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There are countless kinds of items in Palworld, mainly including Natural Items, Pal Drops, Weapons and Ingredients. Players can use them to craft, cook food, gather resources, and most importantly, capture Pals.

  • Natural Items: Resources in Palworld, such as trees and ores, can be refreshed. Players can also unlock buildings that generate unlimited resources in the game.
  • Pal Drops: There are over 100 species of Pals in Palworld, some of which have subspecies. Players can get corresponding drops by killing them, such as Souls and Venom Glands.
  • Weapons: Capturing Pals requires reducing the health of Pals first, so the player’s own weapons and equipment are also very important. By purchasing Palworld items, you gain access to powerful guns and ample ammo at the start of the game, allowing you to capture any Pals with ease.
  • Ingredients: These are items that Character or Pals can eat. You can cook food in a campfire or cook pot for an extra energy boost.

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