Is This Mortar Weapon In Skull And Bones Worth Trying? - Le Fléau

The newly released Season 1 of Skull and Bones features a weapon called Le Fléau, making it the ultimate mortar weapon in the game. So today, let's dive in and see how formidable it truly is. It's time to start.

In Skull and Bones, if we head over to the Black Market, we’re going to have some new Skull and Bones Items. One of these items is the best mortar weapon in the game, and if you want to reach your ship rank 12, you’re going to have to get this. It’s called the Le Fléau.

Is This Mortar Weapon In Skull And Bones Worth Trying? - Le Fléau

It comes with petrifying releases toxic fume for a sharp period on impact, dealing damage and sapping crew stamina. Damage from the toxic fumes cannot be blocked or braced against. Also comes with blast at 15% damage as explosive damage in a 50m blast radius. So, if you want to beat ship rank 12, you can buy this and test this weapn out.


For the first thing, I want to check out the timing. In terms of timing, when the range is reasonably close, the mortar takes about 4 seconds before it hits. If you don't take a direct hit, the lingering poison damage can do some pretty heavy damage, so that's pretty cool just in case you get away. But you have to get used to the timing of using this weapon, and if you do it right you can get some decent numbers over 10,000. But if you miss, your score will probably be somewhere between 5 and 8 or so.


Now, as far as the range is concerned, this thing has an amazing range on it. If you use it at an extended distance, the ballista is overpowerful. The range is absolutely phenomenal. You can extend out extremely far. The downside is it takes more time for the mortar to get there. Your timing and your judgment is going to have to be on point if you’re going to use this weapon to your advantage.

We are going to be testing out the damage against these little rogue ships, and the reload time is rather long. So in between your time to shoot a target, which is about 4 seconds, and your reload time, which is about 8 seconds, you’ve got yourself a significant downtime in between shots. But you can hit multiple enemies.

Boss & Tower Damage

As far as boss damage is concerned, it is very consistent. But you have to hit your shots, and those shots need to be on point. But even if you don’t make your shots on point, you can still get a bit of poison damage from that as well because they can’t block or brace against it.

Now, when it comes to tower damage, the tower damage is actually pretty consistent as well. You can get a little over 13,000 per shot. So as far as using this against towers in PVE, I think it’ll be pretty viable. After all, if you want to reach ship rank number 12, you’re going to have to get this, so might as well get it.

Le Fléau is a wonderful weapon in Skull and Bones that you can add to your collection and have fun with. So don’t wait and try this mortar weapon now!

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