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An In-Depth Explanation Of Obtaining And Storing Ammo In Skull And Bones

An In-Depth Explanation Of Obtaining And Storing Ammo In Skull And Bones

In Skull and Bones, there are many players seeking to trade for ammo, suggesting a widespread shortage likely because of extensive ship building activities. So in this guide, I'll share some tips to help you acquire ammo more effectively. Without wasting time, let's dive in!

An In-Depth Explanation Of Obtaining And Storing Ammo In Skull And Bones

The variety of ship builds, ranging from support to offense, all contribute to the increasing demand for ammo, which requires a considerable investment of silver. Hence, silver plays a crucial role in acquiring ammo. To conserve silver, it’s advisable to accumulate a substantial amount of Pieces of Eight.

Farm Silver For The Supply Network

When it comes to acquiring ammo, it's essential to develop a habit of farming silver for the Supply Network, as it incurs silver costs that can accumulate over time. Once you've amassed a sufficient amount of silver, make it a routine to purchase ammo whenever you dock at a port.

Whether you're in Lenitra, Africa, or any other location, visit the local merchant or Rogue and buy all available ammo crates. Even if you don't currently use certain types of ammo like Torpedoes, it's wise to stock up on them as future updates may introduce new and powerful variations.

Obtain Ammo Crates & Repair Kits

There are typically around 5 types of ammo crates available at each port, covering various ammo types. Consider acquiring enhanced reinforcement and Repair Kits along with your ammo purchases. Focus on obtaining intense Repair Kits and Enhanced Repair Kits, as the latter can be used to craft the former at no additional cost. Prioritize purchasing all available ammo and Repair Kits each time you dock, maximizing your resources.

Skull And Bones Repair Kits

Take advantage of its hourly restocks to make deals with the hawker. Ensure to purchase all available items, regardless of immediate need, as future updates may introduce powerful weapons or equipment. By consistently restocking on ammo and essential supplies during each docking, you'll effectively maintain a well-stocked inventory and stay prepared for any encounters or challenges that lie ahead.

Trade With The Blacksmith

We need to head over to the Blacksmith. If we look at craft new items and we go all the way to the end, we have ammo kit and ammo crate short of. They may have some blueprints such as Cannonball Crate. Then we're going to keep track of the blueprints and pick them all up, no matter where they are. The Blacksmith has some available. Specifically, they offer the Ballista Bolt Crate, which might be the only option available.

Plunder Shipwrecks

However, another Blacksmith may also have some in stock. This highlights the importance of plundering shipwrecks to acquire additional resources. Shipwrecks are abundant and can be found virtually anywhere. Zooming in on the map, you'll see a distinct symbol representing shipwrecks.

Skull And Bones Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks are abundant, scattered across the seas, so whenever you stumble upon one during your voyages, seize the opportunity to explore its treasures. Once you've gathered items from the shipwreck, make your way to the Blacksmith. Utilize the salvaged materials to craft essential items such as ammo, maximizing the utility of every discovery.

Final Thought

Ensure that you explore shipwrecks regularly, as many people wrongly believe that the loot obtained from them is useless. This is untrue. Upon gathering items from shipwrecks, visit the Blacksmith and utilize the acquired materials to craft your own ammo. You don't need to rely on trading with others to replenish your ammo.

Remember to dock at ports and purchase all available ammo crates from the local merchant. Incorporate shipwreck exploration into your sailing routine, alongside other activities such as collecting Pieces of Eight. Shipwrecks are incredibly beneficial and will help you maintain a well-stocked supply of ammo.

Ways To Speed ​​Up Ships Leveling In Skull And Bones - Take Rammer As An Example

Ways To Speed ​​Up Ships Leveling In Skull And Bones - Take Rammer As An Example

If you're seeking to quickly level up in Skull and Bones, look no further than this guide. This guide provides an in-depth look at your ships and provides a detailed step by step guide on how to increase your ship ranks. Hopefully these ship rank Skull and Bones tips help you out with understanding how to increase the power of your ship.

Ways To Speed ​​Up Ships Leveling In Skull And Bones - Take Rammer As An Example

Skull and Bones ship rank is important because it's a sign of the strength of your ship and it will determine which enemies and settlements you can take on. Skull and Bones ship level is made up from a few different things, not just the base ship level Skull and Bones but almost everything you can customise on your ship.

Base Rank Of Ships

The first thing is the base rank of the ship that you are sailing in Skull and Bones. For example, the Bombardier and the Pyromanic are going to be rank 1 base. The Sentinel is rank 2. Then when you make it far enough and you start getting the medium ships - the Rammer starts at rank 5.

