Fallout 76: CAMPs And SPECIAL Attributes More Flexible

Two big expansions of Fallout 76, Wastelanders and Steel Dawn, added more value to the post-apocalyptic title. The game introduced "Inventory Update", and now the stash limit has been increased from 800 pounds to 1200 pounds. And new tabs have been added to the inventory menu to make sorting easier and more.

Now, Bethesda has announced another update with quality of life changes. For a long time, the player community has requested a way to be able to reset the SPECIAL attributes of the character so that it's faster and simpler to overhaul their build.


Now, starting from level 25, you will be able to access SPECIAL Loadouts, which provide a brand new ability. As long as you are in CAMP, you can reboot all your SPECIAL points, which will allow you to create and save custom SPECIAL point allocations and Perk Card assignments, and then switch between them.


And, this update will make CAMPs more flexible, because you can create multiple CAMPs, each with its own location, budget, custom name, and even a unique map icon, although you can only have one active CAMP at a time, you can easily switch between them using the new CAMP build widget or the CAMP icons on the map.

Daily Ops activities

Fallout 76 also obtained the first expansion for its Daily Ops activities in a "Decryption" game mode. In this mode, you can hunt down enemy "code carriers" to disable radio interceptors for Vernon Dodge. Enemies will cause higher damage because their attacks can bypass your armor resistances. Some new Daily Ops locations have appeared, including Vault 96 and Watoga Raider Arena.

Other additions

This update includes a new target assist setting, expands the World Activity Menu and tunes to melee combat to feel smoother and more reliable.

Add crafting sliders to all Workbench menus, and you will be able to assemble, forge, cook or make an entire stack of items.

This update may be launched on Friday, February 5th. We look forward to players' feedback at that time and MMOAH will continue to pay attention to relevant news.

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