MapleStory 2: How To Make The Best Use Of Character Customization
MapleStory 2: How To Make The Best Use Of Character Customization

While the character creation gives you a generous variety to choose from for free at the start, there are also a ton more options available if you are willing to spend Merets to get them. 

You can access the NPC’s to change your character’s appearance by going to the bottom right of your screen and hovering over the Life Skills icon to pop up the menu.

Shop Locations

Dye Shop


The Dye Shop is where you go to change the color of dyeable equipment. Note that if you have an outfit/costume over that piece of equipment, there’s really no point since you’re not looking at the equipment underneath. 

If a piece of equipment is dyeable, it should say so at the very bottom. Choose a piece of equipment, choose a color, and press on the “Add to Cart” button. When ready, you can purchase everything at once by clicking on the “Purchase” button at the bottom. It costs 10,000 Mesos per piece to dye.

Can Dye Equipment

There are a ton of colors (some of which combine two colors) that must be unlocked by getting certain trophies (you can see the requirements by hovering over the color).

Dye Colors Available

Plastic Surgery Office

The Plastic Surgery Office is where you go to change your Skin Color and Face Shape and Eye Color. 

Changing your Skin Color costs 270 Merets and you are given an entire row of unique colors to choose from.

Skin Colors Available

Changing your face shape costs 230-330 Merets (depends on the face shape), with an eye color change on your current face costing only 10,000 Mesos. There are 5 face shapes that must be unlocked by getting trophies that require you to get 500 million, 2 billion, 3 billion, 6 billion, and 10 billion EXP after reaching level 50. These 5 face shapes will also cost 30,000 Mesos instead of Merets. The eye color options are the same as the dye color options.

Faces Available

Beauty Salon


The Beauty Salon is where you go to change your Cosmetics, Cosmetics Color, Hair Style, and Hair Color.



Changing your cosmetics cost 50 Merets. There are also 5 cosmetics that need to be unlocked through trophies that require: Completing 1 Exploration Goal, Participating in Maple Arena or Event PvP 5 times, Defeating Chaotic Baphomet 50 times in the normal Forest of Chaos Dungeon, Collecting all the joyous food trophies, and Wall climbing 50 KM. Like in character creation, if you see a gear icon on the bottom right of a cosmetic, it means that it is customizable in some way. If you see a "Free Move" option, that means that you can click and drag on your character to position it. The colors available for cosmetics are the same colors as the dye color options.Cosmetics Available

Hair Styles


Rosetta on the very far top-left corner gives you the most options for hairstyles. Like the cosmetics, remember that the gear icon on the bottom right means that you can customize that hairstyle in some way. All the hair colors available are the same as the dye color options. Changing your hairstyle costs 450-650 Merets (depends on the hairstyle) while changing the hair color on the hairstyle you currently have cost 20,000 Mesos.

Hair Styles Available

Special Hair Styles


Paulie will offer a few special hairstyles that Rosetta did not, but you are forced to get a random hairstyle out of the many few available for 450 Merets. Once you randomize, you will get a Chic Salon Voucher.

Special Hair Styles Available

On Headstart, some of these special hairstyles will be rotated out for new hairstyles. For females, the Long Velvet Hair and Cute Wave Hair will be replaced by Uneven Long Ponytail and Romantic Short Cut. For males, the Smart Cut and Braided Highlights will be replaced by Traditional Ceremonial Hair and Chic Startz Hair.



Long Velvet Hair Removed
 Cute Wave Hair Removed
Smart Cut Hair Removed            
Braided Highlights Hair Removed

Lolly to the left of Paulie is his assistant, and will offer the same hairstyles as Paulie, but with the option to choose a hairstyle with 15 Chic Salon Vouchers that you get from randomizing hairstyles. This is to help players with bad luck who were unable to get the specific hairstyle that they wanted from Paulie. Hair colors available are the same as the others.

Saving Hair Styles


Mino on the top-right corner lets you save your current hairstyle and change between hairstyles that you have saved. Changing hairstyles to saved hairstyles cost only 10 Merets, so save any new hairstyles you get!




To see the trophies that need to be completed to unlock the locked character cosmetics, you can check out the "Face Hair Dye" section of Chaja's Data Compilation document.


Outfits are purely cosmetic and have no effect on your stats. Equipping them will cover your base equipment appearance. This also means that if you are planning to use an outfit, there is no point in changing the dye color of the equipment that is being covered (dyeing a shoe that is being covered by a shoe outfit has no point). You can find your outfits that you are currently using by going to your Character panel and clicking on the Outfits tab near the top. 

To preview an item/outfit, you must assign a key to it and hold that key while left/right clicking the item/outfit. You can assign the key by going to Options -> Controls -> Misc -> Item Preview. 

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