Fallout 76: Additions Of NPCs Greatly Improves The Game
Source: MMOAH

In 2020, the Wastelanders update finally solves a major problem in Fallout 76, which is the lack of NPCs and meaningful dialogue options. These two features are the main content of the Fallout series, and they did not appear in Fallout 76, which disappointed fans. Afterwards, the development team actively listened to the suggestions of fans, re-introduced these features, and Fallout 76 became better and better now.

Fallout 76 introduces some big changes that are different from other games in the series. Compared with previous games, Fallout is more focused on action and PVP rather than narrative. This approach was criticized by players from the beginning. The lack of human NPCs makes the game lack a certain depth.

The Wastelanders update was released in April 2020 and finally added some long-requested features to the game. Human NPCs and meaningful story choices can provide players with the interactions they lacked in Fallout 76.

In Fallout 76, combat may be a prominent feature, but in the eyes of most players, this is not the reason why the series is attractive. The fascinating storyline and characters are undoubtedly one of the reasons that attract many fans to return to the game one after another.

Without well-written and meaningful characters to consolidate the player as part of the Fallout world, the unique world construction of the game cannot stand out. In this regard, Fallout 76 did not meet player expectations.

The return of characters, dialogue choices, and other elements that increase the player’s freedom and meaning effectively complete the game design. Some fans even feel that Fallout 76 has successfully surpassed its bland release.

At present, Fallout 76 seems to have reached its best condition, because it re-introduces the content that fans love. Fans look forward to the content that will be more focused on adding more of this long-term gameplay.

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