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When it comes to POE gaming, it’s all about the items. Path of Exile 2 Items are what make the game more fun and exciting. Items in POE 2 not only revolve around the character’s equipment, but the game itself also provides some consumables and miscellaneous items for various functions.

You will receive items as you kill monsters, open treasure chests, and interact with townsfolk. These items allow you to better protect your character and kill stronger enemies. What’s more, many items are worth keeping to trade with other Exiles.

Items in POE 2 have various properties. Here are the types of items you can get in POE 2:

  • Gear: By boosting stats, adding extra effects, and housing skills in various colored gem sockets, they enhance the player’s character and help them reach their full potential.
  • Gems: Gems provide you with different skills. They come in different colors, and in order to use them you need a rig with sockets that match the colors.
  • Maps: These enable you to participate in endgame activities. If placed in special equipment, the map will open a portal to a dungeon containing high-end loot and challenging enemies and bosses.
  • Flask: Drinking it produces a variety of effects, from speed boosts to armor stat increases. Besides this, they can be used to restore HP, MP, or both.

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