Effective Strategies For Conquering The Sunken Temple In WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3

Hi, players! As we embark on our journey of the new Phase 3 in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, I'm excited to share some useful tips with you that I firmly believe will greatly enhance our Sunken Temple raiding experience. I’ll cover 3 key aspects to optimize your chances of success in this raid, includes preparation before the raid, team composition, and strategies for each boss encounter. So, let's get started!

Effective Strategies For Conquering The Sunken Temple In WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3

Raid Preparation

First, we have to talk about preparation. Your single biggest priority, and the rest of your raid’s priority, is to get all your new runes. Things are way different in phase 3. Some of these runes can increase your damage by even 20%!

New Runes

Hunters were absolutely destroying with new runes like Raptor Fury, but it’s really all the classes that get better with runes. Some of these runes feel so insanely strong on hard fights like Eranikus. The real Phase 3 secret is that Blizzard wants you to get all your runes and then do massively higher damage.

Speaking of runes, we have to prioritize the Emerald Wardens Reputation early on. First off, it guarantees you an in 2 or 3 hours of farming. Second, you’ll be getting WoW SOD Gold from all the quests, which really helps us to get expensive gear and supplies we’ll be needing for the raid.

New Gear

Your second biggest priority should be getting all the easy and overpowered new gear. The first place to check for that new gear is at the Warsong Gulch and Arathi vendors. You can grab the Level 48 upgrades instantly. Blood Moon offers new rings that'll nearly double the stats for Priest, and there are new relics and trinkets for other classes as well.

WoW Classic SOD Phase 3 New Gear

Even with the increased cost on top of PvP, you'll also want to be blasting out the newly unlocked dungeons for upgraded gear, particularly Zul'Farrak, Maraudon, and Blackrock Depths. All have newly upgraded pieces of gear.

In Zul'Farrak, by completing God of the Wild quests, mobs will drop a new currency called Wild Offerings. These Wild Offerings can be turned in for crazy near-bis items like the Band of the Wilds. This is a reliable source of Darkmoon Cards for the new decks.

Team Composition

We also have to discuss how to ensure your success in raiding. The first thing you have to do is join a guild. This raid is intentionally designed to be completed gradually with the guild. Then the most important thing is that you need to plan your team composition.

This is a raid that really tries to push you to bring a mix of melee and ranged. Speaking of specific classes, there are 2 specific classes that I'm very happy with, aside from the extremely powerful Shaman. These classes are Hunter and Shadow Priest. They can bring a lot of damage and healing to negate team damage or even tank damage.

Boss Fighting Tips

Let's discuss boss tips and strategies for the Sunken Temple raid. The raid's really challenging in Phase 3, but it's going to be getting a few rounds of nerfs. I think the best approach is to offer my first piece of advice to every boss:

Atal'alarion: Everybody's spreading out, making sure to stand between the pillars and the boss. The reason being that the knockbacks destroy the pillars, which means you take less damage. Everybody really should be running at least 2,000 health to not get one-shot.

WoW Classic SOD Sunken Temple Raid

Festering Rot Slime: As you're kiting the boss down the hallway, to stack up on a specific side. Then you can switch whenever the poison lands and take way less damage. I definitely recommend pre-farming Demonic Runes.

Atal'ai Defenders: Having several Priests in this fight felt amazing since we could chain each boss. Alternatively, Freezing Traps work really well if you have a Hunter stack.

Dreamscythe & Weaver: We tried to position ourselves past both dragons and a bit in the middle. Having a third tank to swap in was really crucial. Otherwise, our tank would get clapped.

Jammal'an & Ogom: We rolled Shadow Protection Potions, which feel like a big exploit. That's because there isn't really any Shadow damage until Phase 2. The other big thing was that I assigned a Healer to each specific group.

Hazzas & Morphaz: There is an ability called Lucid Dream that you'll want to line of sight at the end of it. This allowed us to completely skip the DPS check, and it may be patched at some point.

Speaking of healers, Resto Shamans felt like god healers in this fight. Having a shaman in each group negates much of the healing of the poison mechanic.

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