The Effective Methods Of Level Up Rapidly In Fallout 76 Part One
The Effective Methods Of Level Up Rapidly In Fallout 76 Part One

Nowadays, it has been a trend among the young to make a team with their friends and jump into a hot online game, and Fallout 76 just became one of the games relying on interesting gameplay and game modes. Although Fallout 76 was released to generally mixed reviews, its long-term online players have been increasing, which brings a serious issue to be discussed frequently how to level up rapidly in Fallout 76. In short, the equipment available at a limited level in Fallout 76 is limited, so if you want to get more advanced weapons or equipment, it is definitely helpful for you to reach a higher level.

To level up soon, you need to earn more XP, in addition to completing the daily quests in game reminded by the game system, there are several hidden tips to learn more about how to play better in the game and save much time.

Kill Harder Enemies
That may seem like the most common method in almost all online games, the players can earn XP and rewards by killing enemies. Similarly, when you are fighting, the enemies are divided into different types in Fallout 76, the hard enemies you kill, the more XP you can get. For example, the amount of XP you get by killing Scorched Conqueror is nearly 20 times than the ones of killing Basic Scorched enemies.

Under normal situation, the relatively high-level monsters live in places where few players go, and if you want to gain more XP, go east, but be sure to protect yourself from being killed by the enemies.

Fighting with the enemies all day will spend lots of hours during the game, but it is also a major source of experience in Fallout 76 to level up. By the way, sometimes part of the rewards you earn by killing are rare, even they can only be bought by Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, so be sure to take the chance.

Relax- Sleeping and Eating
Besides, enough sleep and food can keep you physically fit, when you are relaxing for a long time, your character can get extra XP, but you'd better choose to sleep in a more comfortable environment, which takes only a few minutes in real life. Never eat unhealthy food, or you will get sick.

Join Events
When you move your character to a new area, it might trigger some events, during the period, the main task is still killing the enemies, but you have the right to choose the types of events. For example, you jump into a more dangerous event, which is a good chance to farm high-level enemies, once you killed them, you can earn the rewards and XP mentioned above.

Events don't always exist with time limited, so you need to keep eyes on the announcements and news of the game, if necessary, you can form a team to fight with your friends.

These are part of the methods to level up rapidly in Fallout 76 we discuss, get more information on, and click here to quick access to the next part: The Effective Methods Of Level Up Rapidly In Fallout 76 Part Two.

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