MapleStory 2 Guide: How To Boost The Thief Class Properly
MapleStory 2 Guide: How To Boost The Thief Class Properly

The Thief uses movement speed and evasion to their advantage in order to gain the upper hand against their foes. This class is also well known for dealing damage over time through the use of poison and being able to increase their movement speed in and out of battle!

Pros and Cons


- Stackable poison effect drains enemy HP fast.
- Very high attack speed and combo potential.


- Short attack range. Hassle to farm enemies and evade boss attacks.
- Weak base damage. Relies heavily on poison to inflict heavy damage on enemies.

Stat Overview

Role: Melee DPS
Weapon: Daggers
Attribute: Toxic
Primary Stats: LUCK + DEX




First: Blade Dance Build

In Multi-target situations, this build is the undisputed king. You attack everything around you, and you constantly rebuild your spirit faster than you can drain it, even with Haste up. Using my current gear (gearscore 1749), I was consistently doing upwards to 60k DPS over 2 minutes on three dummies. This is taking into account that I did not get any dodge procs on Retaliation, so this damage can be even higher in an actual dungeon.

With a single target, I was getting 10k DPS over 2 minutes. Can't build spirit fast enough without at least three targets, and having to use Double Slash (even at level 8) doesn't compensate for the loss in your spirit. You can move some stuff around (taking away points from Double Slash to put into Somersault, which is what I usually go with), but it still won't be as good as the other builds listed. Still, this is my go-to build for Dungeons, as even though the boss will take longer to kill, the mobs will be minced meat.

Second: Vicious Cuts Build

I see a lot of people using this build in dungeons and grinding.

Stop it.

This build is pretty bad, and here are the reasons why:

First, you need to be able to hit three targets consistently with Vicious Cuts in order to keep your spirit up. Otherwise, you will run out faster than you would if you were using Blade Dance. The positioning for these three targets is a lot harder than that of Blade Dance's as well, so you're making things more difficult for yourself.

Secondly, the DPS is actually -worse- than if I were to use Blade Dance. With three targets, always keeping haste up, using Somersault when available and keeping vial up, I only did 57k DPS over 2 minutes, compared to Blade Dance's 60k. It's a harder build for worse DPS in the multi-target area.

As far as Single-Target goes, it does bode better than Blade Dance does, but not by much. 10.5k DPS over 2 minutes as opposed to 10k. And I run out of spirit faster. In a dungeon scenario, Blade Dance is just better, as you hit more targets and it's easier to use.

Third: Poison Build


So this is everyone's -least- favorite build. There's a lot of people who think it's the best, but never use it because the others are easier to use. I'm here to tell you that it ain't that hard to use, and it's the best single-target build out of all three of these.

Multi-Target wise, this build is complete garbage. 33k DPS max over 2 minutes. Yeah, no. Go with the other two (or just Blade Dance, because Vicious Cuts sucks). This was with a hours of testing, a lot of practice with the rotation, and always having poison up, even after Surprise Attack usage.

Single-Target, however, is where this build truly shines. 20k DPS over 2 minutes. That utterly smashes the other two. Now, keep in mind, that since I was using the guild house dummies for testing, this number is not entirely accurate; both vial and Surprise Attack would hit all three targets. However, after doing some calculating, over 2 minutes, those two attacks would only result in a dps gain of about 3k DPS. This is also taking into account that the vial throws for the other two builds for single-target also hit all three targets, so their DPSs were inflated by about 1k DPS as well. So, in theory, the numbers would be more like 17k vs 9k and 9.5k single-target.

Poison Build is the clear winner here.

However, there's an even better version of the Poison Build, which gains about 3k DPS overall.

Introducing, max haste!

Ruthless Guile is decent, and it sounds good on paper, but think of what Haste does for you: increases your physical attack by 16%, and increases your attack speed and movement speed by 21%.

Why is that good?

More procs. That's literally the reason why. You get more procs from your Double Slash to keep your Poison Edge's dot up with, which in turn allows your Surprise Attack to consume two poisons more often. It's a flat DPS increase, and it also buffs your damage by 16% as well. It's flat out better than Ruthless Guile. With this build, I was getting upwards to 23k dps single-target.
Created by @SuperFunkWagon

Forth: Single Target

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