After a long wait, The Elder Scrolls Online's latest Chapter High Isle has finally landed on PC. And for console gamers, you might have to wait a bit, High Isle is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 consoles on June 21.

This new and long-publicized DLC will bring players a very exciting and in-depth story, totaling a staggering 30 hours. In it, players can travel to the far-flung Systres Archipelago to continue advancing the Legacy of the Bretons.

At the same time, Bethesda will also bring new Companions, and they are Ember the Khajiit and Isobel Veloise the Breton Knight. Players can experience their unique questline and story along the way.

Also, in terms of gameplay. High Isle also includes a lot of attractive new mechanics. The first is Tales of Tribute, which can be enjoyed with friends, a new card game where you can earn prestige points for winning. The new large team battle Dreadsail Reef is also extremely exciting, players will be able to form a huge team of 12 to fight against the fearsome Dreadsail pirates and receive many rewards after winning.

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It was nearly one month since the day of Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr arrived, about 13.5 million players now are across PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One along with the expansion of Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr. We must acknowledge the hybrid payment model of "buy-to-play" in ESO played an important role in an age where free-to-play games were viewed as the future.

During E3 2019 conference in the early month, the developer of Elder Scrolls Online discussed the game's state and next plan after the success of Elsweyr.

After trying the Necromancer and the dragons, the players enjoyed the new zone full of new characters, quests, dungeons and more and made the Necromancer become the most requested class since the original first live beta.

Right now, Bethesda seems to have found a good rhythm, earlier this year, the Wrathstone with two fantastic new dungeons brought two new rewards, gear and enemies to fight. In addition to the release, the Update 21 also introduces the fantastic Zone Guide feature.

Next Bethesda is going to release Scalebreaker, another dungeon-focused pack for PvE players to move on to after Elsweyr. Meanwhile we can see the Dragonhold, a story-focuses DLC update similar to last year's Murkmire near the end of the year.

A new story structure across the entire year would be experimented instead of each DLC and expansion telling an entirely self-contained story. Take Season of the Dragon for an example, which is a year-long plot taking Elsweyr as the heart, dating from Wrathstone and being finished at the forthcoming next DLC updates.

Lambert, the creative director on Elder Scrolls Online said, "We did a lot of standalone stories in the past and one of the reasons we decided to try the season-long storyline is because players were having a very difficult time figuring out where to go and what to do with all of the updates we had in a year. The reception that we've had this year and how players have latched out the format, it makes a lot of sense to revisit that."

More importantly, an Oblivion-focuses expansion could go well. The next expansions will tap into the same sort of nostalgia to make them more popular and allow for a large, unexplored new zone.

We are expected it would be better than ever on Elder Scroll Online very much with the Tamriel Unlimited update in the following year.

From the recent E3 2019 Conference Bethesda released the next plan for the game of the Elder Scrolls Online with a bunch of new information. Today, MMOAH introduces to all of you about what is new in the Elder Scrolls Online from a new trailer.

New dungeons
Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok are two new dungeons, which are needed to conquer in the new DLC package Scalebreaker. Players are planed to fight with dragons in order to exchange for new items and collectibles including great mementos, titles and skins for hard mode completions like usual. They are going to challenge bosses and winding paths in these exciting new dungeons.

New zone
Following the storyline "Year of the Dragon", the Elder Scrolls Online is going to put the final chapter in the Season of Dragons, Dragonhold in November. Which would bring more quests and narrative content accompanied with a new zone in the south of Elsweyr, Pellitine. Once land here, warriors will have to survive in a barren wasteland ruined by plague and famine as they to reform the legendary Dragonguard.

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Good News that most players of the Elder Scrolls Online have known! It's expected that the announcement has been released from the Elder Scrolls Online, also known generally as ESO by the public, is about the expansion entitled Elsweyr, which will launch on June 4th on time without any surprise. Comparing the latest version, two new elements would run through the whole game line, here is a peek at what it's capable of.

The Necromancers class was mentioned in the new trailer for the upcoming expansion according to the developer, which are able to summon the fallen undead and even making use of corpses to overwhelm all their enemies. In other words, they can not only be immortal but also raising the dead,requiring a certain level of subtlety not found in the game's other classes. Obviously, magic but unreality in unison are tied up the ‘Elsweyr'.

What needs to be added is that the Necromancers is an outlaw class even a crime rather than justice, as the players may be take on a bit of increased risk in exchanged for developed excitement.