When you are at an outpost, if you hold down B on a Xbox controller, it basically brings up your management so you can set sail, you can fast travel, you can manage your ship and your cargo, and things like that. If you go into the Manage Ship menu, you are going to see different categories. The furniture, the armor and the weapons are all going to increase your ship rank.

Rammer Ship Leveling

If you have a Rammer with Badar class, the rank will start at rank 1. If you have enough weapons and furniture on it to bring it up to rank 4, then just by unlocking and using the Bombardier, that's automatically a higher rank because it starts at rank 5.

Skull and Bones Rammer Ship

To maximize your ship's level, prioritize crafting a vessel with the highest rank achievable. Then concentrate on enhancing your weapons. So finding the blueprints and getting the resources or the materials, then using the Blacksmiths to craft the weapons and equipping them to your ship.

Next, direct your attention to enhance the armor of your ship. Opt for higher rarity armor, as it offers greater strength and significantly boosts your ship's rank. Consider upgrading your furniture. Larger ships provide more slots for both weapons and furniture, allowing for greater customization and enhancement of your vessel's capabilities.

For instance, on the Rammer Bedar, your ship allows for 1 armor slot, 3 weapon slots and 2 furniture slots. However, larger ships may offer 4 weapon slots and 4 to 5 furniture slots. In addition, higher rarity Skull and Bones Items significantly elevate your ship's level in the gameplay.


When you are in the Manage Ship menu, say you click on your weapons and you click on the slot at the very front. If you look at the bottom right of the screen as you are flicking through the different weapons available, you're going to see the benefit to your rank. So it will have like a little bit of red on the bar if you're going to lose a bit of your rank, and then if you're going to increase your rank a little bit, there will be a tiny bit of green on that white bar.

In essence, your ship's level is primarily determined by its base rank, as well as the quality of your weapons, armor, and furniture in Skull and Bones. Therefore, the quickest method to elevate your ship's rank in Skull and Bones is by obtaining blueprints and gathering materials to craft superior weapons and gear.

These Essential Details You Need To Know About Skull And Bones Season 1- Raging Tides

These Essential Details You Need To Know About Skull And Bones Season 1- Raging Tides

Step into the world of Skull and Bones Season 1, which is known as Raging Tides with this complete guide! Join in as we will delve into everything you need to know to conquer Season 1 activities and gain an edge over others.

I’ll guide you through the crucial gameplay updates, such as the introduction of William Blackwood and the Smuggler Pass. Discover how to obtain and effectively utilize the new rewards - Barque ship, Carronade cannons, La Potence Schematics, and the Wailing Ward armor to enhance your quest.

These Essential Details You Need To Know About Skull And Bones Season 1 - Raging Tides

Philippe La Peste

This season starts with the infamous pirate Philippe La Peste arriving in the Indian Ocean from the Caribbean, along with his Fleet of Pestilence ships. He’s on a quest for a cure to a Curse afflicting him and aims to seize control over the helm known as a 'Plague King' for his plague and poison bombs.

La Peste is a formidable threat, casting a shadow over the Indian Ocean. Our objective is to confront him and his fleet, to liberate the Indian Ocean from his dangerous to confront La Peste and his fleet.

William Blackwood

Of course, we won’t be acting alone. We get support from a new ally - William Blackwood, who comes to the Indian Ocean, setting up in our 2 hubs, ready to challenge La Peste. Driven by his sponsorship aggravation with La Peste, Williams is to assist us in our mission to eliminate this menacing threat. William comes with a unique set of equipment specifically designed to target La Peste.

These items cannot be simply purchased. They must be earned through the Smuggler Pass activity. Featuring rewards across 3 categories: ShipmasterQuartermaster, and Gunner Master, each category requires progression to unlock new items, including the new Barque ship that can heal itself and nearby allies.

Smuggler Pass

The Smuggler Pass is introduced as a new Skull and Bones tab where you’ll find all the necessary information to progress. In the Smuggler Pass and earn Smuggler Marks, you’ll need to gain infamy ranks and complete special weekly and monthly challenges presented by William.

Skull And Bones Season 1 Smuggler Pass

These Smuggler Marks can be then used to redeem rewards and obtain the new equipment we just mentioned. To unlock all 4 seasonal items, you need at least 70 Smuggler Marks out of the total 90 available. This means you have to plan which category to unlock first. Here is the recommended part:

Carronade Cannons

Start by focusing on the Gunner Master category to gain access to the Carronade cannons. These are Level 120 cannons, and you receive 2 guns unlocking this path. This is the quickest way to upgrade your ship to Level 12 if you haven’t reached this level yet. However, it requires 30 Smuggler Marks to unlock it.

