Make Gold With These 6 Optimal Addons In WOW Season Of Discovery

This is a guide for all the gold makers out there or just people who want to make a bit more gold in WoW Season of Discovery. I’m going to be showing you the best addons for gold making, so these will help you out with gold making in a variety of different ways.

Make Gold With These 6 Optimal Addons In WOW Season Of Discovery

Nova Instant Tracker

This is an addons that I recommend for all the people that are going to be selling boosts or farming dungeons for gold, and that is Nova Instant Tracker. What this will do is track your lockouts, so you know how many runs you have left in the hour to do. It also tracks the amount of gold that you’ve been traded.

So when you’re doing boosting, this is a really easy way to track how much gold. And then on top of that, it also tracks how many mobs you have killed in the specific instance. Every single dungeon run, useful addons for anyone that is interested in doing boosting or farming dungeons just for WoW Classic SOD Gold.

Loot Appraiser Classic

Moving on to the next addons - Loot Appraiser Classic, is that it’s going to also track how long you’ve been farming for since you started, how much gold you have made. It’ll also give you an hourly rate that you’re going to be making per hour. It’s going to pop up in the middle of the screen the loot you get.


Moving on to the next addons. This is going to be WeakAuras. You can make your own WeakAuras, and it will show you different things, different cooldowns, different abilities. You can make it do actually a lot of different things. You can get a bunch of the WeakAuras already pre-made for you from their website.

LFG Bulletin Board

Moving on to LFG Bulletin Board. This is really good if you’re selling boosts. You can actually see your post, how long ago you posted it, if anyone else is actually wanting to buy the boost. You can find it there. But the main thing for gold making for this is that you can see the Trade chat channel much easier.

WoW Classic SOD LFG Bulletin Board

So, if someone is posting an item, you can find an item and see the item much easier, see if you want to buy it, maybe to resell it. Also, you can see a bunch more different posts. It basically will sort out all the posts that are done in all the different chat channels and put them into one addons where it’s easy to follow along and see what people are after and doing.


So, next up, this is a bag addons, which is called Bagnon. This addons is incredible. What this does is that it shows your bags like this instead of the default version. Now, this is really good. It’s a lot easier to sort your bags and to see how much room and everything that is inside bags.


Now, the best one for gold making, this is going to be Trade Skill Master, you can also called it TSM. This is by far the best addons to have for gold making. What it mainly does is it will feed you data and prices for every single item that is in the game. So, it’s very useful for that. When you’re out farming, you know how much an item is worth right away just by looking at the tooltip that TSM will give you for every single item. We’ve got a bunch of different price points and things you can go off, so you know exactly what an item is worth.

You can make groups with operations. If you’re into selling items on the auction house or if you’re into flipping, so you can make specific groups that you want to scan. You can see how much your item is going for, if it’s a good deal to buy it off the auction house and whatnot. It also makes a good mailbox system where you can get out your mail a lot quicker and easier. On top of that, you can also post items on the auction house much easier, and whatever your operations are set up to do, it will do that for you.

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