MapleStory 2 Guide: What Tips Are Needed If You Want To Create A Guild And Pull It Off
MapleStory 2 Guide: What Tips Are Needed If You Want To Create A Guild And Pull It Off

It costs 2000 Mesos to create a guild, and you can create a guild by opening your Guild panel (default is the G key) and creating a guild from there.


Guild Location


Guild Daily/Weekly

You should donate 100,000 Mesos and Check-In every day for Guild Contribution and Guild Coins. 

For the daily missions, you will need to complete them with at least 2 other members of your guild in the same map and in your party. 

Kill 100 _____ Enemies

Open 10 Wooden Chests

Catch freshwater fish at least 2 other guild members in your party.


To be a good guild member, make sure to donate 100,000 Mesos every day, check in, and do your daily/weekly guild missions. Doing so will contribute to helping your guild level up, get more members, and expand the guild house! 

You will also have the ability to pay for personal buffs that last for an hour. These may be useful when you are prepared to do something important, like Dark Descent or a Chaos Raid.

Guild Buffs

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