The Elder Scrolls Online Battlegrounds PVP Mode Guide: Domination, Team Deathmatch And Capture The Flag

Battlegrounds is one of small-scale updates of the Elder Scrolls Online based PVP, introducing fast-paced PVP matches for three 4-player teams in smaller, arena-like environment. Here, it is a guide about Battlegrounds PVP battle in different modes.

As we all know, there are a total of three modes to play in Battlegrounds, Domination, Team Deatchmatch and Capture the Flag, and each of them has different strategies and methods.

With the mode, each team has to capture control points spread throughout the map. There are four flags, and three of which are assigned to three teams, the other needs to be found on the map. Whenever you capture a flag and control it for a period of time, you can add points to your team, finally the team with the first 500 points can end the entire game early.

The fastest way to get the flag is to kill the enemies, otherwise they will steal these flags, and when you face someone strong, you'd better form a team with others and find another flag with the help of others.

Team Deathmatch
This is a different mode from Domination mode, you don't need to capture flags or anything else all day. What you have to do is to kill the enemies as much as possible in the chaos of battle, no targets to capture, the team that gets more kills wins. And a team with enough frags could end the game before time.

Capture the Flag
You have to capture the enemies' flags and defend your own fro being stolen. This is the key to your victory, and the final result of the Capture the Flag mode depends on capturing the artifact from beneath the enemies' flag and bringing it back to your own base.

During 4vs4 games, you must spread out to gather more flags and earn points, until the end of the game, points will be awarded to the team that scored the most before its end, if any team scores 500 points, the game will end early.

No matter in which mode, you have many opportunities to get rewards, which is also one of the meanings of the Battlegrounds update, such as XP, Alliance points, gold and a leaderboards score. Remember, this is not a game for you alone, so you'd better form your friends to work hard and earn points, good luck on your adventure.

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