Mischief Night Stats And Records Of Fallout 76 You Created
Mischief Night Stats And Records Of Fallout 76 You Created

Welcome back to MMOAH, today's topic is Halloween event of Fallout 76, Mischief Night, as well as its result stats. You just spent a creepy week there, full of treats or tricks, but you didn't return empty-handed. Now we will introduce to you what challenges and the achievements you and your friends have accomplished during this period, read on for details.

From October to November 5, you were required to make some tricks by the Eyebot JES-2R, such as blowing up cars, the resort's park and more, which surely created some records, all can't be well done without your efforts.

The Fastest Completion Time: 4.5 minutes. This is the fastest speed trick-or-treating during Mischief Night, but it would be broken by someone soon.

Most Popular Costume: Skeleton Outfit and Skull Mask. As long as you met the requirements of JES-2R, you had the opportunity to unlock new costumes and masks like jack-o-lanterns, and the most popular ones among them are Skeleton Outfit and Skull Mask. Almost all players who participate in Mischief Night could get one of both.

Mischief makers arrested by Whitespring Security: 951,243. Although Mischief Night was full of tricks or treat, it was all fun in Fallout 76, the Whitespring's Elite Security Force might catch on the mischievous deeds and arrested the ones to the darkroom. Obviously, nearly one million players had been taken out.

Whitespring Sentry Bots Destroyed: 396,709. Not only the Whitespring Security would arrest the mischief markers, they could also be destroyed, the destroyed Bots were taken away from the putting greens, and you did a great job well.

This was a very successful Halloween event of Fallout 76, and there are still some days for you to gather up Halloween-themed costume like the glow-in-the-dark skeleton outfit and spooky weapon, as well as armor skins before November 12.

However, Bethesda is still receiving complaints from players due to the Fallout 1st service after that, this is the current hugest dilemma at present. Because of the poor game settings and experience, Fallout 76 can no longer be trusted by players, and those paid players have formed two groups with non-costing ones.

This seems to be commonplace, and the micro transaction in any MMO is a sensitive topic, more importantly, the more complicated trading system in Fallout 76 makes it difficult for players to figure out, even some misdirected consumption.

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