Fallout 76 Makes The Players Angry Again
Fallout 76 Makes The Players Angry Again

It can be seen by all that Bethesda is working hard to make improvements and updates to change the players' bad impression on Fallout 76, some changes have occurred since the last patch. However, when the players are still expecting Fallout 76 to achieve success like other games released by Bethesda, something worse happened again, and it caused much anger from the players.

The refrigerator is one of the most common items in our daily lives, as the case in Fallout 76, which is the main source of anger.

Recently, Fallout 76 sold a new product to the public, an expensive refrigerator, and we can get the information from the announcement of Fallout 76, it's $7, or paying for 700 Atoms, Fallout 76's in-game currency, which is equivalent to buying an Automatron DLC at the same price.

In addition that, there is also a WALL-E wannabe in the form of the Collectron Station, a C.A.M.P item that spawns a little scrap-collecting bot to search the nearby area for scrap and simple items.

In the Atomic Shop, the players can unlock cosmetic items, which did not require them to invest ore, but from the beginning from this year, Bethesda introduced repair kits, which means that players don't need to consume any materials to repair the gear, but with some extra "money", next one is scrap kits for sale in July, more and more, players spend less time but more costing.

In order to play better, quite a few players have invested a lot of energy and money, such as Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, but the game set of Fallout 76 is always disappointing.

The addition of a stainless steel refrigerator has got players up in arms because of its price tag, it is expensive for most of the players, even though the refrigerator can help them store their food and keep everything fresh and tasty.

It is hard to figure out what Fallout 76 always caused complaints, and the players are more willing to get them by reward.

As for it, Bethesda may change something in the future days to give the players a better experience, I hope it happens soon.

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