Bethesda Responded The Set Of Worthless Drill Of Vault 94
Bethesda Responded The Set Of Worthless Drill Of Vault 94

This Tuesday, the long-waited Vault Raid was released on PC by Bethesda, and after monitoring the data for a few days, it has been confirmed to run well. At present, Vault 94 is available on all platforms in Fallout 76, and Bethesda was unstintingly generous to release all details about Vault 94, which also included a part of review about the upcoming events.

However, the release of Vault Raid still received mixed evaluation, just like the complaint from a player we mentioned before, when he and his teammates worked hard to defeat the bosses, but they only got useless items as an end, a worthless drill bit. He continued to say that Bethesda's approach made them very appointed to the game, because the players could not be guaranteed to get the desired items even if they had prepared enough Fallout 76 Bottle Caps for it.

From the recent announcement of Bethesda, the spokesperson tool the lead in explaining the complaint and here is what he said.

We've seen some community questions surrounding the experience awarded by enemy kills in Vault 94 and we'd like to explain more about how this currently works. Similar to our Missile Silos, Vault 94 features endless wave-based combat. We've tuned the XP on kills in the Vault to that same set up, and then provide larger reward payout upon completion. On the topic of rewards, we've also seen some reports of non-legendary items, like Drills, being awarded in place of a starred legendary item. This is not intended, and we are planning to fix this with a future update.

The Drills are increased to award in place of a started legendary item in Fallout 76, but in order to improve the game experience, Bethesda has guaranteed to deal with the problem in the future updates.

In addition to Vault 94, Bethesda is planning to hold an event in mid-September, which add Nuclear Winter to the mix during all future Double XP Events. At that time, you can earn double experience by completing the challenges and quests during your Nuclear Winter matches. So far, the date has not been determined, Bethesda will tell you all in the coming weeks.

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