ACNH: It's Time To Put Up Christmas Lights, Some People Are Already Well Prepared!
ACNH: It's Time To Put Up Christmas Lights, Some People Are Already Well Prepared!

The time is mid-November in Animal Crossing New Horizons. It's time to say goodbye to Halloween and prepare for the next upcoming event.

Many players have begun to decorate their islands to welcome the arrival of Christmas. Snow will not appear in the game until December 10th, but players have already begun to decorate their islands with lights and decorations, and some have created customized ones. The paths are lined with colorful light bulbs and special holiday-themed costumes. They even decorate the lawn.

Some players have already entered the winter season ahead of schedule. They have replaced pumpkin fields with Christmas trees. Others have made cider trucks, customized Christmas pattern furniture, and designed vineyards for upcoming events.

In the previous game, whenever it is December, the villagers' houses will be decorated with lights and snowballs are scattered on the island. You can use them to make snowmen. On December 24, you can get holiday-themed items.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf allows players to dress up as Santa Claus and distribute gifts to all villagers in order to obtain special furniture, but New Horizons may be a little different.

Some players may have obtained Christmas trees and reindeer costumes through time travel. Those players who haven't use time travel can only wait until you get these in the next month.

If you are suffering from not having fresh content in ACNH, you can prepare for the arrival of Christmas from now on. If you have no specific decoration plan for right now, you can refer to other players' islands!

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