La Potence Schematics I

For the second item to unlock, I recommend the Quartermaster category, focusing on the La Potence Schematics, which require only 20 Smuggler Marks. This schematic reveals the weak points of La Peste shapes and additionally grants 10% of critical damage for all other ships.

Without it, neither La Peste himself nor any plaguebringer will have vulnerable sports for critical damage. Keep in mind that this schematic is a minor furniture piece. Consider whether you want to trade in your existing furniture for the new one or not.

Wailing Ward Armor

The last category to focus on is the Shipmaster, featuring the Wailing Ward, which offers protection for plague damage. However, this should be your lowest priority unless you lack other Level 400 health.

Skull And Bones Season 1 Wailing Ward

The reason being aside from combat against La Peste, there are limited scenarios where this armor proves advantages. You’ll find more benefits with the armor like Ouroboros or Black Prince. But if you’re in need of the Level 400 armor, this might be your quickest option.

New Barque Ship

As for the Barque ship, it’s available for 45 Smuggler Marks independent of category. This ship is impressive. It stands out featuring the ability to heal itself and nearby allies, plus it boards a huge cargo capacity. I'm sure you will enjoy using the ship.

Battle Pass Tips

For optimal progress this season and to accelerate getting Smuggler Marks, make sure to prioritize the weekly and monthly challenges. For instance, William Blackwood contract involves defeating plaguebringer ships and bringing him special drops from them. This means you need to around hunting for the small ships marked with the plague skull symbol, sink them, and collect their loot.

You also have to tackle the new elite warship events where you’re tasked with sinking a group of ships within a specified time. This can be quite challenging to do solo since they’re pretty tanky and demand a coordinated effort for a successful takedown.

Don’t miss out on the monthly events that pop out at the specified time. Completing these events will earn you a hefty amount of infamy points, thereby speeding up your journey to earn more Smuggler Marks.

Choose From 5 Endgame Ships To Suit Different Gameplay In Skull And Bones

Choose From 5 Endgame Ships To Suit Different Gameplay In Skull And Bones

There are 11 different ships for players to choose from in Skull and Bones, each tailored to excel in specific activities within the game. I’ll delve into the top ship options for various activities among the 5 higher-tier ships available.

It’s important to note that while the best ship in Skull and Bones can significantly affect your gameplay, success isn’t solely determined by your vessel. Factors like weapons, furniture, and armor also play pivotal roles in battles and contract completions.

Choose From 5 Endgame Ships To Suit Different Gameplay In Skull And Bones

PvP - Sambuk

We have the Sambuk. This is a DPS ship, specialized in dealing damage and status effects. The DPS favors an aggressive play style. Now, this s the absolute best ship to use in PvP.The Sambuk is better if players are trying to get Torn Sails. It is going to reduce the duration of that effect by 80% if they are successful.

It deals 5,000 burning damage when you apply the Ablaze effect to an enemy ship. Ablaze is going to be applied to enemies within a radius of 150 meters, and it increases damage to ships that have the Ablaze effect by an extra 50%. It’s a really sturdy ship.

Having the blue specter or obtaining sea-fire and Fire Bombard will make your time on this ship amazing.

PvE - Brigantine

The Brigantine has essentially been nerfed in the game. It used to be everyone was using the brig in PvP because you had a faster speed. But Ubisoft put out an update for the game, and they made it so that once you are carrying something like a legendary treasure map when you’re doing the Cutthroat Cargo Hunt event, you are capped with your speed. So, the Brigantine can only go like 14 knots instead of going up to speeds of 18.

Skull and Bones Cutthroat Cargo Hunt

The Brigantine is another DPS, so it specialized in dealing with damage and status effects. The DPS favors an aggressive play style. I’m going to say this is best for your typical PvE content but mainly for your manufacture collection runs because these runs for the helm for the endgame Pieces Of Eight can get very tedious. So having the extra speed on this ship is really beneficial to doing those collection runs.

It doesn’t work too great in PvP, but in PvE, you have a perk called Bullhorn. It increases damage from ramming by 45% and it reduces the duration of Torn Sails effect by 80% and it applies flooded to an enemy ship upon ramming. You’re going to deal with increased damage.

Solo Play - Snow

Then we have the Snow, which is an absolute beast for both PvE and PvP again, but this one’s not a DPS. It’s specialized in bracing against incoming damage. It excels in defense. The reason for it is that it has 50,000 health. You can increase that with some of the furniture and stuff you can get in the game.

It recovers brace strength, which it has 25,000 off, by 4% per second whilst you’re bracing. It also increases the brace strength by 50% and the recovery by 150%. This is great for survival as it provides a large health pool. Not only that, whilst you’re bracing, your brace is coming back and bracing is going to stop you from taking the damage. So, this is incredible for both PvE and PvP.

