Project New Leaf has just kicked off in Maplestory 2 Recently: What To Expect From That In The Near Future?

Welcome to Project New Leaf! Project New Leaf is Nexon MapleStory 2 producer initiative to make MapleStory 2 a better game by addressing your concerns and feedback.

With Project New Leaf site, Nexon will be sharing in-game changes that they’d like to propose based on players' comments and will provide the earliest timeline they expect to implement such changes. Once this happens, they will set phases to go through each of the topics in order and take in additional feedback from players like you. Generally, each proposal will go through the following phases:

  1. Present achievable, in-game changes through a proposal blog based on initial player feedback
  2. Begin working on the changes while simultaneously gathering additional feedback through the links provided in each blog post
  3. Make any necessary changes to the initial proposal and share the updates through the blog
  4. Roll out the live update in-game including any new changes
  5. Close the topic once relevant changes have been made to the game

In most cases, Nexon expects it will take about a week for us to report back the finalized details based on any additional feedback they receive from you after posting the initial proposal blogs. Please know that this timeline could differ depending on the topics under review. To help expedite this, Nexon would like to ask that any feedback you provide through links on a proposal blog be limited just to the topic(s) being discussed within that specific blog.

MapleStory 2 producers and developers absolutely do want to hear your voice on all topics, because this project is all about listening carefully and making the changes players want! It’s true that not everything can happen at once, given the limitations of managing a live game. It’s also true that not every request can be granted, because they have values for MapleStory 2 that we truly believe in. However, this doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of other issues, and they do actively discuss if there’s anything we can still change to make the overall gameplay experience better for you. At the end of the day, your satisfaction playing MapleStory 2 is the utmost goal for us to achieve.

To that end, developers are opening our first Project New Leaf thread that will function as a location where you can bring in your suggestions on the topic(s) of your choice. This space will serve as a catch-all for us so that important key topics you have will not be missed and will be discussed in future iterations throughout Project New Leaf.

  • Project New Leaf Website
  • General Suggestions Nexon Forum Thread
  • General Suggestions Reddit Thread
  • Fairfight and Trader's Ribbon New Leaf Blog

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