You Can Enjoy Free Elder Scrolls Online Plus For Nearly a Week This August

It is well known that the players of the Elder Scrolls Online are not able to purchase the game and any expansion pack you want without any costing unless you are already one of the ESO Plus members, which includes the following VIP perks to unlock, such as enjoying all DLC game packs for free, 1650 monthly crowns for buying in-game items, unlimited storage for crafting materials, exclusive deals, as well as loads of additional bonuses.

Not all players are members of ESP Plus before, so ESO announced to release an ESO Plus Free Trial for nearly a week from August 8 to August 12, during which all non-ESO Plus members can also enjoy the VIP perks. That's to say, you can play all DLC packs for free in the period, even earn the equipment you had to buy with ESO Gold in the past, take time, guessed that you would fall in love with the feeling of privilege.
In six days, you will explore some new zones and complete challenges which you have never seen before and get special rewards, all of them can be found on Elder Scrolls Online official site.
It is allowed to start your own ESO Plus Trial as the following steps below if you are just a visitor:

  1. Download ESO, and then sign up for an account to log in
  2. Navigate to the Crown Store and select ESO Plus tab
  3. Click free trial option

After that, you can enjoy all of the benefits of ESO Plus subscription in the limited time.
The charm of ESO can't be stopped, good luck on your adventure.

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