MapleStory 2 Guide: Indispensable Tips If You Play In The Game As A Wizard
MapleStory 2 Guide: Indispensable Tips If You Play In The Game As A Wizard

The Wizard is a magic user who utilizes the elements of fire, ice, and lightning and is in charge of crowd control, with multiple AoE and debuff abilities that will reduce the amount of monsters a party needs to fight at once. They also fare well when soloing monsters, with attacks that can severely damage monsters while they roam around the battlefield. In addition to dealing high damage, the Wizard can also buff their allies damage.

Skill Builds


Below is the skill build for most PvE content:

Wizard PvE Skill Build

Below is my personal skill build in Dark Descent:

Wizard Dark Descent Skill Build

Tips To Maximise Wizard's Skills, Damages, And Potentials Properly

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