Another element adding to the Elder Scrolls Online is Dragons, and which is the first look at the return of dragons for all players. No matter in this wild and untamed land of the Khajiit, fertile grassland or winding canyons and wild borderlands, smart players will pay much attention to the fearsome Dragons that soar the skies of Elsweyr at any time. During the explorations, fun and danger would coexist.

What's more, a challenging group experience cannot do without teamwork, absolutely it's necessary to gather your strongest allies to take the fantastic 12-player Trial, which is a to judge the comprehensive strength of you and your companion by battling with a group of menacing Dragons. With so much information, you're supposed to be armed to move on and bulid a strong team. Please REMEMBER, if you want to search for more about Elsweyr OR ESO Gold, MMOAH.COM must be your best choice. We got what you need on this Website shelf now, so click it directly!

For the first time in the Elder Scrolls franchisethe beautifully complex Argonian race is finally centred under the spotlight in the newest DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. Murkmire, the most recent zone DLC, offers a rich delve into the culture of the Argonians — a marginalized, misunderstood and mistreated reptilian people native to the lands of Black Marsh. Murkmire has quickly become my favourite ESO zone to date due to its excellent execution of showing the harsh swamp environment of the Argonians to be just as beautiful and misunderstood as they are.

The land of Murkmire can be accessed by travelling directly there via Wayshrines once the DLC has been unlocked or purchased. It is apparent almost immediately that this land distinguishes itself from ones we have seen before: it is not conventionally pretty or appealing. It is not a place that players and lovers of fantasy would initially beg to find themselves the way they typically do with the more objectively beautiful places such as Summerset. Its swampy, humid environment teems with dangerous flora and fauna, yet still presents itself in a surprisingly attractive light.

I found it easy to fall in love with the world. I originally had low expectations for the visual appeal of a place themed around marshes, but many of its regions burst with colourful plants and shrouded temples, giving it a really unique, subtropical charm. There are tons of tribal elements built into the Argonian culture — ancient religious artefacts and shamanic connections with the trees, to name a few — that just feels different from previous races we’ve come to know in the Elder Scrolls.  Many of the quests funnel us through temples that give strong Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark vibes, and exploration through the mysteriously exotic land truly makes you feel like you’re on an adventure rather than just being told you’re on one.

One for the Lorebooks

Journals and books are scattered everywhere in Murkmire, and it is worth your time to slow down and flip through them when you get the chance. Previously, we’ve known very little about the Argonians and have seldom seen them in a light where they haven’t been completely subjugated or pushed to the corners of society. The lore around the world of Murkmire thus becomes invaluable — this truly is the first opportunity we’ve gotten to dive deep into this culture, and it is very worth taking advantage of.

In terms of content, Murkmire is a pretty great deal for loyal ESO players, as it comes as a daily reward in the month of November for dedicated players who log in every day of the month, or as free DLC for ESO Plus members. For casual players, the price is 2,000 crowns, or a little more than $20, which is highly worth the purchase on the condition that you have a keen interest in Elder Scrolls lore. There are tons of new weapon sets that can be unlocked in quests or in the arena, two new delves, and a new arena map called Blackrose Prison.

While it is disappointing that there are no new public or private dungeons and therefore no real way to queue up for a cooperative group activity in this world, this zone is simply more tailored for individual adventurers who will find no shortage of standard quests. If taking your time to read the endless amounts of dialogue and texts isn’t your cup of tea, then the DLC offers little more than a nice new area to do more of the same quests in, and unfortunately I don’t see much draw for the brand new player or the player who rarely logs into the game.

Beauty in Strangeness

I found myself very pleasantly surprised about the Murkmire DLC and loved it so much that I think it could have easily stood alone as a chapter had it been given more content. I would not build up expectations about what the DLC brings to the table: it is not a new chapter, simply a new zone, and this is what it excels in being. The world feels incredibly alive, with reptiles like crocodiles and lizards scuttling around everywhere in sight and plants giving off toxic gases should you get too close in proximity.  The unique integration of a highly tribal, ancient-jungle-meets-swamp world into a game that most typically displays elements of traditional fantasy is done masterfully, and I would recommend any hardcore Elder Scrolls fan to lose themselves in its strangeness and beauty. It will not offer you any new gameplay mechanics, unique quest activities or even a new dungeon, and this is where I find that the ESO DLCs truly have room to grow. Until then, we’ll have to settle in and enjoy the exploration and tireless grinding that this new zone greatly encourages.

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