WOW Classic Guide: How To Avoid Stepping Through Burning Crusade Classic's Dark Portal?
Source: MMOAH

WOW Classic is Blizzard’s successful work, so the company still wants to continue this legend. They plan to launch the first expansion of the game - WOW: Burning Crusade Classic. Maybe the loyal fans of WOW Classic do not want to carry on Burning Crusade, so Blizzard provides a better way: The existing WOW Classic servers will automatically be converted to the Burning Crusade forms, complete with new races, class updates and a brand new area waiting for you to explore. If you don't want to, you will don’t have to go through the Dark Portal and into the broken world of Outland. If you want to stay in WOW and Azeroth, you don't want to miss the following details about Burning Crusade.

When the Burning Crusade Classic pre-patch arrives, you will be able to determine the future of your characters. At that time, you will find that WOW Classic has two different clients: one is the original version (including Classic Era servers) and the other is Burning Crusade Classic (including Progression servers). All the characters of a given player will appear in both clients at the same time. If you choose to activate the character on Burning Crusade, it will not be played on the original client. Vice versa.

In the long run, the effect of running two different WOW Classics remains to be seen. For those players who want to stay in Azeroth instead of stepping into outland, Blizzard seems to provide a solution that will please most players.

The specific situation will not be known until Burning Crusade is available, but this is already a bit exciting. And Blizzard should also have enough ways to deal with the different needs of players, so we can continue to wait.

MMOAH will also continue to pay attention to the follow-up process of WOW Classic, and will update the relevant details in time to let you know.

As for the WOW Classic Gold needed in the game, you can also buy it on MMOAH. Because no matter how the game is changed, WOW Classic Gold will not be replaced. As the main currency in the game, it will always play an important role.

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