Just doing Heavenly Work: Maplestory 2 Priest Build Guide
Apr 08, 2019

Source: MMOAH

What makes Maplestory 2’s priest class different from those of other MMOs is that it’s a lot more rounded. Aside from its main role, which is to serve as support, it also manages to deal sufficient damage. Heck, you can even run solo dungeons as a priest! Troubled with your lack of knowledge in being one? Rest easy, because we’re here to show you the way to become an in-demand priest. In the long run, you’ll be earning lots of Maplestory 2 Mesos!

Attributes: Your Own and Your Gear’s

The first step to being a good priest is having a proper build. Thankfully, for this class, it’s super-simple: pure intelligence. Intelligence increases Magic Attack, which is your bread and butter, so it should really come as a surprise that this will be the only stat you’ll be pumping.

Maplestory 2


Next, let’s go to gear. For your equipment, have the following stats:

  • Scepter/Codex: Piercing > Holy Damage > Magic Attack > Total Damage > Magic Piercing
  • Headgear/Suit/Top/Bottom: Boss Damage > Magic Attack
  • Gloves: Boss Damage > Magic Piercing
  • Shoes: Boss Damage > Movement Speed
  • Cape: Piercing > Holy Damage > Boss Damage > Movement Speed > Critical Damage/Critical Rate
  • Belt and Earring/Amulet: Piercing > Boss Damage > Holy Damage > Critical Damage/Critical Rate

Divine Enablement: Priest Skills

As for Priest skills, here are the most important ones, as these make up the main builds:

  • Celestial Guardian – you summon a flying pig that sharply boosts your magic attack.
  • Celestial Blessing – allies within a radius around your flying pig recovers HP and receives an attack and defense boost.
  • Disciple – the duration of Celestial Guardian and the buffs for Celestial Blessings and Holy Symbol are increased.
  • Sanctuary – an AOE spell that deals damage to enemies and heals affected allies. This one deals a lot of damage and does a significant amount of healing.
  • Celestial Light –a decent-ranged damage-over-time spell that debuffs affected enemies, even bosses.
  • Holy Blast – the priest’s skill that deals the most damage. For full effect, targets must be afflicted with Celestial Light.
  • Angelic Ray – a straight line AOE that heals allies and deals damage to enemies.
  • Smiting Aura – this channeling skill, which can be held down indefinitely, deals damage and debuffs enemies in front of you.
  • Holy Relic – drops a relic that deals damage and pushes back enemies.

The Three-Fold Build Paths

For the main builds, there are three that you can choose from. The first one is the Solo Leveling DPS build. Due to the main purpose of this build, it relies on quite the number of DPS skills: Holy BlastHoly RelicSanctuaryAngelic Ray, and Celestial Guardian. With this build, you’ll be leveling up and earning a decent amount of Maplestory 2 Mesos fast.

Maplestory 2


Next is the Support Build. As the name suggests, it’s more focused on healing allies than dealing damage. Nevertheless, you’ll still be pitching in on the DPS, so it’s all good. This build’s core active skills include Holy BlastSanctuaryDiscipleScepter Mastery, and Angelic Ray. You can also choose to not have Holy Blast and use it on Angelic Ray or Healing Mastery, but your DPS will be significantly reduced, so you’re better off keeping it.

Finally, there is the AFK Smiting Aura Priest Build. This build is best for World Boss hunts, as aside from the DPS you’ll be dealing, you’ll also be increasing their attacks. Its core skills are Smiting AuraHoly SymbolSanctuaryDiscipleCelestial Blessings, and Celestial Guardian. Most of the time, you’ll be holding Smiting Aura down. Otherwise, you’ll be healing your allies.

To say that the priest is a vital class is an understatement, so it’s important that you have a solid priest build. And with these tips, there’s without a doubt that you will!

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