MapleStory 2 Devs Determined To Remove Toad's Toolkit At The End Of This Month And Roll Out A Replacement

Dear Maplers,

As mentioned and highlighted in the last blog, we are converting to a different blog schedule based on need rather than a set weekly cadence. Today we have an announcement to make that relates to a more immediate topic: Toad's Toolkit and its substitute.  

Toad's Toolkit was an experiment that the devs felt addressed our community's concern about the speed of gear progression. They took this direction, along with adding Adventure Dungeon reset counts, after reviewing community feedback.

Today, we see that with a mass of in-game activities currently existing in the game, completing Hard Adventure Dungeons appears to be a daunting task to finish within a week. 

To alleviate the concern, after Toad's Toolkit expires on January 31st, we will also take down the Adventure Dungeon reset counts. Instead, we will add the new Dungeon Delight Event which will grant Double Drop for clearing Hard Adventure Dungeons. This event will be ongoing until the end of March


The following will come to an end on January 31st:

  • Toad's Toolkit won't drop from Hard Adventure Dungeons anymore. 
  • Existing Toad's Toolkits will expire. 
  • The Adventure Dungeon rest count per week will be permanently removed.

The following will begin January 31st:

  • Dungeon Delight Event starts, granting Double Drop for all Hard Adventure Dungeons. This event will run until the end of March.

We assure you that this is an interim adjustment until more permanent changes can be introduced through the new feedback initiative mentioned in our last blog.

While some players may actually have a preference for this event, we know that this is not the perfect measure to fit the needs of all players, especially those who have been completing all 60 Hard Adventure Dungeons weekly. We reckon that with this change, it will now take half the time for you to complete dungeons and get the same amount of rewards (except for Normal/Hard Adventure Bonus Boxes and Mesos) as you would have gotten completing 60 Hard Adventure Dungeons previously.

We acknowledge both the pros and cons of this change. However, we remain hopeful that the topics we bring to the table through our feedback initiative in February will alleviate the problems the game is facing and resolve many of your concerns.

Thank you for being patient with us. See you in the game!

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