Todd Howard Respond to Fallout 76 poor launch acknowledging damage to Bethesda's reputation
Todd Howard Respond to Fallout 76 poor launch acknowledging damage to Bethesda's reputation

It have lasted for over half one year since Fallout 76 released last November, we have talked a lot in the past news. However, we always hear the voice about plenty of technical issues. Explained by Todd Howard, the poor release of Fallout 76 extremely did damage to Bethesda's reputation and the Fallout brand overall. During the period of time, more and more players are getting less interest in Fallout 76 with poor reviews. The developer responded to the poor launch and made an explanation for all players as well as the ones who are focusing on the game on May 2.

The difficulties are larger than the team expected at the time of launch, but they never expected Fallout 76 to get the best review scores. Howard acknowledged the team knew Fallout 76 was "not a high Metacritic game" , but it's about "what the game becomes".

What we can't deny is that it's really turned around,that's because the game does seem better than it was launch, as well as even become a fabulous game with an incredible community.

They next plan is keeping making the game better to make sure the game's community can get more out of it down the line.

According to the data on GameSpot sister Metacritic, the scores were 53, 52 and 49 respectively on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Which is much difference that the precious Fallout series release, Fallout 4 in 2015 got a Metacritic score in the high-80s across console and PC.

Even though criticized for a long time, Howard is still confident in huge release and a chart-topper for sales. Maybe it's not the most difficult, however with trouble and time consumed, after all the travel is a little out of the way. We are also in the expectation of better game.

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