive in Fallout 76 in 2021. So Fallout 76 may be very much anticipated, because the latest Steel Dawn has brought fans a new gaming experience, which is enough for fans to explore for a while. New armor, new items, new enemies, and new challenges are all that makes fans excited.

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