The Wizard is a magic user who utilizes the elements of fire, ice, and lightning and is in charge of crowd control, with multiple AoE and debuff abilities that will reduce the amount of monsters a party needs to fight at once. They also fare well when soloing monsters, with attacks that can severely damage monsters while they roam around the battlefield. In addition to dealing high damage, the Wizard can also buff their allies damage.

Skill Builds


Below is the skill build for most PvE content:

Wizard PvE Skill Build

Below is my personal skill build in Dark Descent:

Wizard Dark Descent Skill Build

Tips To Maximise Wizard's Skills, Damages, And Potentials Properly

  • Have Phantom Claw + Arcane Blast on a macro, Flame Wave only on another macro, and Flame Tornado + Phantom Claw on your third macro. The reason why you want Flame Tornado + Phantom Claw on a macro is so that if you press Flame Tornado too early (while it's still on cooldown), you won't do a basic auto and use Phantom Claw instead.
  • Basic rotation is Flame Tornado, Thunderbolt, Arcane Blast, Flame Wave Macro until out of spirit, Phantom Claw + Arcane Blast Macro until almost full spirit, and then use Flame Tornado, Thunderbolt, and Arcane Blast off cooldown. Use Flame Wave when at full or almost at full spirit, and Phantom Claw + Arcane Blast macro while waiting for the spirit. When you need to burst the enemy (Fire Dragon about to run out of range), make sure to dump as much spirit as you can.
  • When doing Flame Wave macro, hold down a direction key while using it. It will make you cast 2x as fast.
  • Your Flame Tornado and Arcane Blast can hit enemies that are above you. This is useful for when you are hiding in the holes in The Fire Dragon dungeon (Pyrros). Your ice storm can also hit enemies above you, but it will have to hit a wall first, so it might be best for you to be right underneath the enemy before casting it.
  • You can cast some abilities while you are jumping. These include Phantom Claw, Arcane Blast, Ice Spear, Ice Storm, Chain Lightning, Thunderbolt, and Magic Armor.
  • You will want to get used to using abilities while jumping. Most importantly, you will want to get used to using Jump + Phantom Claw and Jump + Arcane Blast. This is useful against mobile bosses like Pyrros in The Fire Dragon because it will allow you to DPS while chasing the enemy.
  • You can also kite while jump casting, but this is a very difficult technique. Basically, you can jump in a direction and quickly try to switch direction after the jump to attack enemies in the opposite direction of your jump, while still moving in the original direction. This is useful for PvP and is an extremely difficult technique to do consistently.
  • Make sure to try and not to cancel your Flame Tornado, Ice Storm, and Thunderbolt with your Teleport. It will go on cooldown.
  • If you are running Focus Seal, make sure to reapply Focus Seal on teammates or yourself after they have died, or when the duration is about to expire. Alternatively, you can spam it off cooldown since the cooldown is much shorter than the duration.
  • Magic Armor can be cast during your skills without canceling them.
  • If you're using Ice Spear, make sure to macro it by itself, increasing its cast time like Flame Wave macro.

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