MapleStory 2 Devs To Remove 'Fairfight' System In Response To Player Feedback

Last month, Nexon developers introduced MapleStory 2 players to "Project New Leaf", its initiative to respond to player feedback about the game. After gathering data from the community, developers will be releasing a new patch today that removes the "Fairfight" system, "a balancing system that normalizes high-level players with lower level ones". The removal of Fairfight was the most-requested system update by the player community and provides endgame players with more exploration opportunities.

"Additionally, Trader’s Ribbons will receive updates that make them applicable to Legendary gear up to Lv. 50. When the Meso Market launches in the near future, there will be a low limit on meso trading per account. For players who purchase mesos illegally through meso sellers, there will be a permanent ban." 

This is the first of several updates Nexon has planned for Project New Leaf. We'll keep you posted as more are announced.

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