Then in PvE, if you’re taking on rogues and stuff and you’re struggling a bit in the Brigantine, switch over to this because it’s so good at the end in and you might keep yourself alive longer. While it may deal less damage compared to other ships, the tank is still highly effective.

Group Play - Barque

Barque, which is going to be best for group play and healing teammates. So, even if you’re not in a group but you are going to do PvE stuff where there might be other players involved, you can take this ship along, stick some Repair Bombards and stuff on it, and you’re going to heal other players. This ship is a support type specialized in aiding friendly ships. The support excels in providing assists that can help turn the tide of a battle.

Skull and Bones Repair Bombard

The reason you’re going to take this one if you’re playing in group play and wanting to heal your teammates is because the perk revitalized restores 0.5% of severe damage and 0.5% of your whole damage or your whole Health per second, and that happens for nearby ships as well. But it also restores 15% of your stamina, 10% of your severe damage, and 60% more of your whole Health on a friendly ship while using a repair weapon.

Plunder - Padewakang

Then last but definitely not least is the Padewakang. This is probably one of the first high-tier ships you’re going to get your hands on. It’s a DPS ship, specialized in dealing damage and status effects. The DPS is an aggressive play style. This ship is best for if you are plundering or if you’re doing any sort of PvE content against groups of enemies, especially for like the rogues and stuff.

But I’ll try to stick with the PvE content in Skulls and Bones with Padewakang. The perk on this is called Detonate and explosive hits have a 70% chance of triggering an explosion which deals 1,000 damage within a 125 meter blast radius.

That increases to 100% instead of 70% with the explosive hits if the target ship is a blaze. But this ship also increases damage to structures by 50%. So, the towers that are at forts and stuff and your weapon damage radius get increased by 12% as well.

When it comes to plunder with Padewakang, if you stick on Fire Bombards and you have the Mortar, that explosive damage is going to be incredible against those towers and stuff to take them down. So that it’s just you and the ships in them, like in that fight to plunder whichever base you want.

Is This Mortar Weapon In Skull And Bones Worth Trying? - Le Fléau

Is This Mortar Weapon In Skull And Bones Worth Trying? - Le Fléau

The newly released Season 1 of Skull and Bones features a weapon called Le Fléau, making it the ultimate mortar weapon in the game. So today, let's dive in and see how formidable it truly is. It's time to start.

In Skull and Bones, if we head over to the Black Market, we’re going to have some new Skull and Bones Items. One of these items is the best mortar weapon in the game, and if you want to reach your ship rank 12, you’re going to have to get this. It’s called the Le Fléau.

Is This Mortar Weapon In Skull And Bones Worth Trying? - Le Fléau

It comes with petrifying releases toxic fume for a sharp period on impact, dealing damage and sapping crew stamina. Damage from the toxic fumes cannot be blocked or braced against. Also comes with blast at 15% damage as explosive damage in a 50m blast radius. So, if you want to beat ship rank 12, you can buy this and test this weapn out.


For the first thing, I want to check out the timing. In terms of timing, when the range is reasonably close, the mortar takes about 4 seconds before it hits. If you don't take a direct hit, the lingering poison damage can do some pretty heavy damage, so that's pretty cool just in case you get away. But you have to get used to the timing of using this weapon, and if you do it right you can get some decent numbers over 10,000. But if you miss, your score will probably be somewhere between 5 and 8 or so.


Now, as far as the range is concerned, this thing has an amazing range on it. If you use it at an extended distance, the ballista is overpowerful. The range is absolutely phenomenal. You can extend out extremely far. The downside is it takes more time for the mortar to get there. Your timing and your judgment is going to have to be on point if you’re going to use this weapon to your advantage.

We are going to be testing out the damage against these little rogue ships, and the reload time is rather long. So in between your time to shoot a target, which is about 4 seconds, and your reload time, which is about 8 seconds, you’ve got yourself a significant downtime in between shots. But you can hit multiple enemies.

Boss & Tower Damage

As far as boss damage is concerned, it is very consistent. But you have to hit your shots, and those shots need to be on point. But even if you don’t make your shots on point, you can still get a bit of poison damage from that as well because they can’t block or brace against it.

Now, when it comes to tower damage, the tower damage is actually pretty consistent as well. You can get a little over 13,000 per shot. So as far as using this against towers in PVE, I think it’ll be pretty viable. After all, if you want to reach ship rank number 12, you’re going to have to get this, so might as well get it.

Le Fléau is a wonderful weapon in Skull and Bones that you can add to your collection and have fun with. So don’t wait and try this mortar weapon now!

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